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Canada: people are afraid of aliens




The number of contacts with foreign newcomers in Canada is growing rapidly. If last year from January to the end of July, local residents saw only 300 odd flying objects, then this year over the same period of aliens visited them 400 times. If this goes on,

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Japanese nuclear power plant occurred on a new fire

As reported, a fire occurred at the nuclear power plant "Tokai-2" in the Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki. No threat of release of radiation.

According to reports, there were a fire at the facility for recycling and was quickly eliminated, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, the government plans to conduct stress tests for all nuclear reactors of the country, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Banri Kaieda. Authorities want to assess the degree of risk to the plant in case of a major earthquake and tsunami that caused the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1".


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Nikitchenko: Radiation from forest fires — a drop in the sea of radioactive

Society Since the beginning of the summer fire ecologists have registered on the territory of the Russian Federation 'contaminated'. This is primarily Bryansk, Kaluga, Orel and other areas. Until now, the Russian authorities have denied warning of radiation danger, but today confirmed: indeed occurred in Bryansk fires in forests contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Does it pull the consequences for Belarus, which is adjacent to the Russian regions?

Russian environmentalists are sounding the alarm: Depending on weather conditions, separation of radionuclides downwind from the fires could exceed several hundred kilometers. However, specialists in Belarus deep

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A.Yablakav: Get in Chernobyl

Society Drakakhrust: Mr. Yablokov, many radionuclides are now preserved in the areas to which they have dropped out after the Chernobyl disaster? Yablokov: Despite the fact that after 25 years have passed Chernobyl most radionuclides disappeared main

Fires are more dangerous than they were before.

dozavtvaralnym radionuclide is cesium-137, and it's half gone in a physical way. But the half that remained, there are more dangerous than it was 5-10 years ago. Radionuclides down into lower layers of the soil. They were in those sections where many of the roots of plants. And these plants pull up radionuclides, making

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Ministerial Defense Anatoly Serdyukov

The commander of scorched in the hot summer of 2010 a naval base in the suburbs recognized tribunal acquitted and restored to military service. Now, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, unjustifiably vilified officer to the president of the country, almost hiding from the bailiffs. 70 orders sent by registered mail to the bailiff to the Minister of Defence, ignored by senior company! Ten days … military naval base in 2512, risked their lives to put out a blazing forest. The commander received first-degree burns. To requests for assistance sent from the Ministry of General say: "Better if you yourself fired!"

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Spontaneously combust people

October 28, 2011 12:06

In the past century, more than 100 people died in terrible circumstances. They turned into torches in their homes. The fire devoured them from the inside. Human spontaneous combustion. What mysterious forces forced the bodies of the unfortunate spawn and feed killed their fire. Bruce Dickinson takes on the answer to the terrible phenomenon: spontaneous combustion of people. Viewed 6190 times.

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The new office and equipment for firefighters in the Komi and Novosibirsk

Firefighters in the village Seregovo Knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi Republic now carry clock duty in the new building. The building offers a warm box for two tanks and auxiliary facilities, including post gazodymozaschitnoy service, rooms for duty and rest.

Firefighters ensure the safety of the villagers and the village Seregovo cats, as well as local health facilities, education and culture.

With the support of the Republican government control fire service acquired log cabins made of logs. Of these, the depot was built not only in Seregovo, but also in four other villages of Ust-Kulomskiy,

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New Fire fighting simulator SSJ100 put in SJI Training Center in Venice

December 4, 2012 — Venice, Italy

New Fire fighting simulator (FFS) SSJ100 arrived at a training center SuperJet International (SJI) to Venice (Italy), near the Marco Polo International Airport.

Fire fighting simulator SSJ100, manufactured by L3 Communications (formerly — Thales) is equipped with the most realistic visualization system that allows pilots to master the type of aircraft SSJ100 without engaging in the learning process of the real aircraft.

Setting the simulator will take about 30 days, and will be tested. Then FFS will be presented to the Commission of the European aviation authorities EASA STD (integrated

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New fire train got GLD

GR received a new fire train. The novel compositions are replacing trains firefighters, manufactured 20-30 years ago. New firefighters train developed JSC "Russian Railways" together with the HRF "Departmental Security railway Russia" Voronezh Carriages, JSC "Vagonremmash." They are replacing the fire trains, manufactured 20-30 years ago.

The structure includes a wagon train fire pump station and tank-2 upgraded reservoir, which, unlike the old models have a larger volume of water.

Refueling tanks provided through a special device, which significantly reduces the time of refueling. Hydrostatic vessel equipped with electronic sensors that allow to monitor the temperature

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New fire train has taken up combat watch in Morozovskiy district of Rostov region

The unit of the Rostov squad departmental security at Russian railway station NCR Morozov on duty atonement new fire train 2013 release, the production of "Ruzaevo plant chemical engineering."

Fireman train designed to extinguish fires in the immediate vicinity of the railway tracks, rolling stock and facilities located near the ROW, as well as to assist in case of accidents, crashes, forest fires, floods and other natural disasters.  

The train consists of two tanks, reservoirs to 61 m3 with insulation, heating, equipped with water utilities to supply fire extinguishers and mobile fire

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