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Audio on February 9th

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with the writer Sergei Veretilo.• 155 years ago at the Municipal Theatre Minsk hosted the first showing of the play by Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz "Peasant".• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Blood"2nd part:• Another indoor Tribunal over criminal gang — on This time Mozyr.• As a modern designing houses Minsk helps thieves in robbery.• The controversy surrounding architecture "Stalinist" time in Warsaw and Minsk • Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• «Night rap." Works Sergei Veretilo.

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Yaya Refinery (Kemerovo region). Has completed commissioning and entered the operating mode

The company "NEFTEKHIMSERVIS" RTN has received a license to operate the business.

Yaya refineries. Kemerovo region.

The first batch of products already shipped to industrial enterprises in Western Siberia. With the commissioning of Yaya refinery opened more than 500 new jobs.


Until the end of 2013, the plant will process about 2 million tons of crude oil, followed by running at full capacity, which is the first phase will be 3 million tons per year.

At the same time the company is working on the second phase of construction of

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Nuclear top

Julia Zaripov became the Olympic champion in the women’s 3,000 meters steeplechase

Athlete Julia Zaripov became the Olympic champion in the women's 3,000-meter steeplechase with a score of 9:06.72. The grand style of conducting ending this terrible distance, Zaripov No one is allowed to force the fight for "gold" and finished in splendid isolation.

Julia clearly held the first and did not give her opponents a chance to get ahead of myself. When she broke the last hole with water, it became apparent that the Russian woman, no one will catch up. Include sverhskorost, Julia crossed the finish line first. Having a Russian flag from the hands of the coach, Zaripov

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South Korea launched a satellite of our missile

South Korean rocket KSLV-1 in 16.00 30.01.13 (11.00 MSK), went to a predetermined height and successfully launched a research satellite into orbit, said the Aerospace Research Institute of South Korea. For a modest wording: …the project also involved Russian companies: the creator of the first stage — Khrunichev and Transport Engineering Design Bureau, which was responsible for drafting the ground complex. -in fact hiding the fact that Russia has exported the second full spaceport!

In contrast to the previous successful space project — the launch complex "Soyuz" in Kourou, in this new development only. The first

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ECP: commissioned unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation

JSC "Production Association" Electrochemical Plant " (Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, part of the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements") — a uranium enrichment facility. The main product — low-enriched uranium used to fuel nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Used to enrich uranium gas centrifuges. Gas centrifuge technology is recognized as the most effective methods of industrial uranium enrichment. This same technology makes it possible to obtain stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements on an industrial scale.

In the workshop of the chemical treatment "Electrochemical Plant" for the tests included in the operation of the unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation,

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ERA GLONASS: 2 years before the start

To ERA GLONASS was launched in 2014, requires reliable operation of at least two types of equipment: the satellites in orbit and the terminal consumers. This writes the topical application to the newspaper "Kommersant» Business Guide (Geographic Information Systems) in an article on the prospects of the Russian system of emergency response in case of accidents.

Currently, GLONASS orbital group reached staffing levels and ensures stable reception of navigation signals on a global scale. Thus, the first condition for the implementation of the program ERA GLONASS almost done. Consumer equipment, based on which services will be provided

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Encyclopedia of astronauts

Roskosmos TV studio created a video project "The Encyclopedia of astronauts," which will be available to anyone interested.

Cosmonaut number 1. October 4 — the beginning of space era. In 1957, on this day in the Soviet Union was put into orbit the first artificial Earth satellite. Studio Space Agency opens online encyclopedia in which you will learn about the important pages of the life of astronauts and Soviet Russia. The first issue is devoted to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. April 12, 1961, he opened the way mankind into space.

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EMSS starting a business relationship with the company Siemag Tecberg (Germany)

PJSC "EMSS" has signed a contract with Siemag Tecberg (Germany), which specializes in lifting systems for mines, air cooling systems in mines and tunnels. The new partner will manufacture three EMSS shaft weighing 85 tons, which are designed for lifting equipment of mines.


This is the first major order for mining equipment, which PJSC "EMSS" will be produced for the European company. Under the terms of the contract products will be sent to the customer in the first quarter of 2014.

In the future we plan to issue a further nine in

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Electric ET4A Torzhoksky factory tested


With ET4A Electric — Electric Torzhokskiy, the fourth modification, Asynchronous — experimental series of Russian electric DC, induction motor drive, produced from 2011 to Torzhoksky wagon factory.

ET4A third in Russia train with asynchronous traction drives. The first part — ET2A produced, as well as ET4A, Torzhokskiy Wagon Works, but the unreliability of the drives of the first Russian asinhronnika led to the impossibility of using it. The second part is made by Demikhovsky Machine Building Plant — ED6. On the train were installed traction drives firm Hitachi. Because of problems with the new trucks

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