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Raiding operations of Black Sea Fleet. Part 2

Raiding operations in the ports of the Crimea, 1942

The first shot at Theodosia on July 31 two minesweepers T-407 and T-411. The fact that, for similar purposes generally used short supply trawlers special construction, leave without comment. But note that these ships to carry out firing at invisible shore targets are not adapted, they could keep consuming only apparent purpose or by area. Port of Feodosiya, of course, has a certain area, but it hit the ship some 100-mm projectiles can only be the case. The radius of the sphere of destruction explosion is 5-7 m, fragmentation of

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Opened new fire stations in the Tomsk and Pskov regions

In the village of Ust-Dolyssy Nevel district of the Pskov region opened a modern separate fire post. Fire post in Ust-Dolyssah — fifth, built in 2010, and the second — in the year.

"Creating a fire post in Ust-Dolyssah will strengthen the cover area of 60 km from the Pustoshka to Nevel and improve fire protection are all situated in the area of objects.

The village Tsiganova Zyryansky district of Tomsk region opened fire post.

It will protect the right of two villages — Semyonovka and Tsiganova — with a population of 1,305 people, as well as

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Opened new fire stations. Mini-Review

The building was constructed by the type of production and technology center and is designed for four out of fire trucks. In the fire station will be located Specialized training base, consisting of heat and dymokamery and training tower, necessary for developing the strength and dexterity in the fire department. As described in the Department of Civil Protection of Primorsky Krai, the construction of a new depot will enable firefighters arriving on the scene in the standard time, which will help avoid tragedies. In addition, staff will be increased by the fire department to 45 people. It is planned that

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The shipyard in the U.S. nuclear submarine caught fire, firefighters injured

At the U.S. Naval Shipyard Portsmouth (Kittery, Maine) nuclear submarine caught fire boat USS Miami SSN 755 injured four people, the ITAR-TASS news agency citing local media.

Management shipyard says four firefighters were taken to hospital from the scene: they were burned and poisoned by carbon monoxide. After providing medical care all the victims have been released from the clinic.

With the PLA was evacuated the entire support staff. The police said they had not received the requirement to evacuate the inhabitants of the nearest houses.

The representatives of the shipyard management also told that the source of the

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In Riga Zoo burned ostriches and zebras

This morning there was a fire in the bullpen for zebras in Riga Zoo, killing a few animals — three zebras, three ostrich and antelope.

Fire guard noticed that go the rounds at 6 am. The flames in the building of 200 square meters spread very quickly, and zoo staff did not have time to bring animals.

The cause of fire is likely to become damaged wiring, because the stall for the zebras heated by electric heaters, according to Radio SWH. As detailed in the bullpen for the zebras stored hay, so the room so quickly caught fire.

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Orenburg forest have new cars

The head of the region presented the keys to the foresters of UAZ cars equipped with special equipment — another 11 small forest patrol complexes transferred to the district forestry. All are equipped with satellite monitoring of the movement of vehicles, which allows you to control both the process of patrolling, and the issue of attracting additional capabilities to the site of an outbreak of fire.

Road vehicles in the current year received all 27 forestry area. Funds for this purpose have been allocated from the federal budget.

In the near future GBU "Centre of fire and forest protection Orenburg

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Muscovites bring food homeless dogs and cats in the shelter, where there was a fire

Muscovites have responded to a request for assistance, which followed the fire of a shelter for homeless animals, "Alma." See the video RIA Novosti that bring volunteers and what is missing four-fire victims.

OPS SYSTEMS calls for vigilance

OPS systems involved in the sale and installation of alarm systems and fire control, recalls the need for a more alert to their own security ahead of the pores and leave to set in the house and apartment alarm system. The Company sells a wide range of modern equipment for private housing and commercial properties. Effective summer discounts. OPS SYSTEMS operates in the market of security systems of Russia and CIS countries. Implements equipment from leading Russian and European manufacturers. Extensive experience enables the development of effective security solutions for private and corporate clients. Individual approach provides a solution

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About 200 people are fighting the fire on the Greek island of Chios

Large forest fire extinguishing Saturday on the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, the Greek fire brigade said.

Fire destroys shrubs, planting mastic trees and pine forest in the central part of the island, about 5 kilometers from the island capital. In fire fighting involving eight aircraft and two helicopters, as well as about 200 firefighters, support staff walking units, volunteers and soldiers. Extinguishing prevent strong winds (up to 8 on the Beaufort scale).

Residents of two villages in the immediate vicinity of the fire from their homes, according to fire department. Information on injuries were reported.

21-year-old boy rescued two children and a grandmother from fire

In Kiev 21-year-old supermarket security guard Alexander Artemchenko rescued from a burning apartment two children — four or five years. According to the press service of EMERCOM in Zaporizhia region. The incident occurred in the area of Zhovtnevyy Street. Kozachey. The guy was at home and saw through the window that the first floor of the apartment belching thick smoke.

"I ran up to the apartment, but could not open the metal door. I obbezhal around the house and saw the burning building on the balcony — an elderly woman and two children, "- said Alexander. The guy

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