Unpredictability of fireballs


August 5, 1977 over the Kremlin and have ceased to exist four ball lightning

12.11.11.Utrom August 5, 1977 employees of the Kremlin museums came to work as usual, long before their discovery. At the beginning of the ninth over the center of Moscow, the storm broke. Suddenly, over the Kremlin appeared fiery yellow ball that went down to the Cathedral of the Archangel.

The door of the cathedral was opened, researcher at the museum NS Antonov ready to receive visitors. "I sat at a table near the entrance to the museum, and SA Savkin standing a meter away

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In Azerbaijan, the fireball entered the house. Photo


Ball lightning entered the house

20.10.11.V Lankaran region of Azerbaijan fireball entered the house. The incident happened in the home village resident Sutamurdov Vusal Hajiyev.

As the Vesti.Az, waking in the morning housemates were stunned. A lightning strike took place in their kitchen, burned cookware and utensils, and the ceiling, walls and floor were in the cracks.

According to the owner of the house at night households left the window open in the kitchen, which is entered through a fireball into the house.

The incident was reported to the regional center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of

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Ball lightning has flown three courtyards


29.07.11. -21 July at about 20.00 in the village Matusow Shpola region, Cherkasy region in? Three adjacent courtyard flew fireball.

In the house of 83-year-old Evdokia Mosyundz knocked the window and broke in half pipe antenna. Near half a meter wide hole was formed, and the same depth. Underground through the foundation lightning hit the house.

Evdokia Tikhonovna sitting on a bench in the courtyard. Lies next to the TV with the cards out.

— That's shandarahnulo that come off and back cover — shows a stick.

That day Evdokia Mosyundz visited 63-year-old daughter, Olga Shukurova with children

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In the courtyard of a fireball exploded feodosiyki


Feodosiyka Nina Timofeevna claims that the fireball was big enough

7.08.11.S "Kafa" Related feodosiyka Hronina Nina, who explained that on 3 August in the yard of her home in School Lane exploded fireball.

— It happened around 11-11.30, in heavy rain — said Nina Hronina. — I went out into the yard to close the door to the outhouse, turning in the passage of the yard, I saw it. Superficially resembled a huge ball lightning fiery red color, that's a size — woman hands showed diameter with two feet.

— She slowly sank down, and by touching the

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In krasnoturintsu flew home to a fireball. Photo


26.06.12.V night of 21 June, when the raging storm in one of the new houses on the street (town Mine. — Ed.) Flew into a fireball. Natural phenomenon destroying furniture and equipment. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

— I chump just now stopped hurting — says 53-year-old Igor about the consequences of the accident. — That night I was lying, then, on the couch near the window, saw lightning, wondering whether or not the TV. And then — bam! Curtain suddenly rose! Within a fraction of a second — a loud bang! Me, I do not know how, perhaps,

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Ball lightning in the Brest region


Photo from: budni.by

04.08.12.Pervy over the past three decades, the infiltration of ball lightning in the premises recorded in Pruzhany district, Brest region. Lightning entered the house of a resident of one of the villages.

It tells the newspaper "Raennyya budnі" fireball burst into the house during a storm. Moreover, as explained edition hostess Nadezhda Ostapuk, windows and doors in the house were closed and she was not able to understand how the fireball entered the room.

Fortunately, the woman realized that we should not make any sudden movements, and left to sit on the ground, watching the

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Two meter fireball in Mogilev


File photo from the website: piccy.info

15.07.11.Vtornik day turned out to be manifestations of different natural disasters that fell on the heads of residents of Mogilev region.

Flooding occurred more than half a hundred private holdings, the wind swept with hundreds of sheets of slate roofs, generous rain stopped the movement of trolleys and there was a huge fireball …

As we told the chief inspector of the Center awareness and learning at UMCHS Mogilev Olga is not good, in Asipovichy near squally wind lifted into the air with 210 sheets of slate roofs of three objects, which

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Fireball in the sky Montenegro


Photo from: montenegro-today.com

17.08.11.V Sunday around 21.20 in the sky above Becici there was a fireball that frightened residents and tourists, writes Dan newspaper.

The ball made a circle, and then turned in the direction of Budva. At one point it seemed that the ball went out, but then he appeared again, and later disappeared, witnesses told an extraordinary phenomenon.

In Belgrade Society of Astronomy. Ruggero Boscovich believed that it was a fireball, very rare natural phenomenon. But in this version Gidrometeobyuro Montenegro rejected, suggesting that it was probably a meteor. Weather forecaster Branko Mitsev told reporters that

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Under Syzran fireball hit the truck


Photo: sfw.org.ua

10.07.11. Near the junction of the M-5 and Syzran-Ulyanovsk July 9 fireball hit the truck. SCANIA truck tractor trailer moved from Samara to Penza. Suddenly it began to rain, turned into a tempest of hail and strong wind. Despite the lightning and deafening thunder, the car continued to move forward, slow down. At about 12:25 2 meters in front of the bonnet car fireball appeared slightly bigger than a tennis ball. The driver has already started to slow down, when the ball exploded with a deafening roar. The car stopped abruptly, the engine stalled.

According to

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PE in Mogilev: ball lightning?


25.07.11.Fizicheskaya nature of ball lightning is still not known, but its ability to suddenly appear and disappear, to pass through the glass walls and caused the appearance of absolutely fantastic hypothesis that it is a living, and maybe even a sentient being!

July 12 morning boded nothing unusual for residents of private residential sector, located in the city of Mogilev. Some habitually going to work, others were engaged in economic affairs on its own courtyard, when a black pall over the sky hangs a cloud began to rain, thunder sounded.

Suddenly appeared in the homes of pressing on the

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