KAMAZ first victory

Dakar 2013. "KAMAZ" first victory!


Izhora plants, completed assembly of the first VVER-1200 for Novovoronezh NPP-2

Izhora plants, part of OMZ Group, has successfully completed the first half of September 2010 check assembly of the first VVER-1200 for Novovoronezh NPP-2. The control assembly housing reactor internals and the upper cover unit is one of the final steps in the manufacturing process of the reactor vessel prior to shipment to the customer. This is the first nuclear reactor, made in Russia for the Russian nuclear power plant in 20 years. The contract for the manufacture and supply of power equipment for Novovoronezh NPP-2 was signed in 2007. The electronic edition AtomInfo.Ru publishes a report on the

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New Volzhanin SITIRITM

In 2006, a group of companies "Volgabas" introduced the first fully low-floor bus series "SITIRITM." The appearance of this machine has completely changed the market of passenger vehicles. "SITIRITM" has set new standards in design, ergonomics, comfort, safety and technical equipment.

For 6 years, was released more than 500 buses a length of 12 m and 15 machines operating in 14 regions of Russia earned the highest scores of passengers and operators. 4 times "SITIRITM" won the award "Best Domestic Bus of the Year".

In 2010, the year the designers Scientific Center «Volgabus» started the development of the next

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Alexander Legkov won a multi-day ski race Tour de Ski

The Italian Val di Fiemme ski race ended with several days’ Tour de Ski. " The victory in the seventh stage of the competition won by Russian Alexander lungs, which eventually won the stage race, ahead of Swiss Dario Cologna. The top three winners closed the Russian Maxim Vilegzhanin.

Legkova victory at the "Tour de Ski" has become the first in the country’s history. Cologna behind the Russians for 18 seconds. Vilegzhanin, in turn, ahead of Norway’s Petter Northug by 27 seconds.

"Today is the first time I experienced a sense of life, which had

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The city’s first oil

Urai — A city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra, marked the beginning of the industrial development of the north of Western Siberia.

In 1922, at the mouth of the river flows into the river Konda Spikes immigrants from Central Russia was founded Urai village. In the late twenties of the last century in the village of Urai Shaim Village Council was organized by the fishing guild name Decembrists. In 1957 he drafted a master plan to build a settlement on Urai area 57.0 hectares.

May 25, 1959 near the village of exploration well Shaim party

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In Kaliningrad began to commission social housing

A large housing estate on the 8200 The apartment is located between the streets and Emelyanov of Power — a former vacant lot next door to the one-story private sector is now actively built apartment blocks. At the commissioning of one of the high-rise buildings in the Thursday, December 27, have been invited for the construction industry responsible officials of the regional government — Deputy Prime Minister Evgeny Morozov and advisor to the Governor Pavel Sarkisov. The members of the Commission visited the house 250 apartments which will soon have retired military.

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Virtually "fully

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Sergei welder with Sevmash

Naval photographer Oleg Kuleshov talks about the new faces of the defense enterprises of Severodvinsk.

I will tell you not only about the boats, but also about people. Those who make and repair ships.Here is my first hero Sergei 21 years. 4 years working on the "Sevmash" welder and is currently production foreman. Here’s what he told me about himself:— On the "Sevmash" I was very simple: he entered the "Sevmashvtuz." Now it is a branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov, where I study on plant-technical college system. This is when you learn to six

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A new swimming pool opened in the capital of Ingushetia

In the capital of Ingushetia, the opening ceremony of the first swimming pool. All work on the construction of a two-storey sports complex for students Ingush State University completed in a short time.

For the construction of sports facilities spent more than 120 million rubles. Total area — 3 hectares. When the device of the pool used Austrian technology. Bowl, made of nickel-plated steel with a warranty period of fifty years. Equipped with modern showers. The first swimming pool in the country was built in record time — within 8 months.

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In Yakutia, started the production of basalt plastic reinforcement

December 27 Pokrovsk "Technology basaltic materials" (LLC "TBM") launched the first production line of basalt plastic reinforcement. Technology from start to finish was developed by Russian scientists and engineers.

In Russia, she began to take just three years ago, and now, in addition to the Intercession of the plant, such enterprises have only three cities in the country. In Yakutia, the Company now full cycle of basalt on the basis of local raw materials. Launched the first issue here basalt insulation, in July 2012 the company started to produce continuous basalt fiber, basalt rebar production — the next phase of

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In Kaliningrad, the route was a new tram

"Official" way to the tram line brand PESA was held on Friday, December 28. The opening ceremony and the first trial trip from South Station was attended by the head of the city and region — Alexander and Nicholas Yarashuk Cukanov uttered words of encouragement and arrived at the new tram to the hotel "Kaliningrad". The first person praised the comfort, capacity and adaptability of the new car, as well as its prispososblennost for planting in the tram elderly, mothers with prams and people with disabilities.

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Speaking to employees of the company "Kaliningrad GorTrans",

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