In China, the raging wind storm and fire

In China, the raging wind storm and fires Natural Disasters

In remote areas of north-west China has the strong winds that caused sandstorms. Reported the destruction of residential buildings and several fires. In the south of the autonomous region of Xinjiang Yugur, including the city of Turpan, in the central and western provinces of Gansu and Ningxia, in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, a state of emergency. Residents encouraged to carry a respiratory mask and be extremely cautious.

At the moment, reported one killed. 165 homes have some degree of damage. Wind gusts that reached 117 km / h,

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Forest fires in Canada


3.08.11.Okolo 140 forest fires raging now in northwestern Ontario.

As reported on Tuesday, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources Stephanie Panakko province, in extremely hot weather, only the last two days there was 20 new homes. From areas threatened by fire, evacuated a total of about one thousand Indian reservations, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the fight with the fire now involved 2000 firefighters in the north-western Ontario deployed about 100 planes and helicopters equipped with fire suppression systems. "Firefighters constantly monitor the situation in areas in close proximity to populated areas, — the representative of the Ministry.

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Forest fires in southern Croatia. Video


16.07.11.Na southern Croatia raging forest fires, the sky over the island of Brac prolonged dense cloud of smoke.

Now off 2.5 thousand hectares of pine forest, and the island has been evacuated hundreds of tourists. The government has sent to fight against the elements all the fire brigades of the island, but they can not cope with the fire. Coming soon to help firefighters arrive aviation.

Croatia has become the latest victim of the heat wave in Europe. The temperature in some of its areas reaches 45 degrees Celsius. Similarly, in Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Serbia.

As reported

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Forest fires in Russia. Video


23.06.11.Za last day of fires increased to 146 ti.Na far, the largest number of fires recorded in the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, the Republic of Komi, Krasnoyarsk and the Trans-Baikal territories.

To fight the fire thrown all sily.Spetsialisty try to prevent a repetition of last year's scenario where a large part of Russia blazed a huge fire.

Source: Channel PIC

Drought in Florida has led to fires

Drought in Florida caused fires Weather and Climate

Drought in the southeastern United States has reached record levels, which would have many consequences in the future. Of the most obvious are called wildfires, most likely in Florida. The staff at this time, and so takes a period of drought, but the current weather can be fatal after a dry 2011 and high temperatures in 2012.

Driest region declared Jacksonville and Fort Myers, there fell to only 31% of normal rainfall, the deficit is about 20 mm. In other parts of Florida from the beginning of the year also fell to

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In Siberia, the fires are burning

In Siberia, the fires are burning Natural Disasters

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reports that in Siberia found 37 locations of fire, covering an area of 917.3 hectares. At the moment, under the control of firefighters are 13 of them, with an area of 705.8 hectares. To extinguish the mobilized 960 officers were firemen and 174 pieces of equipment.


The main heat source is located in Eastern Siberia. Considered to be the most affected of the Republic of Khakassia and Buryatia (22 focus), the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Trans-Baikal region (16 seats). According to experts, the further

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Natural disasters hit the earth


2.02.11.Seriya natural disaster struck today on the globe, news agencies reported.

A powerful storm brought snow and ice on the territory of more than 30 U.S. states. Due to bad weather here yesterday and today canceled more than 9 thousand flights. Breaks power lines caused by strong winds and icing cables, deprived of electricity over 100 thousand customers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. In dozens of U.S. cities in the central part of the country canceled classes in schools and other educational institutions, government agencies do not work and post office. In the states

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In northern Spain over fires

In northern Spain over fires Natural Disasters

In the Spanish region of Cantabria by prolonged drought there were 15 outbreaks of fire. To extinguish the fire took so many more than 500 firefighters and eight fire planes and helicopters. The most extensive flames raged around the city Corrales de Buena.

Just to the north of Spain for the last week of more than 150 fires of various sizes. They destroyed a large area of useful land (over 650 acres). When extinguishing one of the fires in Galicia lawyer killed fire brigade.

According to the meteorological services, the forecast for

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UK: heat and fires

UK: the heat and the fire weather and climate

Britain continues to break temperature records. For a week the temperature even in London showed +20 ° C, which is 10 degrees above normal. In Five Castle, County of Aberdeen, Scotland, recorded a temperature record in 22,8 °.


Holidaymakers on the beach, drank about. Man, UK. 26/03/2012.

Something similar happened in the country during the second half of March 2005, when the Botanical Garden Kew Gardens in London was 21.8. As then, now reigns over the islands area of high atmospheric pressure, backed by warm air currents from more southern

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In Chile burn reserves. Video


6.01.12.V mountain reserve Chile raging forest fires. The fire destroyed more than 50 thousand hectares, mainly precious woods. The flames did not spare and small villages. Burned down about 250 houses. Six firefighters were killed and two remain missing.

According to the country's president, Sebastian Pinera, the cause of disaster was arson. The Prosecutor's Office has already offered to Chile to judge criminals as terrorists.

Can not deal with forest fires and New Zealand rescuers. Flame covered mostly tall trees, and the fire spread this 20-meter wall of fire.

Evacuated several localities of the most dangerous areas of

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