Trucks were added

For the first few months of 2012 in Russia were produced 25,000 trucks. According to Rosstat, the figure of 11.1% over the same period of the previous year. In February, in our country according to the statistical agency released a 23.4% more trucks (16 400 units) than in the previous year. KamAZ, Russia’s largest automaker in the lead. In February, with its conveyor descended 4756 car kits, and the first two months — 8,600 units. This correspondingly larger by 37% in the first case with respect to the results of the previous year and a half times — in

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The first 57 cars Lynx will go to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2012

The first 57 armored Russian-Italian joint production of "Lynx" will go to the army of the Russian Federation this year, told reporters on Wednesday, press secretary of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Irina Kovalchuk.

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, accompanied by Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeev visited on the same day, a joint venture of "Oboronservis" and the Italian group Iveco, which assembles protected tactical vehicles "Lynx".

"In 2012, the armed forces will receive the first 57 cars produced in Voronezh. According to Anatoly Serdyukov, the machines in the first place, it is planned

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Nizhnekamsk presented first Resp. RT environmentally friendly bus

Today in Nizhnekamsk presented first in RT cleaner hybrid bus with an electric motor. EKObus Trolza-5250 model was assembled at the factory in Engels.

The bus is equipped with a microturbine powered by natural methane — very cheap and clean fuel. The turbine drives a generator that produces electrical energy, with which the vehicle is driven. EKObus 10 times more environmentally friendly than a conventional bus.

The bus will be tested in the near future, said Department of Public Relations and Media Nizhnekamsk region.

The designers of

Five years ago, a mini-skid steer loaders MKSM-800, created by the designers of "SKBM" and mass-produced by "Kurganmashzavod," there was no serious competitors among the Russian producers. Today the trends are changing and Several companies in the country are going to put analogues to the consumer market. Keep up with the domestic producers mini-loaders and world leaders who are trying to lead active sales. The alert and Chinese manufacturers.

Competition in the market, prompted a special group of designers SKBM in the design and development of a brand new skid steer loader series "A". Initially, the task was

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Russian cargo plane airline made its first cross-polar flight

Russian cargo plane made AirBridgeCargo Airlines on Tuesday the first cross-polar flight with a stopover in Krasnoyarsk — His flight took place on the route Chicago-Krasnoyarsk-Shanghai, said the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the region.


Special flight to the Siberian city delivered 175 head of breeding animals. After the border, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection conducted by the airport management Rosselkhoznadzor, the animals were sent to the farm, located in the territory of Uzhurskogo district.

"AirBridgCargo regularly carries freight through the airport Emelyanovo, but flying in a cross-polar routes with delivery of this type of goods into

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Borodino Panorama restored and opened to visitors

Museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino" opened to visitors a month earlier: in a hurry to catch the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. For the first time in half a century removed the dust from the canvas, installed a new lighting, upgraded the building of the museum. A fund replenished four hundred rare artifacts.

Museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino" located on one of the capital’s main avenues — Kutuzov where there since 1962. But those who never been here long, "Borodino panorama" know.

Opposite the entrance colonnade appeared after reconstruction — a classical portico in the

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In Russia created a robot capable of working astronaut in orbit

Big brother robot that "hello" in 2008 with President Medvedev, to be sent to the ISS

In Russia have created a humanoid robot astronaut, capable of working in orbit. How to tell the developers, SAR-400 copies the entire movement of the operator and can autonomously perform mechanical work fine — tighten the screws to play chess, to examine the lining cracks.

SAR-400 robot. Photo courtesy of the press-service of the NGO "android technology"

The next two years will send a robot to the ISS, and in the long term — to the moon, Mars and

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The first train on the Russian Serbian railways.

BELGRADE — The new diesel train from Russia, the first of 12 ordered, now hit the road for the Serbian railways, and tomorrow will make regular flights between Belgrade and Vrshtsem.

Railway in Serbia for the first time in thirty years, have received a new train. In the next two months to arrive from Russia two more that will be put into operation in early May. Overall, by the end of the year will deliver 11 trains.

Director of Rail Gene Serbian Milovan Markovic said that part of the 800 million dollar loan of Serbia, Russia, will be

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In the Rostov region are building a universal port

At the intersection of transport corridor "North-South" and "East-West" as part of a large European transport ring is constructed multimodal transport and logistics hub, "Rostov Universal Port" (RUP).

Investor of the project Rostov group of companies "Azov-Don Shipping Company", which has invested in it in the first phase (2006-2011 years), more than 2 billion rubles, including in 2011 — 583.4 million rubles. Total investment in the project is the first phase of all participants — about 2.7 billion rubles.

As a result, by 2012, the port was put into operation 10 complexes with a total quay length

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In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, opened the first kindergarten in twenty years

For two decades, it is the first garden, built in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The new nursery will be organized 10 groups of 20 people each. Here, for the children there are all conditions: a spacious game room, bedroom, sports and music halls, a medical unit, and even a swimming pool. The building itself is on seismicity is designed for nine points. Particular attention was paid to the safety of children — kindergarten fenced, perimeter surveillance cameras installed.

In the coming months, another garden opens in Kozyrevsk, and by the end of the year kindergarten for 260 places will be built

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