The second Superjet AK Yakutia, made its first commercial flight

Short and to the point: The second Superjet AK "Yakutia", made its first commercial flight — Yakutsk — Khabarovsk (SYL495).


Cadet class in Krivoy Rog. Results for 2012


  Not so long ago, in September 2012, hundreds of Cossacks Krivorozhskaya Faithful Cossacks was declared a set of little Cossacks in the cadet class, organized by the Church of St.. Sergius of Radonezh. The first responded to the family from the village of Novopole Krivoy Rog area, and a little later we began to come, and the children of parishioners, with great interest the Cossacks and future cadets. Thus was formed the first cadet platoon. Began learning process. Classes are held every Saturday. Cossacks teach cadets basic military disciplines charters and military etiquette, physical training, unarmed

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In Krasnoyarsk, opened the first school in Mixed Martial Arts

As the head of NGS.NOVOSTI fitness hall "Samson" Mikhail Zykov, the school began to work January 10, 2013 at the prospect of Metallurgists, 51a.  

Indoor Sports installed a special ring, a driving simulators and driving range. "This is the first private school in MMA and fighting in Krasnoyarsk. Total investment in the discovery was 90 million rubles. ", — Said Mikhail Zykov.

According to Mikhail Zykov, school classes are held in the directions of K-1 (kick boxing), MMA. Subscribe to the 12

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Builders Omsk Metro finished tunneling Crystal Nina


The builders of the first start site of the first metro line Omsk completed the tunneling of the left tunnels between stations "Crystal" and "Nina," according to the regional government.

"For four months Tunnel complex went the distance in the 644 meters and came to the plenum in the POC" Festival ", docked with the previously constructed 888-meter section of the left tunnels. During January specialists SMU-44 NGO" bridge builders "traveled more than 200 feet from the average speed of 10.8 meters per day, "- said in a statement.

According to

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Overview of NPPs under construction in Russia

Baltic NPP

Location:near the town of Neman, Kaliningrad region. Reactor type:VVER-1200 Units:2 Baltic nuclear power plant — the first project of construction of a nuclear power plant in Russia, which will be admitted to a private investor. The project involves the use of reactor VVER 1200 MW (electrical). The first unit is scheduled to be built by 2016, the second — by 2018. The design life of each unit — 60. The general contractor for the construction of the station is ZAO "ASE". In 2011, obtained a license for the construction of nuclear power plants RTN.

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Marussia F1 Team presented their 2013 race car

Today, before the first day of testing in Jerez, Spain, Team Marussia F1 Team presented their 2013 race car

MR02 is a comprehensive evolution of the machine in 2012, which proved to be the most successful three-year package of participating teams in the championship, which was a stand as a result of the gradual development during the last half of last season. Some elements of the new chassis has undergone a design change to position the important new developments aimed at further improving the speed. In addition MR02 is the first car created

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Small want to live

The Crimean doctors have nursed 500? Gram babies born in the fifth month of pregnancy

Thanks to the efforts of doctors in the Crimea survives more than 50% of preterm infants. "Republic" saw the babies nursed in the intensive care unit opened in December last year, the Republican Perinatal Center.

The miracle that can fit in the palm of Intensive care unit resembles a space ship in the cabins which sleep in small incubators like small alien beings. As in open space, here viscous silence, occasionally broken squeak continuously operated equipment. We head into one of

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Vladimir Shamanov gave BMD-4M

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was so pleased with toy tanchiki, seen them in the General Command of the Army, he decided to share his joy with the commander of the Navy and sent it to the Kurgan, on the range and that which was presented as a gift incredibly beautiful model BMD-4M, made of aluminum armor. Love, after all, we have beautiful toys!

But before that Shamanov enough dashed off in a real car. Quite famously with her driving, I must say.



He said the new BMD at times

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Construction of the pipeline Arctic — purpe

The investment project for the construction of an oil pipeline Arctic — purpe implemented to transport oil from the fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area and northern Krasnoyarsk Territory, including Vankor, Russian refineries and export. The project is implemented by order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 22.04.2010 № 635-r series in two stages with the development and construction of new fields. The route passes through the Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi autonomous districts of Tyumen region.

  The first stage (Trunk pipeline "purpe-Samotlor" capacity of 25 million tons of oil a year length

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India — the main importer of Russian weapons on the basis of 2012


India on the results of 2012 is still ranked first in terms of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries

"India — our strategic partner. With India we are in active cooperation in the sphere of military-technical cooperation for more than 50 years. We have a very deep relationship of trust, which are expressed, including, in actual practice, the transfer of high technology. We transfer technology for many, many decades. With our help in India built many defense-related production. Several technologies are transferred to our Indian partners to 100 percent of depth in the

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