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Early onset of fire season in Arizona

Summer fire season in the south-western United States, began surprisingly early. In Arizona, one of the first five to extinguish some fires that have occurred in the north of the state, required the assistance of hundreds of firefighters working from the air. Authorities organized the evacuation of residents of 300 homes from the old mining town of Crown King.   Mountain fires, as in Arizona, is a difficult one in fighting. In one night, the fires, the smoke from which was visible even in Phoenix, 80 km from Crown King, turned to ashes about 23 km2 of land. In fire

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Fires in the Amazon will become less intense

Season of forest fires in the Amazon Basin usually begins in May, peaks in September and ends in January. According to a new prediction model developed by scientists in the Amazon, belonging to Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, this year, a serious fire exceeds average or even be able to stay at a level below the average. 

Scientists determine the intensity of the fire, starting from the information about the temperature of the water in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, from satellites. Thus, the model can be built for 10 months before the hot season. That should be enough time to

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Thailand: Underground fire in the province of Phitsanulok

April 26. Relevant officials went to explore the place in Nakhon, Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok — one of the provinces of Thailand, located in the north central part of the country. — Approx. Ed.) In the Thai area where, reportedly raging underground fire. Also asserts that ongon burned four dogs.

Last Saturday, a resident Chatree Boonyarit also suffered burns while trying to save the dogs in the area.

"Before that, another person injured in the same place. He said that the road surface is slightly collapsed and opened fire blazing under the earth, "- says the village elder NACHA Sanaghsayri.The

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Volcano National Park burned in Nicaragua

Molten rock, escaped from the crater of the volcano in Santiago, located 23 km south-east of the capital of Nicaragua — Managua, have led to a fire in a nearby national park. Park is temporarily closed to the public.

According to representatives of the National Institute of Territorial Studies, of the village, located at the foot of the volcano, were not injured. The eruption was a fire on an area of 1.5 hectares, which already works on fire. Despite the increased activity of the volcano, the Nicaraguan authorities have not announced the alarm in the surrounding area.

Since the

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In the west of Mexico fires

According to BNO NEWS, in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico as a result of fast-spreading fires in less than three days, was burned about 3237 hectares.

The fire started in to the west of the state capital Guadalajara Primavera forest, which is under state protection. Despite the fairly extensive territory spread of fire, the victims of data available.

To extinguish the burning wood was caused 370 fire service personnel. Perhaps firefighters have to work more than one day in a fire. According to preliminary estimates, the residential areas of the fire is not threatening. However, due to

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In the Chelyabinsk region fire destroyed 26 hectares of forest



24.07.12.Chelyabinskaya area in flames. To date, the start of the season in the Southern Urals recorded nearly fifteen hundred fires.

Destroyed 26,000 hectares of forest. Last year at this time, the figure was six times less. Now, however, in only one fire — in the Kartli region. Burns more than a thousand hectares of forest.

Catastrophic records specialists associated primarily with weather records — in the Chelyabinsk region, almost from the beginning of summer is heat waves. Although the flames poured and area residents. Approximately one-third of fires caused by an nezatushennogo butt or fire.


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Drought in Florida has led to fires

Drought in the southeastern United States has reached record levels, which would have many consequences in the future. Of the most obvious are called wildfires, most likely in Florida. The staff at this time, and so takes a period of drought, but the current weather can be fatal after a dry 2011 and high temperatures in 2012.

Driest region declared Jacksonville and Fort Myers, there fell to only 31% of normal rainfall, the deficit is about 20 mm. In other parts of Florida from the beginning of the year also fell to less than half of normal precipitation. Only Miami

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Nearly a thousand hectares of forest burning in Siberia

Area of forest fires in Siberia over the weekend has more than doubled, and on Monday morning fire engulfed almost 1000 hectares, reports Siberian Center of MOE.

"Action 38 forest fires on an area of 917.3 hectares. Localized Of 13 fires on an area 705.8 hectares," — said in a statement.

Mainly forest burns in East Siberia.

With regional GUMCHS reported a larger area of forest fires.

So, in Buryatia largest recorded fire in the area of 233.8 hectares. According to the Republican GUMCHS, fire in Kyakhtinsky area was counted on April 6, its area increased to the

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Forest fires in Colorado. Photographic

A huge column of thick smoke rising near the houses near Aspen Park.

About 600 firefighters abandoned their efforts to quench the fire of approximately 16 square kilometers in the state of Colorado, USA.

The exact cause of the alarm is not known, its rapid expansion due to the strong winds. The fire destroyed at least 25 homes, two people were killed and one was missing. Residents of 180 homes have been evacuated, many also had to flee.

Heavy thick smoke covered the sky.

Fire on the mountain ridge near Reynolds Park.

Firefighter John Graves

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Large-scale fires and loss of jellyfish in Odessa

New year is not set immediately. The very first night was over for one of Odessa's death. Then the 22-year-old former police officer severely beat clubber outside the club on Catherine, then the guy died. A week later, at the funeral of the deceased, unknown fired from a traumatic weapons at his friend.

Is closer to the middle of the month the city was thrilled information about the mysterious disappearance of 21-year old student in the catacombs. Also died in mysterious circumstances metropolitan journalist Eugene Wild. His frozen body on the beach in Arcadia tossed waves. First version was launched

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