In Bryansk opened the first center for education

Education Center includes pre-separation, primary, middle and high school and a center for further education of children.

Establishment of an innovative type of set up at the City lyceum № 27 named Hero of the Soviet Union Igor Koustova. According to experts from education, peers such establishment is not even in Russia.

Preschool located in two buildings of the former kindergarten "tree", which today is being renovated. We specify that there is already made a modern heating system, insulated walls, put new windows. On the basis of the kindergarten will open 10 groups, including four — nurseries. This in

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Noting the first anniversary of the plant Rusaloks works in two shifts

The first factory in Russia Vladimir "RUSALOKS" producing circuit boards for electronic devices that require heat, today marked the anniversary of the establishment. It operates on the basis of the industrial park of "WEI" Tochmash. ‘"

Shop Factory "Rusaloks"

As noted at the meeting of the working group vice-president of the Regional Committee for Industrial Policy and Science Roman Mosaic, the creation and development of enterprises operating in the field of nanotechnology, which include and "RUSALOKS," one of the priorities of the administration of the Vladimir region. Investors in the project are the company RUSNANO, a venture fund managed

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Modernization GKB № 1. Pirogov (Moscow)

The renovation of the cardiological department of the City Clinical Hospital. NI Pirogov department is already taking its first patients.

According to doctors, the case is equipped with the most modern equipment, some vehicles are purchased the hospital for the first time.

To modernize the PDB was allocated 3.5 billion rubles: 2000000000 — for the purchase of equipment, 1500000000 — for overhaul.

Currently produced 1333 units of medical supply equipment.

All repairs GKB № 1. Pirogov will be completed in 2012.

As a result of the work area number 8 housing increased by 500 square meters. m hull

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In the Sverdlovsk region began assembling drones

The first Russian drones will be tested in the Sverdlovsk region in October and November 2012, the Director General of JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation" Vadim Badejo.

"First drones have already been made in our company. The tests are scheduled for October 2012, I hope they are successful, and in November of this year, the armed forces will receive the first unmanned aerial vehicle produced in Russia ", — said V.Badeha.He clarified that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles will increase the efficiency of operations and reduce their cost.

"At the moment, the cost of helicopter flight hours is

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Laid the first mile w / d Kyzyl-Kuragino

On the construction of railway Kyzyl-Kuragino in the Republic of Tyva experts SMU-3 and control mechanization NGO "Mostovik" laid the first kilometer of the main road to the Kyzyl-Freight Station.

"Today, builders backfilled about two kilometers roadbed in the amount of more than 300,000 cubic meters of earth and laid 1,000 meters of rail grid of the main railway line, — said Head of the Engineering Training Department" Bosporus "NGOs" Mostovik "Vladimir Romanov. — Seal of the first section of the railway is under formation yard "Kyzyl-Cargo", the total length of which will be about 3 miles away. "


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In Ulan-Ude built a new residential development on the 12,000 people (photo)

In the area of meat-processing plant is planned to build more than 200 thousand square meters of housing. Today, the sixth of September the head of Buryatia laid the first stone of the six billion of residential complex

A new residential complex will be located on the territory adjacent to the plant, "Buryatmyasprom." Plant itself will also be rebuilt — with its squares disappear hazardous industry. In the next three years plans to build more than 200,000 square meters of housing, as well as a children’s garden and parking for cars. Tentatively, there will be

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Alexander Mladenov about the helicopter Ka-52 Alligator

Renowned foreign aviation analyst Alexander Mladenov has devoted a long article attack helicopter Ka-52. As usual, the A2 is not too lazy to translate the interesting and informative text.

In December 2010, the leadership of the Russian Army Aviation announced long-awaited adoption of a combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" and the first deliveries to combat units were held in May 2011

In August 2003, the then Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov has publicly confirmed the readiness of the Air Force to raise funds for the development of next-generation combat helicopter. Not one, but

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In Tula, a monument to General Margelov

August 30, 2012 held a grand opening ceremony of the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov — the founder of the Airborne Forces of the country.Monument was installed in the station area near the house number 5 on the street bearing the name of General.

The ceremony was attended by Acting Governor Yuri Andrianov, Tula Mayor Eugene Avilov, the first deputy head of the administration of Tula Alexander Yadykin, military personnel and veterans of the Airborne Troops.

The mayor of Tula Eugene Avilov stressed the importance of the event on the eve of the Day of

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Sequoia genetics reads the DNA molecule

On the basis of the molecular genetics laboratory of Sequoia genetics, which belongs to Alcor Bio and is a resident of Skolkovo, has successfully installed and running equipment for semiconductor NGS sequencing (direct method of "reading" of the DNA molecule).

This launch is the first in St. Petersburg and one of 10 for the Russian Federation.

The equipment will be used in the The project to create a diagnostic solutions for the detection of severe hereditary diseases in newborns and their carrier in couples planning pregnancy. The project is implemented with the participation and support of Himekspert

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The new school opened in Barnaul

On the Day of Knowledge, wake up call in 1266 schools in the Altai Territory, sat down at their desks 244,000 children, among them — 25.3 thousands of first-graders. However, in this academic year, the first edge of the record belongs to a new school Barnaul school number 132. The fact that it parallels eight graders (198 children) — the first such figure in the Altai region.

This is not just a school, and a cultural and educational cluster: a 12 thousand square meters. meters apart from it — a kindergarten, a school of arts, swimming pool, playground

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