In the Penza region began to supply camelina oil to Europe

Company Henry Lamotte Oils (Germany) plans to buy up to 3,000 tons per month of Penza camelina oil, a product in Europe Russia buys first, the ministry of agriculture of the Penza region on November 25. Already shipped the first trial batch of Penza — 600 tons.


Camelina — oil crops, crops in the region which in recent years has been actively revived. Cultivation of this unpretentious culture is characterized by low cost and high yield. The Germans are going to use camelina oil for biodiesel production, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, the food industry. Especially the German

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Near Tver laid the first stone of Hitachi Plant

The first stone of the plant by the Japanese firm Hitachi laid in the industrial park "Raslovo" in the Kalinin district of Tver region today, November 28, REGNUM correspondent was informed in the press service of the regional government.

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The ceremony was attended by Governor Andrew Shevelev, representatives of the company and the Japanese Embassy in the Russian Federation. In his speech at the dedication ceremony Andrei Shevelov noted that the Tver economic development of machine-building complex is a priority. The governor stressed that the region’s investment project of the Japanese company — it’s not only

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In the structure of exports of engineering goods in Russia is 37.4%


Ukrainian trade with the Russian Federation for the first quarter of 2011 totaled $ 12.2 billion, which is 73% more than the same period last year.

Ukrainian exports of goods to Russia in January-March 2011 reached $ 4.1 billion — a gain of 63% in the first quarter of 2010. Leading position in the structure of Ukrainian exports of goods production is the engineering industry — 37.4%, in? While the largest share of imports from the Russian Federation, Ukraine has energy — 76%.

Foreign direct investment in Ukraine from the Russian Federation for the first quarter

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Rostov NPP power units to the construction site number 3 arrived first steam generator

The first of four steam generators being built for the third unit of Rostov NPP delivered to the construction site. This oversized equipment weighing more than 300 tons, a length of 15 meters and a diameter of more than 4 meters were manufactured by JSC "Machine Building Plant" ZIO-Podolsk. "

Steam generators are among the most critical heat exchange equipment supplied by nuclear power plants. They are designed to transfer heat generated in the reactor core, the second circuit, which generates steam that feeds the turbine plant.

At the construction site began a new phase — delivery of

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‘Rostov’ won a direct competitor (video) The championship of Russia among the clubs first league took a few matches of the 25th round. FC "growth" at home took one of the closest pursuers — Yekaterinburg "Ural". Rostov won and extended their unbeaten streak to 24 matches. [Cut] The first account opened by the guests at the 10th minute scored Schanitsin. Rostov recouped in six minutes. After a pass Kulchiy accurate header struck Gitselov. After 10 minutes the Urals are themselves hit save. Interrupting the flank, Dubrovin sent the ball into the net. Finally, at 31 minutes, the captain Rostovites aspen failed powerful free kick. The

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Rostov beat Metallurg

[Img =] [img =] [b] " Metallurg-Kuzbass "-" growth "- 0:1. Goal: Akimov, 25 [/ b] [cut] Overcoming the route is long enough, "Rostov" arrived in Novokuznetsk on the eve of the match. Western Siberia has met wards Oleg Dolmatova warm weather, but on game day there was a heavy rain, which stopped almost true with the starting whistle Mikhail Semenov. Top match in Novokuznetsk preceded by a ceremony in memory of those killed in South Ossetia. The final chord of the event were released white doves into the sky symbolizing world peace. As part of "Rostov" debuted

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Rostov — Ural

[Img =] confidently beat his pursuer, "Rostov" more left all its competitors in the struggle for access to the Premier League. And, judging by the results of the game and, Rostov seek early return to the elite. [Cut] Yesterday Rostov fans are divided: some went to the Cup match between SKA and polurezervnym composition "Khimki", and others attended the meeting of leaders of the first division. Interest in the report match fueled newcomers "Rostov" — the best scorer of the first division last season Akimov, who joined a week ago from the "Siberia" and the captain of North Korea's

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The silence of Easter Island




 Easter Island, occupying 117 square meters. km. — One of the most secluded habitat: it is located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of over 3700 km. from the nearest continent (South America) and 2600 km from the nearest inhabited island (Pitcairn).

Generally in History of Easter Island many secrets. Its discoverer —

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Comet Elenin finally collapsed, said astronomer

September 26. The famous comet Elenin, which preachers imminent end of the world would be closely visit aliens, apparently, finally collapsed and did not fly to the point of closest approach to the Earth, told RIA Novosti on Monday, its discoverer — astronomer Leonid Elenin, Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh.

"The comet was supposed to appear in images space solar observatory SOHO, but it is not. Apparently, she fell apart. Perhaps some pieces that will continue to fly in the same orbit, we can see in October with ground-based telescopes, "- said Elenin.

"The comet will not cause

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U.S. sect. Reference

Currently, the United States has Several thousand various sects, the most famous of which are:

Scientology sect, Founded in 1950 by American writer? Lafayette Ron Hubbard, a science fiction publisher of the book "Dianetics, or the science of human happiness."

"Children of God" (A sect of "Family" or "Family of Love") was established in California (USA) in the wake of the hippie movement and first became famous for her supporters disrupted worship in the traditional Protestant denominations. The founder of this sect was David Berg (1919 — 1994 gg.).

Sect "Hare Krishna". It was founded in 1965, moved to

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