Multiclet on new electronics-2012

17-19 April in Moscow hosted the second international exhibition "The new electronics-2012". Participation in the exhibition among the leading suppliers of electronic components and modules adopted JSC "Multiclet", presenting their products: development board and the first SoC MCp 0411100101, receipt of which the factory is expected in mid-June 2012.

This year the exhibition was part of a large-scale event "Russian innovation", including the thematic forums and conferences. On the first day of the exhibition CTO "Multiclet" Nikolai Streltsovspoke at the II All-Russian Forum "Digital Electronics" on "New architectures. Multicellular processor. " "The forum was very interesting — shared his

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Nevsky Confectioner has commissioned a new plant

«Nevsky Confectioner" completed the construction of a new modular plant (area — 6 thousand square meters.) At its factory in Belinsky Penza region.

Here are four automated production lines, the first production line of chocolate bars put into operation. Its capacity is up to 1,800 kg per hour.

Of "Nevsky Confectioner" constantly being updated production lines, expanding the product range.

In 2011, investment in confectionery production amounted to more than 80 million rubles. Products have been manufactured in the amount of 248 million 360 thousand rubles, or 158.3% more than in 2010

During the first quarter of 2012, the

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Saturn: the results of the first quarter 2012

April 23, 2012, Rybinsk. — JSC "NPO" Saturn "summed up the results of the first quarter of 2012. Managing Director of the Association Ilya Fedorov said that "at the appointed time" Saturn "has provided a stable and high-quality implementation of the economic performance of the company, which characterize the stability of its production system." The volume of sales made by 112.0%, the volume of production — by 118.8%.

In March 2012, for the first time in the history of the program have been collected 4 SaM146 engine, three of them were sent to the GSS. In the future,

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Every Russian man for once in your life but have heard the phrase "ABCs." But does everyone understand exactly what it means? On the one hand there is nothing incomprehensible here. Truisms — that means the most simple, is as simple as the truths that a person learns of the alphabet, ie in theory, from the first book in his life. But what is this truth, such that you can read in the alphabet? Like the letter alone. A — sounds as well, i.e. as the beginning of the word watermelon. B — the first letter of

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Weapon for the Russian army in 2012

This year, the Russian Armed Forces will receive 28 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, "Armour-C1", 58 aircraft, 124 helicopters and missiles and sea-based, told reporters First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov.

"That is all the tasks assigned to defense enterprises are met. Fears that these contracts will be torn down for me, as the first deputy minister of defense, no," — said Sukhorukov.

He noted that all the major orders for the production of products for the army and navy at the enterprises of defense industry has been largely accommodated. "This is for aircraft with a jab,

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Trailer KAMAZ Inc. summed up the first quarter of 2012

Instead of the planned business plan, 630 trailers and semi-trailers in the first quarter of 2012, collected 761 units, up 46% compared to the same period last year. The increase in production at the "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." resulted in changes in the percentage of market share trailers.

In the first quarter of 2012, the share of products produced at the plant already amounted to 9%. This allowed the Stavropol daughter "KAMAZ" to enter the third largest domestic manufacturers of trailers. The specifics of the region, agricultural specialization North Caucasus Federal District and neighboring areas, dictates changes in the implementation

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STX France confirmed the agreement to participate in the construction of the Baltic Plant Mistral

Leading experts of the French company STX France have confirmed the technical compliance of St.-Petersburg company "Baltic Shipyard — Shipbuilding" / CES / for partial construction of helicopter type "Mistral".

Following the visit to St. Petersburg experts who have studied the production possibilities CES, confirmed that the shipyard meets the necessary technical and technological level and the level of training of personnel for the construction of floating body parts floating helicopter landing ships, docks / DVKD / type "Mistral".

The French side has transferred CES final statement of the order of metal, and now have begun bidding procedures to

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In the Novgorod region are building a new rural hospital

Construction of the first phase of the new building of CRH in paragraph Lyubytino Lyubytinskogo district of Novgorod region began in the fall of 2011. The first phase includes the construction of a polyclinic for 150 visits per shift.

Final amount required for delivery of the new "turn-key" in 2013 — 68 million Further plans to begin construction of the second stage — storey housing a hospital with 30 beds.

The personnel issue in a medical facility is practically solved. Played a role The federal program "Zemsky Doctor". In the last year and this year, the district came

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The scientific gibberish — or something to be proud Siberian scientists

Often it is not clear what the scientists involved. That’s about the academics from the UK a lot of talk — every day in the news what some funny message about the new study. And about the science of the Russian media in general did not really can not say. Moreover constantly present communiques on the subject, saying "they’ve taken up the scientific experience of the Soviet past .. well, and everything prestavlyayuschie" NANO ".

It’s not all true statements, and often they are related to the fact that journalists simply do not understand basic science. And the

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Aquaculturists Murmansk released the first juvenile salmon in the River Cole

Experts Committee of the fishing industry of the Murmansk region took part in this year’s first issue of juvenile salmon in the River Cole. The eggs were taken from females Kola salmon, then it was transferred to the experimental Kandalakshsky salmon factory. There fry were born in May 2011, spent the winter and returned to Kola. In all there were 80,000 fingerlings. Issue fry Cola will continue in April and May. This is done to maintain the population of wild salmon in a stable condition.

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