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Fireball of Tutankhamun. Online

In one of the remote parts of the Sahara desert is hiding a secret. There are scattered throughout the space thousands of pieces of a strange yellow-green glass. How is it formed? A group of modern scholars is going to finally solve the mystery. To do this, they will have to penetrate deep into the desert to visit the Cairo Museum and … in place the world's first atomic bomb test.

Watch Fireball of Tutankhamun (The fireball of Tutankhamun)


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A fireball in the sky Sweden

Yesterday, in the sky in Sweden there was a large explosion, followed by a ball of fire hit the ground. Was this UFO meteor or some aircraft — it turns out …

At first, the authorities have suggested that this was a burning plane that fell somewhere in the middle of a forest Värmland. But check information about the planes in the area and information gathered representatives of the aviation committee did not confirm this hypothesis. No aircraft in the area did not fly and not fall.

A fireball in the sky Sweden

In the sea near Yalta down UFOs?




For almost a week, dozens yaltintsev and resort guests precipitated edition of the Crimean media, saying that watched last Friday's big drop in the aircraft into the sea. In response to all of the services that might know anything about this incident, unanimously assure that the crash

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Fiery UFO over India August 29, 2012. Online

Watch Fiery UFO over India August 29, 2012


Fire Tornado. 16.09.12. Online

Video published on September 16, just three days ago, but has scored almost a million hits! and no wonder, since the phenomenon of Fire Tornado hardly anyone could see, let alone shoot. What is this? Freak of nature, or the testing of new climate weapon? Watch it!


Long drone surveillance and reconnaissance

Plaque UAV helicopter type MQ-8B «Fire Scout» (Fire Scout) exceeded eight thousand hours at basing on board the frigate FFG-49 «Robert Bradley.» After flying UAVs such services, assigned to the 5th compartment 22nd Marine combat helicopter squadron is preparing to do surgery on boarding the frigate «Robert Bradley» for frisky refueling and continuation of the flight during the maritime reconnaissance and surveillance ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in the Mediterranean Sea. During deployment aboard the frigate UAV «Fire Scout» once a day were in the air for 17 hours, while providing all of this 12-hour surveillance, and reconnaissance in

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In Rogachevskoye district police officer shot and killed a Woman

Society Today, the family home in the village of Dragoon Rogachev district brought from the morgue 22-year-old girl. Its on Kupala night fatally shot a pistol local policeman.

The girl died the day before in the intensive care unit Rahachou district hospital. The doctors did their best to fight for her life, but vognepalnaya head wound was so serious that it could not save the girl.

Killed a policeman she worked as an accountant in an agricultural enterprise "New Zhuravichi." She came here a year ago from the agricultural cooperative "Hatovnya" — after the merger of the two farms.


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Two students killed in Bashkiria lightning

UFA, July 1 — RIA Novosti, Ramil Salikhova. Two freshmen killed by lightning while grazing cattle on Thursday in Bashkiria, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the investigator for particularly important cases of Ufa Interdistrict Investigation Division at SK Bashkiria Constantine weak.

According to him, the lightning struck two 19-year-old first-year students of the Bashkir Agricultural University while grazing cows at 10.00 (08.00 MSK). Young people died at the scene.

"At present, we are pre-investigation checks. Was it an accident, will show the results of the autopsy," — said weakly.

He noted that the students come from Yanaulskogo Zianchurinskogo and districts.

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The dictatorship of the global terror




Oleg Kravets

September 28, 2004 near Lisbon was a mysterious event unwitting participants and witnessed by hundreds of different people. That evening, suddenly the clouds gathered and started strong storm — a rarity for this area in the middle of autumn. It is interesting that the natural

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In the south of the Russian Federation has successfully passed the first firing of the new systems Tornado-G

New Multiple Launch Rocket Systems "Tornado-G" August 17, 2012 made their first shooting, which took place at the military range Prudboy in the Volgograd region. The first 20 units of the new multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G" entered service of the Southern Military District in February of this year. Plants are replacing old systems "Grad". Reported by RIA Novosti.

"It was a combat shooting, firing live ammunition. This is the first live firing of these machines, so we do not charge the whole package, and a few shells on the car, just to appreciate how we all

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