Forest fires in northern Portugal

More than 300 fires recorded in the north of Portugal for the past day. The greatest danger, according to firefighters, represent fire in San Pedro do Sul. With fire fighting about 150 people and 40 fire trucks. However, as reported, people do not have. In the south of Portugal rains.Source:

In northern Spain over fires

Fig. Firefighter creeping closer to the fire. Kastrelo-to-Val, north-west Spain. 27/03/2012.

In the Spanish region of Cantabria by prolonged drought there were 15 outbreaks of fire. To extinguish the fire took so many more than 500 firefighters and eight fire planes and helicopters. The most extensive flames raged around the city Corrales de Buena.

Just to the north of Spain for the last week of more than 150 fires of various sizes. They destroyed a large area of useful land (over 650 acres). When extinguishing one of the fires in Galicia lawyer killed fire brigade.

According to the meteorological

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Russia: 90 years taiga turn into steppe




June 15 in Irkutsk in the framework of the project "Irkutsk scientific meeting" public hearings "Forest Fire". As the project manager, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Vitali Mazur, the organizers hoped that in mid-June issue of forest fires will excite everyone, "but, fortunately, it did

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A state of emergency was introduced in the Altai due to fires

Emergency was introduced in several areas because of the high fire danger Altai, chances go wildfires from the Republic of Kazakhstan, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory. In September 2010, a fire began to spread from the Russian-Kazakh border to the Mikhailovsky district of the Altai Territory. Burned a large part of the village Nikolaevka and three houses in the village of Bastan. Left homeless nearly 1.3 thousand. The total area affected by cross-border fire, was 12.945 thousand hectares, including forest — 10.244 thousand. Damaged 1.66 million cubic meters of

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Natural disasters hit the earth

A series of natural disasters struck today on the globe, news agencies reported.

A powerful storm brought snow and ice on the territory of more than 30 U.S. states. Due to bad weather here yesterday and today canceled more than 9 thousand flights. Breaks power lines caused by strong winds and icing cables, deprived of electricity over 100 thousand customers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. In dozens of U.S. cities in the central part of the country canceled classes in schools and other educational institutions, government agencies do not work and post office. In the

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Airports in Indonesia is closed due to smoke from forest fires

Jambi city airport — the capital of the eponymous province in the Indonesian island of Sumatra — was closed the day before, at least for a week, due to smoke from forest fires, which again this year to become the sixth largest island in the world is not just the scope of the national and region-wide disaster, wrote on Monday, the newspaper Jakarta Post.

Visibility at the airport, "Sultan Taha" on Sunday declined to less than 500 meters, forcing local authorities to declare it closed until October 7. Meanwhile, only in the province of Jambi last weekend there were 186

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MOE will pay fuel for its aircraft, which extinguishes fires in Tomsk

Russian Emergencies Ministry will assume the cost of providing its aviation fuel, which puts out the fires in the Tomsk region, previously entirely paid for jet fuel from the regional budget, said Friday the administration of the region.

The total area of forest fires in the Tomsk region for the last day increased by 147 hectares of Friday morning was 8.8 hectares. In the region of 32 forest fires are raging. Fire suppression and work on extinguishing organizations engaged almost 4.5 thousand people. In extinguishing fires, for 20 aircraft of various agencies, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"This decision

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Fire in Spanish Catalonia completely extinguished

Spanish fire service said Monday on the complete elimination of fire in Catalonia, which killed four people and burned more than 13,000 hectares of land, according to Agence France-Presse, citing an official statement of service.

The largest in Spain over the last 26 years the forest fire started in the northeast of Catalonia on July 22, and only last Tuesday experts managed to localize. Since then a specialist to detect the emergence of new fires.

To fight the fire were involved 25 aircraft and helicopters, and hundreds of local and French firefighters and 200 soldiers.

Victims of disasters have four

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Russian summer 2012: water, fire, and a lot of emergency

Most Russian regions over the last two months of the summer time to experience the extreme weather events. The Krasnodar region hit by the flood, which killed nearly 170 people in the Altai region for the first time in nearly two centuries down the anomalous heat. In a dense shroud of smog from the fires was the Omsk region and its capital, raging forest in the Krasnoyarsk region and the North Caucasus suffered from showers and hail.

On Thursday, there were first estimate the total damage from the flood in the Krasnodar region — regional authorities believe that it was

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The area of natural fires in the Khabarovsk region almost halved

The area of forest fires over the holidays fell in the Khabarovsk region from 1.17 to 534 thousand acres, on Wednesday morning in the province reported 11 outbreaks of fire, which is twice less than in the pre-holiday, said the regional government.

"Currently, three of the 11 outbreaks of fire contained. Extinguishing forest protection employed 139 employees and 14 vehicles. From the air, the fire eliminate the AN-2 aircraft and two Mi-8 helicopters. Cope with natural disasters firefighters are planning for a day" — quoted by the press office of the chief of department of forest resources and the protection

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