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Pistols with the possibility of automatic fire VP 70

Continuing the theme of guns with the possibility of automatic fire will try to meet with another prototype tools, specifically gun VP 70, a native of Germany. Prerequisite for writing about this weapon, like a gun Leclair became a comment under the article about the gun, «dart», which had the opportunity to conduct automatic fire off in the three rounds. Pistol VP 70 is somewhat different from the models mentioned above, because in itself for itself gun can fire only a single lamp, but accession to the butt, has opened new abilities. But first things first. Appearance guns quite

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Who burned Kiev recently Napoleons invasion?

Until now, a mystery that was a prerequisite for a fire that destroyed a provincial town.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Pechersk was the only place not affected by the "Great Fire". But burning wood chips drifted up to the Mariinsky Palace in the Royal Garden

In today's mass consciousness fire in Kiev in 1811 completely erased by later events. Blown in September 1941, Khreschatyk and Assumption Cathedral surpassed the previous dark glory of the Kiev disaster, when suddenly burned down the entire hem! And in the XIX century, one of old, "Napoleon", the fire well remembered. After all, hem and

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Damn picture Crying Boy

Some people do not attach any value matches that take place in life. However, in life there are situations that do not understand how can be the cause of another.


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One day, in the UK in the summer and autumn thousand nine hundred eighty-five years a series of fires occurred. The local people did not understand the reason of fire. But

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The development of a new generation of destroyers for the Navy of Russia

One of the options being developed image of the destroyer

The development of a Russian destroyer for the Navy next generation, which will be built on the technology "Stealth". We are carrying out research work on the brand new ship far sea zone, issued technical documentation of the project. According to Interfax-AVN, this process will take approximately 30 months.

Promising ship, project number which has not yet been appointed, will be multi-purpose, which will determine his choice of weapons. He will get a missile system with universal vertical launch missile launchers to fire precision missiles

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On the Spanish resort of Ibiza raging forest fires

More than a thousand people resort island of Ibiza, included in Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, were evacuated fire near Cala Llonga in the north. Forest fire threatened residential buildings. In the area of fire strapped available on the island of fire brigades.

Morning of September 19 to extinguish the fire of special joined the Spanish army. Local authorities report that there is no loss of life, but a few houses to defend the fire failed. Where the raging fire, work as employees of the British Consulate, as in this area there are many British citizens.

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National Park Curonian Spit received new fire trucks

In the National Park "Curonian Spit", two new spetsavtomashiny designed to fight fires. The correspondent of the "New Kaliningrada.Ru" on Wednesday spokeswoman Olga Barboff park. Until now, the disposal of the park were two fire engines 1976 release. One of the new fire tankers based on KAMAZ has a tank capacity of 5,000 liters, the second, on the basis of GAZ, is equipped with a tank capacity of 1.6 thousand liters. The machines are designed to deliver to the fire site, a set of hoses, emergency rescue tools, supply of water and foam concentrate and to ensure supply

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Thunderball — quirk of nature, or UFO?

"Today", 09.06.2003, Kiev, n126

Author: Dmitry Lavrov

What are the similarities between the fireballs and UFOs? Ask any meteorologist, and he will tell you that glowing balls — this is nothing like "a rare form of electrical storm" that occurs during heavy rainstorms. At first glance — nothing extraordinary. However, there are several impressive "but" …

They are different …

Let's start with the fact that ball lightning is contemplated in a quiet, clear weather. Experts, for many years studying the mystery of nature, can attest to that, apart from spherical "lightning", there is also a "pear-shaped",

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Radiation sickness in Napoleons army

January 13, 2013 23:05

The causes of the famous Moscow fire of 1812 discussed reluctantly. For Russian fact putting to shame the ancient capital of Napoleon's troops was extremely unpleasant and unnecessary reminder not welcomed.

For the French, a story of a huge fire was too shameful event inconsistent with the role of an advanced civilized nation, which they considered themselves. And witness the fire that can clearly and in detail tell about what happened — had a little, Muscovites, especially the educated classes, left the city, many of the invaders were killed during the infamous flight from Russia.

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MLRS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System)

Multiple rocket launcher MLRS (Multy Launch Rocket System) specialized for lesion (firefight with covert firing positions at distances greater than 30 klm) military armored vehicles, artillery batteries, open clusters are manpower and military equipment, air defense systems, command and communication centers Fri , and other surface targets. Invented by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, and entered service in the U.S. Army in 1983. In the current time is in the armies of 14 countries: Bahrain, Norway, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the land of the rising sun, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey, UK, etc. In 1986, within the

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Northrop Grumman issued a U.S. Navy contract worth over 71 million dollars to create 6 additional UAVs last generation Fire Scout. Superior Fire Scout shipborne having the designation MQ-8C and made based on the Bell 407, compared with the previous one MQ-8B has increased range, endurance and payload.   Navy in general difficulties planning to buy 30 machines. Northrop Grumman in the current time has contracts to build 14 UAV Fire Scout, whose deployment is scheduled to begin in 2014.   Creating a new airframe Fire Scout UAV is conducted at the plant in Ozark Bell (, Alabama), final


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