State would not help the victims of the forest fires

The state will no longer compensate citizens for the losses they suffered from wildfires. Now a bill in the Finance Ministry, which will remove the burden from the budget. Russians will encourage self-insure their property against natural disasters.

It is assumed that the document gets to the Duma in December 2011. The amendments require that the owners of the burning houses of the state will pay a certain minimum. The level of state guarantees is still not defined, it is known only that the reserves will be created in the event of disasters.

It is assumed that one who has

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To the south of Egypt attacked a rain of fire




"Echo of Moscow". 14:15:02

To the south of Egypt attacked a rain of fire. As reported, the fire covered more than 80 homes. About 60 people were injured. There are dead. Cause of the fire has not yet been established. Fire victims

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Update utility vehicles in the Trans-Baikal region, Tatarstan, and Stavropol

Ten fire engines solemnly presented to the heads of Chita fire departments. Tanker trucks will travel to six towns. Russian Tanker trucks are made in the Chelyabinsk region. Total cost of equipment about 25 million rubles. Technique is not just necessary — necessary — from its presence depends on whether people will survive a fire. In Koku, for example, where more than 20 high-rise buildings, the fire fighters are still no ladders.

The branch of JSC "Grid Company" "Kazan electrical networks" updated fleet of vehicles for operational and emergency teams of the city.

10 new

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Upgrading of fire equipment in the Amur region

Amur firefighters and rescue workers have received new equipment and machineryFor forest fires in 2013 will improve the structure of the air baseAmur fire services delivered the first batch of modern tractors, fire, special techniques and equipment that will be used as early as the autumn fire period.

To create additional groups for fighting forest fires and planned changes in the fire service area, and in 2013 will be improved and the structure of the air base.

Fire and rescue units Amur won eight tractors "Agromach TG 90", two fire engines, four cars UAZ various modifications and 183 blower.

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In Yakutia, and the Arkhangelsk region because of fires — emergency

In Yakutia, because of the strong wildfires introduced a state of emergency. This was announced by the head of the republic Yegor Borisov. The region sent additional forces MOE, including amphibious aircraft Be-200.

As ITAR-TASS reported the press service of the Far Eastern Regional Emergency Center, the burning hearths pilots Be-200 will be reset for each flight of tens of tons of water.

Rescue officers sent from Khabarovsk in the most problematic areas of Yakutia. In May and June of this year, they have worked in the area of the Republic of Sakha Churapcha, they had put

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At the front of the Ryazan (2)


Timur and his team in the Information Society

If we, lonely wandering volunteers, recruited ten people, we have finally visible to the headquarters of the authorities. Apparently, people think they are just starting with a dozen. We were given an object and given the task. Specifying the most prosaic — dug a trench only surviving house in the village Peradeltsy and different stuff on there. About this would have nothing to tell — well dug, well assorted debris, well, I fell in pragarely peat knee — if front of us on the same site and with the same assignment

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On the front of Ryazan (1)

Society Razanshchyne called on local fires only as "the second war." It turns out I came back from the war. And I "Ryazan syndrome", is still not known psychologist and sociologist. The fourth night spent in a peaceful life, I dream of palyhanne fire around. Jump: alyarm in Rynda Bay, had to run to put out what we're asleep! When finally wake up and realize that this is just prymstsilasya, suddenly becomes … boring.

I got a little fire, and the fire in the soul of every bit if not Piramal, the pirafil accurately. So now I will miss fires.

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Fire at Los Alamos came close to nuclear facility

Firefighters of the U.S. state of New Mexico are clearing the area around the nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos, to prevent the spread of fire, approaching close to the nuclear facility. Residents of the town of Los Alamos evacuated. The fire has already destroyed 93,000 acres of pine forest.

Pagans from Copper Mountain




Works storyteller Bazhov became the banner of an occult sect

Oksana Semenova

Ural sectarians do not love the work, and the rest when at the same time you can think about saving the soul and the world. In the middle of summer in the Urals activated mysterious

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Hidden Alien Base

Hidden base prisheltsevNachinaya the mid 90s of the American city of Pine Bush (NY) started receiving reports from local residents about the appearance of strange lights in the sky. April 25, 1997, researchers John Matsedo and Bruce Cornet of the organization "Anomalous celestial phenomena," arrived in the city to determine their accuracy.

They arranged an observation post on the outskirts of town, where the stories of people, often appearing lights. After a few days spent in an ambush researchers were convinced of the truth of the stories of eyewitnesses. At an altitude of about 300 meters above the

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