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Examinations on the Yak-130

Colleaguedmitrydreamerpublished an interesting photo essay on delivery August 8, 2013 final examination for flight training squadron cadets held since March 2013 training on the new combat training aircraft Yak-130 in the 209th Air Base Boris and training aviation training center for training of flight personnel front, bomber and attack aircraft Chkalov Russian Air Force (Voronezh region). Boris and Training Center is a branch of the Krasnodar Military Aviation Institute named after AK Serov — the branch of the Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin ". Group of students

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Gaiduchevici wishes of success to Obama

"What I would recommend to the next president? He should carefully look around and more specifically on the petition own country. Specifically within the country should find prepyadstviya and retrieve their decision? You need to understand where the crisis, why inflated shares. Because I very sincerely wish to understand first presidential newcomer with unutryamerykanskimi neuvvyazkami. When it comes Obama, he first will need to justify it — particularly that it must country "Regarding the case of the new president of the Belarusian perspective, here , Owed first notes the continuity of American foreign policy. "I think the big difference is

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Students from the Czech Republic became the best selection at the National Olympics judo

At the National Summer Olympics qualifying judo among inmates Youth, held in the capital of Adygea — Maikop, Chechen students took first place in the team standings.

Fights were among young men born between 1997-1998.The tournament was attended by over two hundred

portsmenov regions of North Caucasus Federal District and the Southern Federal District.

 Vice-President of the Judo Federation of CR A. Danaev noted the high level of training Chechen wrestlers.

"The guys were challenged to see the strengths and weaknesses of their own and competitors. They fulfilled it by winning the team

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn was not

In the U.S., about the death of Solzhenitsyn immediately told all leading TV channels, noting that the writer opened the world fears Russian regime. Merkavavts possible that in the coming days of global press will consider the role of Solzhenitsyn in the collapse of the communist system, and is unlikely to overtake the contradictions of this historical figure.

Biography Solzhenitsyn, indeed, absorbed things are mutually exclusive. Wanting to protect his teenage years "bright ideas of Leninism" and calling for "adore revolution" — Solzhenitsyn, finally put an end to the future of this very Leninism. First publication of Solzhenitsyn ("One

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Inflation for 2008 may reach 14%

"Today, of course, that within the scope of planned 10% resist not work" — said Tatiana Starchenko.— "If in the 2nd half of the year will reach the level of the first, it will be very good. " She said that for the first 6 months 2008 inflation stood at 7.3%.T.Starchenko explained that prices rise, first external factors: more expensive products and raw materials for zabugornyh markets. "Avoid rising prices in these criteria is very difficult," — she said.

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Sharapova won the French Open Tennis

Maria Sharapova for the first time in the history of Russian tennis career she won the "Grand Slam" by winning today at the French Open.

PARIS, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova for the first time in his career was the winner of the French Open, beaten in the final of an Italian Sara Errani.

Saturday's game ended with the score 6:3, 6:2 in favor of the Russians, who next week will once again be a top tennis player.

Up to this point, Sharapova celebrated success at Wimbledon (2004), U.S. Open Championship (2006) and

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CTZ sent to Belarus tractor sets the first of six of its equipment

Dealer Company — the company "Monolittrans" — will gather in Minsk are bulldozers B-10M, which later will be available to local authorities and road builders.

The first tractor kits already shipped its CIS neighbors. The rest should be sent before the end of August.

This is the first major delivery of Minsk this year. Since January, the Belarusian partners have acquired a few tractor sets — impact of the financial crisis in 2011, when the companies of the republic have problems with the purchase of currencies, including the Russian rubles. But now the situation is improving. In the second

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CTZ completed the development of a new modification loader PK-46


In design and technology department wheel technology Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has completed the creation of a new modification of the front loader middle-class PC-46 with six-cylinder in-line diesel engine series T 6T370.

The first two prototypes of the new front-end loaders CTZ will be collected in the first half of 2011

6T370 engine was developed under government contract and complies with the European standard for road construction engineering machinery Tier-2 (similar to Euro-4). The engine is equipped with:

* Electronic fuel injection «Common Rail», * Particulate filter * Afterburner in the exhaust system

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Basowiszcza: a handful of nostalgic comments

But in 1990 and 1991, when there were first and second "Basowiszcza" I was strong Belarusian nationalist and knew by heart all the lyrics from the album "Party" and "Country longish white clouds" of "Ulysses" (wrote them Felix Aksentsav poet who, according to a decent rock tradition of the late 60’s and early 70’s, the number of full-fledged member of the group).The first and second "Basowiszcza" I was leading the festival — the organizers of the Belarusian Association of Students (ALS) offered me this role not only because I was personally acquainted with a group of "Ulysses" and the number

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World Cup on track: Chulkova won the race on points and brought Russia its first gold in the 2004

During the second day of the World Cup on track, held in Australia the Russian team won its first gold.

Medal of the highest dignity in the treasury of our national team has brought Anastasia Chulkova, excelled in the race on points.

We add that this gold medal was the first for the Russian team at the world championships in cycling since the 2004.

Melbourne, Australia

World Championship on track

Day 2

Women, points race

1. Chulkova Anastasia (Russia) — 31 points.

2. Jasmine Glaser (Canada) — 28.

3. Caroline Ryan (Ireland) — 24.

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