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The reaction of the Belarusian authorities to fires in Russia

Society Members: the journalist of the newspaper "The Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and the journalist of "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

Pavljuk Bykovskii

Dmitry Pankovets

Valery Karbalevich Why Belarus responded to the late Russian trouble?

Valery Karbalevich"Although Lukashenko on Thursday and expressed his ardent desire to help Russia in fighting fires, but the Belarusian fire appeared in the neighboring country of late, when there were already working firefighters from many states. Moreover, the Belarusian troops went there with a television camera crews, and every day Belarusian viewers see how Belarusians help neighbors. How can this be explained? "


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Firepower (6 films) watch online

Firepower. War on wheels

Modern wheeled armored vehicles faster, lighter, more maneuverable tanks. On the battlefield, they are always able to fight back and simultaneously be transferred to another epicenter of events. They are required in almost all infantry units. Fighter driven to the battlefield under the cover of armor. Wheeled vehicles were the pioneers of modern armored vehicles. Success of technologies eclipsed the previous limits, turning them into stunning armored vehicles. From old to modern chariot teams filled with Stryker, mobile battle has always meant a war on wheels.

Firepower. Shipping by air

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Defense Ministry will purchase 600 fire trucks

Park fire fighting equipment of the Ministry of Defense supplemented by special cars AC-6-40. This was said to "Interfax" said an official dealer of the press service and disk imaging Defense RF Logistics Alexander Kolpakov.

He noted that the new fire cars are to replace those machines, the operating life have expired or are close to completion.

According to him, three years in the army goes above 560 units of special auto technology, created for fighting fires. This will allow for a third of the park upgrade fire equipment of the Ministry of Defence.

More than 80 of the

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Beasts from fires begin migration from Russia to Belarus

Society, "Interfax" the chief district inspection of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Khotimsk Executive Committee Vasily stake.

"If the fires in the Russian territory will continue, it is possible that the animals escaping from the fire, will migrate from border areas of Russia to Belarus. "

He noted that "no environmental pressures on the animals living on the territory of Belarus, will not. Korma is enough for all."


animals, fires

In the western part of the Trans-Baikal — the drought, there aimed fire

Chita forecasters projected, in the western part of the Trans-Baikal region in the near future is not expected precipitation, and this means that the class of fire increase. At risk three districts — Petrovsk-Transbaikal Hilokskaya and Uletovsky. In order to protect the settlements in Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky region today directed a group of 10 firefighters on three tankers based cars "Ural". Two of them contain five and a half tons of water, and the third — three and a half tons. It is planned that the group will work within one of the three districts with the ability to relocate as

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North Americans are concerned about the increasing activity of aliens




The number of contacts with foreign newcomers in Canada is growing rapidly. If last year from January to the end of July, local residents saw only 300 odd flying objects, then this year over the same period of aliens visited them 400 times. If this goes on,

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The authorities acknowledged — fires can bring radiation in Belarus

Society In an interview, Mr. BelaPAN Golikov explained that, when a high-intensity fire radionuclides rise in the air, but the distance that they are usually small — up to 10 kilometers. "So that recovery of radionuclides that was in the accident at Chernobyl, due to fires in the forests of course, can not be", — said Golikov.

On He said, Today the radiation situation in Belarus has not changed the dose of gamma radiation did not increase. Experts are monitoring, and for an increase in radiation levels will appeal to the MOE.

In turn, Head of Department for

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Dobrushskiy policemen smoked cannabis in the area

Society, however, it was not the smoke from the fire on the Russian side. To him led by local police.

About This was reported Freedom Demyanko resident of the village, which, after the Chernobyl disaster has refused to move to a clean area:

"In the Circle neighboring police mowed hemp and lit them. They grew up lying next to manure — manure and then caught fire. Smoldering heap that we have so smelled of smoke. Near here Krugovka th Birches. Cannabis allegedly overgrown, police and mowed them smoked. Here we have all the grass around the bush, the forest is

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Belarus wants to build houses for the Russian fire victims

The Company reports Interfax , citing a source in the ministry.

As the reporters on Saturday the Minister of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Alexander Seleznev, Belarus has sent a proposal to the Russian side to build up to 100 homes for people who lost their homes in fires in Russia. Offers to help in the construction of such housing were sent to Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, and the Russian region Varoneskuyu Minregienrazvitstse.

"Our proposals are in the price range that they have identified. We fit into them without much return — around zero percent, taking into account transportation.

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A fire destroyed a day 550 hectares of forest in south-west France

Large fire in less than a day destroyed about 550 hectares of forest near the town of Lacanau in the south-west of France, said on Friday AFP.

"Currently, the fire is extinguished, the spread of fire stopped, flames no more," — said the prefect of the Gironde department Patrick Stefanini.

According to him, firefighters remain vigilant.

"We make sure that the wind, which again rose, fanned the flames and did not lead to the spread of fire," — said the official.

In fire fighting involved about 200 firefighters.

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