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Drop bombs on Chechnya was easier than putting out fires

Society In Belarus approaching presidential campaign of the country. Preparation of potential candidates for this event — the theme of many calls to the "Freedom":

Nicholas Chibis: "The one politician or presidential candidate, who is running in Belarus and is talking about how he would defend the rights and challenge the square rigging after the elections, in my opinion, has bought the regime!"

Listener from Minsk: "It is necessary that the election of the president of his powers are limited, and the most important issues for the country decided parliament. A person can not know everything, and when to sow,

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New ships LSZ Pella

September 8, the State Acceptance Commission signed delivery and acceptance act tugboat "MB-92" (building number 503) PE-65 project


Preparations are being made to transport the ship to the place of deployment — the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation.


Towing of ships and floating structures in the open sea and harbor waters Escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots Fighting fires in floating and onshore Participation in oil spill response operations Search and rescue operations Breaking the ice thickness up to 0.8 m at a speed of up to

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New terrain vehicles for fire departments in remote areas received in Kamchatka

Five new off-road vehicles were purchased to equip fire departments in remote and inaccessible locations.

"Machines made by the Gorky Automobile Plant, have high permeability, are able to move on snow and swamp, across water obstacles. After the retrofit, including installation of GLONASS equipment will be sent to the four districts of the Koryak region and Ust-Bolsheretsky area " — said Sergei Khabarovsk.

He noted that such vysokoprohodimaya technique is indispensable in remote areas. "All terrain vehicles will be used not only for fighting fires, but also to help people who are in an emergency situation," —

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Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61

Despite the very huge spread machines in the second half of the twentieth century, submachine guns that were previously virtually the only hand tool with the possibility of automatic fire, have not disappeared. However, the usual form uniformly submachine gun has changed, which is especially noticeable if the associated standards second world war with the modern. On the one hand, everything remained as before, it’s the same gun that can «spit» bullets pistol cartridges in automatic fire, but his gun assembly, its dimensions, weight absolutely changed. It is difficult to name a specific period in years when the dimensions

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New fire trucks arrived to Kamchatka

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky delivered two new fire engines to staff the units in areas of the province.

One of the cars based on the car "Ural" will join the fleet of fire fighting equipment in § Sokoch Elizovskiy district. The car is planned to complement the specialized rescue equipment for work at the accident scene on the highway Petropavlovsk-Milkovo.


The second car — based on the GAZ designed for small fire departments in small towns. After technical tests in Elizovsky area it will be directed to one of the settlements of Koryak Okrug.

Recall This

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New fire trucks for Emergency Situations and the Tver region of Stavropol

Firefighters Watershed, Temnolesskaya, Prikumskye, dry buffaloes and Demetrius can now professionally eliminate accidents. On Friday, the heads of these units received the keys to the new car first aid. Previously assistance to motorists involved in accidents on the road, had to wait in remote areas, it is now the first to arrive at the scene firefighters Fire and Rescue Service (PASS) SC.

Five subektovyh fire departments received new special purpose vehicles — cars and first aid. Maneuverable and equipped with all the necessary tools car the other day went to Andropov, Shpakovsky, Krasnogvardeysky Mineralovodsky, Petrovsky areas.  

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Doctors advise on how to behave in a smog

Society According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, only in forests and peat bogs of the country recorded 420 fires that engulfed more than 260 hectares. Meanwhile in some areas of Gomel and Vitebsk region, where fires had also pulled smoke. As they say Representatives of hydrometeorological, it has brought winds of Russia and Ukraine, which is still raging forest and peat bog fires. MOE specialists among others noticed a very flammable circumstances in Chernobyl zone. According to them, the fire in the radiation-contaminated forest there is a risk that radioactive substances razlyatsyatstsa with smoke over long distances.


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The collapse of the tower in the Netherlands because of the fire

Short circuit and emerged after this fire led to the collapse of the upper part of the tower broadcasting transmitter in Hogersmilde in eastern Netherlands.

This 300-meter structure was one of the highest in the country.

During collapse no one was hurt, as firefighters struggled to cope with the fire, had to leave the dangerous object, and the area around the transmitting station has been fenced off by the time the police.

However, as a result of a failure of the transmitter towers of 80 Dutch territory were without broadcasting in FM-band reception. Radio stations switched to

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The activists were dismissed from work

Society Recently, in the Brest region more when socially active people laid off from work, referring to the end of the contract. Human rights activists believe that behind this political motives.

Gregory Creek, activist of the movement "For Freedom" from Baranovichi, lost his job. Leaders Baranovichsky train depot did not extend the contract with an activist. Over the past two years, it is fired a third time. How convinced another activist Baranavichy Victor Syritsa, reason for firing every time it active citizenship.

The activists appealed to the Committee for the Defense of the repressed, says Victor Syritsa"We have appealed

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Belarus also lit

Society In Belarus, for the last day eliminated 6 peat fires in the area 1.24 ha.

"For the last day in Belarus was 9 fires — 6 on the moors and 3 — because of a fire of dry grass and bushes. All fires are eliminated, "- said agentstvu" Interfax-West "in the ministry.

There clarified that "one of the peat fire was in the Brest region — one in Grodno and four — in Gomel, the total area was 1.24 ha."

Depth pragarannya peatlands in Belarus This year, up to 10 cm "This is not a situation where peatlands burn

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