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Residents Arshan sure to have seen UFOs

"Number one", Irkutsk, n46, 17.11.2004

Author: Anastasia Samoilov

You can not prove otherwise

November 5 people Arshan observed a very unusual phenomenon. At about 9:00 pm near a ski resort in the sky there was a strange glowing object that for forty minutes continuously then approached the ground, then turned away from her. Moving lights object formed inner and outer rings, and in the middle there was a soft glow of three major fires. Among the witnesses of the unusual phenomenon in the sky over Arshan' — dozens of people.

— Yes, what a UFO? — Alexey Kulikov

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For a drunk policeman shot at point-blank Nina? New details

Society The news of the murder of 22-year-old Nina Karaseva village of New Zhuravichi shocked the whole country. Woman shot not a gangster or a maniac, a policeman, a deputy, a father of two children. For what offense the police committed a violent act? These circumstances from eyewitnesses figured journalist "Stars" Evgeny Voloshin.

Proceedings of the Belarusian press, which came immediately after the tragedy, have left many questions. The people there were rumors — "killed out of jealousy", "accidentally shot", "the trigger is pressed the policeman's wife," and so on. What is really happening in the town Dovsk Rogachev district

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New Address Ship fire detection system Ship’s Bell-1A

The Russian company OOO "Polarmar" has developed, manufactured and successfully operates Address fire detection, control and dispatch "Ship's Bell — 1A", certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

In "Rynda — 1A," as one of the components of the automated control system of technological parameters of the ship, a new approach to the formation of display standards-based dynamic recognizable images, the regions of space, forming not only informative and logical, but also intuitive and prognostic methods of control and management. 

Unique characteristics of fire alarm system "Ship's Bell — 1A":

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The famous Grad will change the newest Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Starting this year, Russian Defense Ministry will purchase new multiple rocket launchers "Tornado-G", which over time have to change the BM-21 "Grad", who is in service since 1963. In the Main Command of the Army claim that the new girl system, clear properties of which has not yet sounded, efficient predecessors.

On armament Artillery Army received new multiple rocket launchers, said on Mon official dealer of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging for ground forces Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov.

"In 2011, for the equipping of units of combined arms formations of the Army will be

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Gromnitsy (Awakening Fire) (2-15 February)

All nature is sound and animated. Strength of wildlife and the elements is a powerful forces of the Universe, who have their own consciousness and intelligence. Our ancestors of the pre-Christian period, deeply understand and be aware of it, to live in harmony with these forces, were able to communicate properly with them. Natural Colo that time the solstices and equinoxes, the time to fall asleep and wake up these natural, natural forces. Their energies are present not only in the wild, but in humans and other life forms.

Days of waking

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Forest fires in the Vitebsk region

Society In Vitebsk region because of the threat of forest fires massively closed from visitors.

BelTA learned from the acting chief of forest protection, hunting and hunting tourism Vitebsk production Forestry Association Alexei Shaposhnikov.

On today due to the high fire hazard ban on visiting forests in Vitebsk, Lioznensky, Dubrovensky and Polotsk areas. The same solution is prepared and in the Shumilino, Ushachi, Tolochin, Syanno, Orsha, Lepel areas. It is planned that it will be accepted in the coming days.

In general, the situation with forest fires currently remains under control, although the north-west region have a mean

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The Unknown War. Russian American eyes.

Described the events that took place 40 years ago during the "one small but dirty war waged by the United States, Algeria, Ethiopia and Somalia." The text itself Fogetti necessary, however, to premise a brief explanation: the described events unfolding in the now infamous Gulf of Aden. «Tankist», also known as "the bearded captain" — Maj. Nicholas Ignatievich Eremenko, separate battalion commander of the 104th TB, the dowry of the UN mission.

 In the Golden Horn, as always, it was hot in every sense of the word. Local residents apparently was not enough of a revolution. They

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Non-combustible stone wool ROCKWOOL defended Olympus skyscraper in Grozny

According to the results of examinations of non-combustible insulation to prevent the spread of fire in a fire at the highest skyscraper in the republic of Chechnya. For the ventilated facade insulation in the construction of residential complex used Olympus board ROCKWOOL Venti Butts. Stone woolROCKWOOLdefended the supporting structure of the building and the interior. "inside of the building, technical rooms and 288 apartments from the fire were not injured. Intact, as experts believe, there were also structural engineering "- the newspaper Kommersant.Nachalnik expertise of the Department of State, territorial planning documents and project documentation of Chechnya Zaynalbek Zakrailov

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Znich — god of knowledge

Znich — god of knowledge. VB Ivanov. "The Temple of God Znicha"

Znich, Know — God of Knowledge. It aired, instantly moving Stribogovoy force vivifying warmth of knowledge, awareness, responsive movement of which nature produces, as a high fever or even rastoplyaet burns. It is the fire of an internal character. Slavs saw him everywhere he brilliance of the human mind in all who work thereof, is a reflection of his zeal and cold ice, and glitter of jewels, and the thunder clouds, snowy peaks of the mountains, and the beauty of herbs and strength

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Firepower (6 films) watch online

Firepower. Military ship

Until the end of XX century naval skirmish meant shelling enemy ships or land targets with mnogokalibernyh guns. Deck conventional warship showed the strength and power of civilization. The spectacle is impressive, but the least useful in view of the success of the electronics and the development of distant guns act. Structurally, the new concept of a warship — South American cruiser Eagis. Most stern of surface ships in the world. Its modern information system tracking, sophisticated weapons system and a well trained team that can defend cruiser battle group of ships and indescribable

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