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The house was struck by lightning on Troyeschina and set it on fire

Around midnight, the rescue service started calling people. They said that the capital's streets Zakrevskogo a 16-storey building was struck by lightning and burned 15 and 16 floors. To raise the level of the fire brigade left rescuers. And on the spot revealed that the fire on the top two floors there. In fact, between the roofs taut cable into it, and was struck by lightning, the braid on fire and hung on two floors. Passers decided that the house caught fire. The residents of the house before the arrival of rescue workers can cope with fire.

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Australia swept fires

Authorities evacuated people from dangerous areas.

In Australia, the raging element: after the cyclone, which hit the country on the west coast of the continent the fire started.

Flame covered a lot of buildings, but reports of casualties were reported. Catastrophe, had already destroyed 20 homes.

The flames raging in Perth, where authorities have evacuated about 100 people. It is known that the fire spreads in communities and Rolistoun Kelmskott. Several highways were closed for security reasons.

Currently, the elements are fighting about 150 firefighters, backed by helicopters.

Source of fire in the forest was discovered before the north-east of

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Bane marked Confidential

On aircraft factories were working in shifts

The terrible fall of 1941 in Kuibyshev (now Samara) to the west of the country were evacuated desyatni big companies that just just two or three months after the move has already issued products for the front. In districts railway station anonymity (now located within the town of Samara) working at full capacity factory, numbered 1.18 and 24 Commissariat of Aviation Industry (USSR NCAP). Then they got the name, respectively: plant "Progress", Kuibyshev Aviation plant and engine association of MV Frunze.

The cost of tools Victory

These businesses have moved to Bezymyanka

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What is the End of the World

Try to imagine what might have looked like the end of the world, the catastrophe of universal scale.

In "Avesta" is treated as an invasion of the Earth Devil — Ahriman.

In "Bundahishn" says that the Spirit of Destruction hit the sky ', and dragged him down into the Void "(4.3). "And Ahriman jumped into a snake shape, and stamped out as much of the sky as it was under the ground, and broke it" (4.4). "Then he attacked the water that … located below the ground, and he did a hole in the middle of the

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WHAT. Doomsday



Most colorfully described doomsday in "Revelation," the last book of the New Testament. "And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. This is the spirits of devils, working miracles. They leave to the kings of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty. And he gathered them together into a place called in Hebrew, "Armageddon." In the book of Revelation describes the events that

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Coniferous forest burns in the Volgograd region in the area of about 5 hectares

Fire pine forest area of about 5 hectares extinguish fire in the Volgograd region, told RIA Novosti on Saturday GUMCHS representative of Russia in the region.

According to him, the message was received on forest fire control operations duty officer at 15.24 MSK.

"Coniferous forest burns in Kalachevskaya area of ten kilometers from the village Spoons, no threat to residents. Went to the scene of the main management task force," — said the source.

According to preliminary information, the dead and injured as a result there is no fire.

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Prophecies of the Black Stars. Part 1

There are many prophecies about the appearance of a terrible future of a celestial object in the sky of our planet and terrible disasters that will occur at this time. Most prophecies described allegorically or using Aesopian language. Cite only those predictions that openly talk about the emergence of Typhon, or the Dragon (neutron stars) near the planet.

The prophecies of the Bible Kolbrin. The Bible Kolbrin (Kolbrinskaya Bible Kolbrin Manuscript, Kolbrin Bible or Book Koila), which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate

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Forest fire put out an area of 17 hectares in the Jewish Autonomous Region

Forest protection staff put out for the last day in the Far East, one natural fire that raged in the Jewish Autonomous Region, according to Department of Forestry in the Far Eastern Federal District.

"Over the past day in the Far East was registered one natural fire in the Jewish Autonomous Region. Specialists managed to eliminate it on the same day," — said the agency.

It is noted that the area affected by the fire was 17 acres.

"The fire has been involved two men, one unit of the forest fire equipment, one aircraft," — says the statement.

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Smoke from the burning dump near Volgograd has covered three areas of the city

Divisions MOE second day eliminate major fire at the landfill near Volgograd on Tuesday because of a change of wind cloud of smoke covered the three areas of the city, but the immediate threat to the people there, the press service of the town hall.

A fire in a landfill near the village Sandy Sredneakhtubinsky region Volgograd region, situated on the left bank of the Volga River, was established in MSK 4.30 Monday. According to the Committee of Civil Protection of Volgograd, fire covered an area of two hectares — burns garbage and dry grass. Currently there is no open

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Syria: prazdnichek naizloveschim under the sign of terrorism

Damascus is already beginning to have erupted autumn. Together with her came days of Eid al-Adha — the Muslim holy prazdnichka sacrifice. A UN Security Council adopted a statement in which backed the initiative on Syria UN envoy Brahimi temporary cease-fire during these festive days. The Government and the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of the CAP agreed to a truce. According to Ibrahim, the so-called "Free Syrian Army", as it were, too, gave him a promise to abide by the ceasefire. On Friday, October 26, with the start of prazdnichka, the agreement came into force.

And …

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