The inventor of Mordovia proposes to use ice to prevent ignition of peat bogs

A leading expert on intellectual property Autonomous Organization "Technopark — Mordovia" Vladimir Steshin developed a technical solution prevention of fires.

As reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mordovia, thinking about how to provide water to peat with the onset of heat waves and prevent them from fire, he suggested the use of ice.

"Procure a few tons of ice in the winter, it can be folded in a special design on the surface of the peat deposits. With the onset of a warm season,

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Volcano Tangkuban-Prau reactivate the West Java

Indonesian Volcano Tangkuban-Prau, located near the capital city of West Java Bandung again throws out one of its craters, volcanic ash, said on Saturday newspaper Jakarta Post.

According to the head of the Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Surono (Surono), by having nine craters "fire mountain" declared the alarm first (lowest) degree. "We recommend to tourists and climbers to stay away from the crater (Ratu) of less than a mile," — he added.

Tangkuban Prau-height 2084 meters above sea level, located in the western part of the main Indonesian island of Java, with a population of

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Large and fast / Top Trumps (6 episodes) watch online

One can Do associate, civilian and military helicopters, SUVs for the rally and super cars "Formula 1", the big cruise liners and luxury private yacht? Not only one can, and the need to tell the creators of programs from "Big and fast." Each issue of this flashy show — an interesting game in which is attended by senior Robert Llewellyn and Ashley Hames, along with millions of viewers. Around the world, they seek out their main assets — modern cars, ships, planes, helicopters, fire engines, surpassing competitors in or in any other class. In this indescribable fight without rules

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Battle UFO encounters

In the USSR, the publication of materials about unidentified flying objects is strictly prohibited. Particularly strict censorship in the face of the notorious Glavlit saw to it that in the press inadvertently slipped some information about military UFO encounters of the Soviet armed forces. Meanwhile, there were many cases where the anti-aircraft and naval artillery, missiles, and aircraft guns trying to shoot down UFOs.

The first of which became known clashes occurred over the lake Baskunchak June 16, 1948. At an altitude of 10.5 km test pilot Apraksin discovered cigar-shaped UFO and began his pursuit. He thought that he

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Ancient rusichi against UFOs

Hypothesis Hypothesis

With conventional reconstruction of residential buildings first few cities in the world will agree. Traditionally the home Eneolithic-Bronze-Early Iron represented residential cellars and damp dugout. Why there are unresolved questions about the ancient pits: "Are they the remains of a fourth construction horizon?". High-rise buildings Andronovo still baffles scientists, wondering if there was any at the site of multi-buildings?

My answer is simple. Andronov (Herodotus — Sauromates) lodged in the carcass buildings rising above the man-made mounds of 5-6 floors high. The concept of "floor" on probation. In the cage for sleeping with half the size of

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ZZGT supplies All terrain vehicles tracked Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Zavolzhsky crawler tractors (a subsidiary of the company, "the PM-Terex") supplies the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations 28 fire-fighting facilities on the basis of articulated tracked off-road vehicles GAZ 3351. Technique for rescuers arrive in regional centers by the end of 2012. The total contract value exceeds 160 million rubles.

All terrain vehicles are designed to deliver personnel, rescue gear and equipment in off-road conditions, snow, swamp and other difficult terrain. Technique is fully consistent with the operational requirements for conducting reconnaissance in the area of emergency (disaster), disaster management, fire fighting, evacuation of the

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Modern UAV MQ-8B began to carry on combat duty on the ships of the U.S. Navy

FFG56 Simpson — missile frigate naval forces of the United States in March first went to sea to do military duty, carrying on board the two units UAV MQ-8B. This modification is the only UAV in its own way, the main purpose of which — the tasks of patrolling and exploration at basing on naval ships of the United States. They can do their tasks as above the ground and at sea. Earlier drones MQ-8B complement on board the frigate manned H-60 helicopters, and now, after the merits of the desired results, drones for the first time went to an

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Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Triumph

Found an interesting photo-report of the air defense units. All the material, read here.

Some excerpts from it.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Defence, debunking the myth that the Russian army on every soldier hits the entrenching tool and the Mosin-thirds of 1891 showed the public concerned one part of the defense.

All funds of the "Triumph" are based on the latest scientific and technological achievements, with the use of forward-looking element base and advanced technologies. All the processes of combat work — finding, en-route support, distribution of targets between SAM and their capture, tracking and recognition,

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Forest fire extinguished in the Volgograd region

Firefighters dismantled coniferous forest fire, which occurred on Saturday in the Volgograd region, the area of the fire was ten hectares, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS Russia in the region.

"The elimination of fire declared at 18.30 MSK. This was a ground fire, the dead and injured there," — said the source.

Message about the fire in the pine forest near Kalachevskaya of an area of about five hectares received by the remote operations duty officer at 15.24 MSK. The nearest town is six miles from the fire, the threat of the residents were not. At 17.00 MSK fire was

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Protective suit for Emergency Situations with nanotechnology (video clip)

HOST: Now for the rescuers and nanotechnology. In Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys presented a new protective suit for Emergency Situations with magnetic inclusions. Developers say that in such attire a person is protected from water, gas and radiation. Cyril Hovrin fire checked those words.

CORR.: About this assistance when equipped would not mind, perhaps, no one firefighter. But count on it ever could unless mannequins, and then only in special cases. In the capital's premier university MISA, the new suit firefighters. Fashionable style, modern look and most importantly — comprehensive protection.

Vadim Tarasov, head. Department

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