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Nearly 6,000 hectares of forest burning in Siberia

Over 5.7 thousand hectares of forest continues to burn in the Siberian regions, the most difficult situation in the Trans-Baikal region, according to Department of Forestry in the Siberian Federal District.

"For the past day by the Forest Service of the Siberian Federal District eliminated 91 forest fires on the area 8.35 hectares. Including liquidated eight major fires on the total area of 6.66 hectares. As of Wednesday morning in Woodland District operates 71 forest fire on the area 5.72 hectares in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, Novosibirsk region, "- said the agency.

In Transbaikalia, according regupravleniya

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Spain was already in flames

In the northwest region of Galicia fire destroyed more than 200 hectares of relict forest. With elements of fighting dozens of fire brigades, army troops and hundreds of volunteers. Cope with the fire until it succeeds. Prevents strong wind and no precipitation.

Given the highest level of fire danger. According to forecasts, the weather in Spain about to change. To suit the country a powerful cyclone that will bring rain. Experts hope that this will help put out the fire.


Fires in the popular European vacation spots continue to rage

Croatian firefighters struggled with several large pockets of fire along the Adriatic coast. According to official data, the widest flames swept 600 hectares near the medieval town of Trogir, popular with tourists.The fire started in the dump on the evening of August 17, extending further the pine forest and steppe, drained for a period of heat. Water bombers helped firefighters put out the flames at night. But earlier in the day on August 18 in the prevention and suppression of fire 100 firefighters were deployed on 30 machines.

In addition, near the city of Split, located in the

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Forest fires in northern Portugal

More than 300 fires recorded in the north of Portugal for the past day. The greatest danger, according to firefighters, represent fire in San Pedro do Sul. With fire fighting about 150 people and 40 fire trucks. However, as reported, people do not have. In the south of Portugal rains.Source:

In northern Spain over fires

Fig. Firefighter creeping closer to the fire. Kastrelo-to-Val, north-west Spain. 27/03/2012.

In the Spanish region of Cantabria by prolonged drought there were 15 outbreaks of fire. To extinguish the fire took so many more than 500 firefighters and eight fire planes and helicopters. The most extensive flames raged around the city Corrales de Buena.

Just to the north of Spain for the last week of more than 150 fires of various sizes. They destroyed a large area of useful land (over 650 acres). When extinguishing one of the fires in Galicia lawyer killed fire brigade.

According to the meteorological

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The opening of the fire station

December 25 at 14-00 in the village Prokosheva Kstovsky area will be opening the first in the area of the municipal fire department. In the celebrations will be attended by the head of the MES of Russia in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Major General of the internal service Shikanov Alexei Alexandrovich, the head of the local government, the chairman of the Provincial Assembly Kstovo Alexey Kuznetsov, head of the district administration Kstovsky Grooms Yuri Pavlovich.Podrazdelenie located at the former high school garage s.Prokoshevo and is part of the ISU "UGOCHS" Kstovsky municipal area. The building was reconstructed under the

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The opening of new fire stations in the Rostov Region and Yakutia

In the village of Sal Sandata district of Rostov region opened a new fire station. The new fire station — it's well-appointed building equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment, furniture and office equipment. Already purchased and is in the calculation of one fire fighting vehicle trail, and after 2 years will be purchased and the second.

In the village of Bethune Amginsky Yakutian opened fire department. To date, the district fire department worked 6, Betyunskaya was 7th. With the opening of the depot for local residents, new jobs have been carefully selected, firefighters, and Chief of the detachment was

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Raids and ambushes VC

During the long years of war in Vietnam with South American aggressors South Vietnamese guerrillas — the Viet Cong and the constant part of the North Vietnamese Army managed to acquire a secured experience sabotage.

They performed daring and effective attacks on bases and airfields, organizing more effective ambushes on supply convoys, carried out the supply of existing units and the U.S. Army.


During the war, overcomes the one on whose side the initiative. The South American commanders smacked for themselves in this report and sought to seize the initiative. Because, having received intelligence information about the situation

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Opening of the Integrated Security (Enhanced photos)

May 22 in Moscow at the Russian Exhibition Center opened the fifth International Show dedicated to security. The event was a platform for sharing experience and showcasing the latest advances in the field of specialists and suppliers around the world. In 2012, the theme of the event is selected sustainability of the economic system of the Russian Federation in crises and disasters.

Private submarine

In the Salon of 545 participating companies from 18 countries. Among the exhibitors and visitors, as Russian experts, and representatives of foreign companies. So, its latest developments and achievements represent such major companies as SC "Transas"

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Strange flash and power outage before the end of the world in the USA!

About 50,000 people across Anne Arundel county (Anne Arundel) were without power Thursday night after the unexplained blue and green lights that filled the horizon around 9:00 pm, according to local newspaper Anne Arundel County is located in the state of Maryland, Washington County abroad and in the suburbs of Baltimore.

Strange lights seen in other communities, including the Severn, Odenton, Crofton and Bowie.

The inhabitants of these places were placed on twitter videos of strange lights. But a representative of the electricity supplier

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