KrAZ presented in Kiev fire engine to the chassis with the original cabin N23.2

PJSC "KrAZ" in the XII International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies 2013", which is from 24 to 26 September, held in Kiev, has presented a fire tanker truck KrAZ N23.2 (AC 13-70) 6×4 layout with "cab-over-engine." The car developed jointly with the Ukrainian "Company Titan" and is designed to deliver the fire fighting crew, fire and technical rescue equipment and fire fighting equipment.

 Fire KrAZ N23.2 (AC 13-70), according to the press service of "of Titanium", takes on board the 11,000 liters of water, 2,000 liters foam and 250 kg of powder. The tank

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Puzzle people-salamanders

December 5, 2011 17:14

Mythological Encyclopedia gives the following description of a being who is not afraid of fire, "Salamanders in medieval superstitions and magic — spirits, guardians of fire and its personification. Live in any open flames. Often appear as small lizards. Quite often, the salamander can be found on the side of a volcano during an eruption. She also appears in the flame fire, if she so wished. "

But do not burn in the flames of creation exist not only in mythological folklore. Sometimes people are completely insensitive to the fire or boiling water, also called

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Kostroma region acquired 25 units of new forest fire equipment.

In the region received 12 fire engines, 8 bulldozers, 2 truck tractors and 3 crawler tractor forest fire. Until the end of 2011 in Kostroma region will be put 2 more fire engines and nine forest fire crawler tractors.


For the record: Forest fire equipment purchased as part of the "Agreement on the allocation of the Kostroma region forest fire subsidies for the purchase of machinery and equipment." The agreement was concluded between the administration of the Kostroma region, and the Federal Forestry Agency Russia May 27, 2011.

Wildfires in the area of 50 hectares in the Rostov region acts

Wildfires in the area of 50 hectares acts Oblivskaya district of Rostov region, the risk of ignition of the local forestry, told RIA Novosti the regional GUMCHS Abramchenko Marina.

"The message about the fire was received at 17.20 MSK. Landscape caught fire near the village of Pine. Flame front stretched for three kilometers," — said Abramchenko.

She added that the site are 27 vehicles and 347 people from various departments and agencies.

Tank robot from Kharkov — fire truck coming

In the news agencies with an evil vsepostoyanstvom there are reports of fires in the stockpiles, storage bases, parks, military technology. Even if another incident, and dispenses with the victims, then any activity for several kilometers around paralyzed — fire trucks can not be finished with flaming piles of ammunition. Drilling strategy in such cases — to evacuate people and wait for the dreaded object will burn to the ground. The cost of this powerlessness — not only destroyed property, buildings and structures, and these costly work to find and neutralize sometimes have scattered for miles around "gifts."


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Hovering over the fire

Fire should be worshiped, and even the fire in the fire to pray

In the 70-ies of the XIX century washed by the waters of the Kara and Barents Seas island Vaigach were people in every entertaining. Settling in two dugouts, surprisingly quickly dug at night lit bonfires, setting up near them long distances than a few puzzled natives, beginning soon grumble. Alarmed and local ruler Ivan Nikiforovich Storozhiltsev, although he knew that the aliens, hunted fishing, salted and smoked fish, are spiritual sect of Christians — Molokans, who do not recognize the priests and churches to worship

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Tankers of the Southern Military Area master the latest technology

About 80 tank crews infantry brigades deployed in the area of the Chechen Republic, started the field trip, during which the master modernized tanks T-72BM received in the compound at the end of 2011

During the week at landfills Kalinowski and Guardsman with the soldiers, tank crews will be conducted classes fire and tactical training, driving and military equipment.

In preparing the crews used cutting-edge training techniques with the introduction of modern dynamic simulators filled with multimedia equipment on fire training and driving tanks. The equipment is able to simulate not only the weather, time of day and year,

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Aggressive house

October 18, 2012 17:42

In the building of a military unit inhabited by aggressive something

Here, on the island of Russian, I was new: just took over as commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage Special Operations Group Intelligence Pacific Fleet. As expected, the company commander was happy to immediately hang up on me every churn (this is the inevitable fate of groupers) and I'm off the bat atonement responsible for the company of …

Night adventure

I had to be on duty during the day. To spend time with properly, stocked book smart specialization — "Manual on small

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T-90ms, multiplied by the Terminator

Modern conditions of warfare necessitate the creation of modern weapons systems — complex machines that perform the combat puzzle together

In the research and production of "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) Vyacheslav Halit is Deputy Director General for special techniques, or more simply, controls the military division Uralvagonzavod. He answered questions the magazine "National Defense."

— Vyacheslav Gilfanovich in this year's "defense-Expo 2012" in Zhukovsky UralVagonZavod will present its own full-scale standards of the new T-90ms and fire support combat vehicle, called the "Terminator." Why did you decide to show this armor "alive" and combined?

— How do you states "live" T-90ms and

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Stargate open. The invasion has begun. First, Texas, and now Portugal.

Events in Portugal took place on May 11, 2011 at 3:30 am local time

Video footage from Portugal and Texas resemble film stills alien invasion, it is not a feature film, and the actual events.

The invasion has begun?

I think all of you have watched the movie "Stargate", well, now it seems that the action of the movie fiction becomes reality. First in Texas on May 10, fixed plasma geomagnetic anomaly, involving the materialization and the emergence of a UFO, and now the same situation is happening in Portugal.

What is happening is similar to

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