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Their customs-26 (4 — 25 August)

August 5. 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, who served in a special unit of the U.S. Army psychological warfare, opened fire on the Sikh congregation of the church in the town of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. As a result, six people were killed. Another 20 people, including a policeman, were injured. The offender committed suicide with a headshot.

August 7. In the state of Missouri mosque was burned. Police suspect arson: A month ago, installed video cameras on mosques recorded as an unknown person threw a bottle onto the roof of the building with Molotov cocktails. Then the fire caused only

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Their customs-24. (July 21-28)

June 29. Australian resident received 11 years for the rape of a girl sleeping in a train station. Victim offender was absolutely helpless, as she spent the previous few days could not sleep due to a bout of insomnia and drank alcohol. As a result, she fell asleep dead sleep, and this took a rapist. Man, not only raped her, but his actions and filmed with a video camera smartphone. Do not hesitate presence of passengers on the platform, a rapist cried foul, but the public has chosen not to intervene in the situation.

July 21. Japanese Ministry of

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Their customs-21. (June 30 — July 7)

July 1. In a nightclub French man opened fire with a machine gun by visitors for being an hour earlier institution guards threw him into the street. Two were killed and five wounded.

July 2. British county of Bedfordshire, the plane crashed at an air show. The pilot was killed.

July 2. During exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, in the course of simulating combat fighter crashed Rafle — the pride of the French defense industry. This is not the first crash of a fighter. So in 2010 in Afghanistan Rafle crashed during a combat mission in 2009 broke two

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Their customs. Issue number 15. (May 19-26)

May 19. In the women's college, the Italian city of Brindisi bombings. As a result of terrorist attack killed one person, seven were injured to varying degrees of severity.

May 21. During a fire, an apartment building in the U.S. state of Nebraska burned alive adopted child from Russia. According to firefighters, the child was locked in the basement of the house guardians, and could not get out.

May 21. Fighters for the rights of blacks in the U.S. (NAACP) supported the right of the President of the Negro in the struggle for gay rights — and blacks, and

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In 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster

In 2011, Russia threatened nuclear disaster Facts

In late December 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster when a nuclear submarine, which was nuclear weapons, burst into flames. This information was published in a Russian magazine, while the authorities claim that the submarine was not armed.

Officials said before the 167-meter submarine "Yekaterinburg" caught fire, all nuclear weapons were recovered, so the danger of radiation was not. Remains a mystery, did you order the crew to remain in the submarine itself or not. But in the national magazine "Power" was cited several sources, according to which a fire broke out during

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In the summer, Moscow will suffocate from smoke

May 18, 2013. In 2010, a heat wave and drought have led to fires in two dozen regions. Official fire damage was 85.5 billion rubles. Summer 2013 can beat antirecord 2010, if the pessimistic scenario, do not rule out the interview representatives of the "Greenpeace Russia."

After the May holidays, area affected by forest fires in Russia has increased by 20 times, said May 16 the head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Vladimir Lebedev. In Moscow and the Moscow authorities did not rule out a repeat of 2010, when the capital was shrouded in smog from forest and peat

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Made from them — 34

In the "mystical" Wednesday (12.12.12) father of the U.S. office knife cut on the back of his infant son, the pentagram (five-pointed star) to postpone the end of the world.

20-year-old American Adam Lantz (pictured) had a fight with my mother, killed her, having made 4 shots to the head, then went to the elementary school where she worked. Adam there with rifles Bushmaster AR-15 and two pistols Glock and Sig Sauer broke in 20 children, most of whom were only six or seven years and six adults — all were women. He shot at people at close range

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Made from them — 35


Rupert Murdoch apologized for the caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, published in the British newspaper he owns The Sunday Times. "We need to bring deep apologies for this grotesque, insulting caricature" — forced to defend the media mogul after it traversed the Jews of the British community

Obama signed a law approved earlier by both houses of Congress, which authorizes U.S. intelligence agencies without a court order to listen to phone conversations and view e-mail foreigners outside the United States. Two weeks later an American non-governmental organization Freedom House has published an annual report in which

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The American Littoral Combat Ship could not stand the test

U.S. Navy officials confirmed that the Gulf of Mexico before the ship caught fire Coronado. About this newspaper reported today Union Tribune San Diego.

The incident occurred on Friday, the second day running tests Coronado. The ship is reported to have withstood the test is not at full capacity. As a result, on the starboard side of the vessel ignited exhaust device. It is reported that the flames were extinguished immediately by the fire no one was hurt.

Manufacturer Coronado General Dynamic Corporation company does not comment on the situation. The incident could not oyasnit and spokesman for the

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Simulated fire operations

Simulated fire operations Facts

Firefighters often put their lives at risk, and therefore, it is important to know how to do their job. The modular program that simulates a variety of fire situations, developed on the basis of new information technologies.

In order to make their way through the smoke in protective suits and breathing apparatus, rescue workers need to have a good concentration of attention: to be able to quickly determine the place where they can be affected, and the nearest exit. While rescuers used ropes to go back, but this is not the most reliable way — rope

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