Aquaculturists Murmansk released the first juvenile salmon in the River Cole

Experts Committee of the fishing industry of the Murmansk region took part in this year’s first issue of juvenile salmon in the River Cole. The eggs were taken from females Kola salmon, then it was transferred to the experimental Kandalakshsky salmon factory. There fry were born in May 2011, spent the winter and returned to Kola. In all there were 80,000 fingerlings. Issue fry Cola will continue in April and May. This is done to maintain the population of wild salmon in a stable condition.

Modern insulins are produced in Kaluga

In Kaluga at the site of the industrial park "Grabtsevo" the Danish company "Novo Nordisk" started construction of a pharmaceutical company for production of modern insulins.

Capacity of the plant is designed to ensure high-quality health care needs of Russians, patients with diabetes mellitus. In the first phase will be launched line of packing cartridges and injection pens. The total investment in the project is 100 million U.S. dollars. The enterprise will employ more than 240 people.

The new plant will be the seventh production of "Novo Nordisk" in the world and the first in Russia. Its commissioning is planned

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The village Safarova (Rep. of Bashkortostan) opened a library

The village Safarova Uchalinskoe district opened model library — the second in the area. Book fund here is 17 thousand copies, issued about 30 periodical titles. Safarovskaya Library — one of the most visited in the area. The new status required some investment: from the local budget allocated funds for the renovation of the building, the installation of fire alarm systems, new furniture. On the Republican budget purchased computers.

A modern library enables readers to learn how to use a computer to get online access to electronic documents. In the first model Uchalinski District Library was opened in 2011 in

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Imperceptibly flown a year from the time when the thought of radiation human insecurity has led me to the invention of a portable dosimeter-radiometer for mobile phones and smartphones. Later, this device was called the "-RA", the first letters of the functional: tozimetr-radiometr. Then came the Russian patent number 109625 with priority from 24 June 2011 and everything would be fine if it failed to stop. But it is not, the soul requires realization. And certainly in iron, nice and petite!

Then, a year ago, for some reason I thought that such a

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PSMA Rus’ first pre-released a Peugeot 408

Kaluga plant "PSMA Rus’, where cars are going to Peugeot, today released the first pre-production car Peugeot 408, which was developed specially for the Russian market. Serial production of the car will begin in mid-2012, with the first model of the new product will be released at the Kaluga plant "PSMA Rus" on a full cycle. In addition, even the first commodity cars Peugeot 408 will receive a number of components from domestic and foreign suppliers in Russia. Thus, the seat Peugeot 408 will supply the U.S. company Lear, bumpers for the new model to its Russian facilities produces

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The new special economic zone is established in the Urals

In the Sverdlovsk region begins construction of infrastructure of special economic zone "Titanium Valley", so called because of the location near the world’s largest titanium producer, "VSMPO."

The corporation became the first resident of the zone. Authorities together with private investors are willing to invest 27 billion rubles.

In April, construction will begin infrastructure of special economic zone "Titanium Valley" in the Sverdlovsk region. Over the five years to develop the zone will be spent 27 billion rubles, the CEO of the Management Company "Titanium Valley" Artemy Kyzlasov.

Of these, about 10 billion rubles — this

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LED lamp SvetaLED available in retail stores

The first batch of LED lamps SvetaLED ® fully Russian-made retail sale of federal network Auchan in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

According to power light bulbs SvetaLED ® with E27 base with suitable 60W and 40W, and consumes only 6 watts and 8 watts respectively. Light bulbs and fixtures SvetaLED ® are resistant to voltage drops, vibration, low temperatures, frequent switching on and off. In this case, their main advantage — they do not harm health and the environment and lead to the light, as close to natural sunlight.

The use of LED lamps SvetaLED ® saves the

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New enterprises Russia: results of the first quarter

In the first quarter of this year, Russia opened 103 new production.

Opening of new production facilities in the country, as we know, does not occur evenly over the months and quarters, and the first quarter of the year in this plan is generally not the most successful than the last. However, the results of the monitoring show that the year has started well — in Russia over the last three months, one of which was essentially a "shortened", opened 103 new production.

Announced investments amounted to 199.2 billion rubles, there were over 6 million new jobs.


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The first harvest of the revived Severodvinsk agricultural complex

In January, the website published the news about the recovery of the agricultural complex of Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk region. Then the launch of a new gas boiler.

And in late March, appeared on the shelves of retail green onions grown in greenhouses Severodvinsk agricultural complex (formerly Plant "Greenhouse").

In the near future the first crop of cucumbers. As after the repair will go into operation area of greenhouses will grow parsley, celery, dill and other herbs.

By June, the seedlings will be ready to flower. The range of species, subspecies and color will be a very

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ASCON launches PLM-own components 3D-core

The company ASCON, a leading developer of engineering software for the design and management of data, represents the geometric kernel C3D — a key component for creating design systems (CAD) and their applications, settlement systems (CAE), training systems of control programs for CNC machines (CAM), process simulation.

ASCON develops its own geometric kernel since 1995. The first computer-aided design based on it KOMPAS-3D 5.9 was released in 2000. Since the core is continuously developed and reached a level that is sufficient for him to market for PLM-components as a standalone product.

As the number of

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