Protasov: very sad that we lost

Head coach of "Rostov" Oleg Protasov after the match of the 24th round of the Premier League with "Ruby", which ended with the score 1-2 in favor of the club from Kazan, said his team was able to take away points from the reigning champions Russia. "It is very sad that we lost. Kazan could get glasses. The second half was much better than the first, after we talked to the guys in the locker room. But these errors that led to two missed balls, prohibitive. For too long we were in the game, despite the fact that scored first,

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Protasov, growth there is still something to prove

Head coach of "Rostov" Oleg Protasov at a press conference on the match of the 17th round of the Russian Championship with "Saturn", commented the victory of his team 2-0. "Of course, we know about the success of the" Saturn "in the last rounds. Team of confident to score points, respectively, we are well prepared, having carefully studied the opponent's play. Pointed out that the game has changed in the Moscow Region team from the first round, and seek, whereby it is possible to win. The guys did a fine job with the task of typing is very important for

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Protasov began searching the golden mean

Short spring vacation "Rostov" has completed one of the first. However, initially the Rostov club and planned to do to begin preparing for the main part of the championship before everyone else, May 28, but then the date was pushed to four days.

— The guys got these days as a sort of prize after a successful match in Samara, — explained the head coach Oleg Protasov. — They asked for a little extended vacation, and we went to meet them. Preparation will not suffer: but we have reduced the number of days off in the middle of

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Skipping to the elite

[Img =] FC "Rostov" for five rounds before the end of the championship in the first football league secured place in the Premier League. Athletic performance, "Rostov" added the investment successes: how the "Y", the club successfully places the issue of shares for 700 million rubles., The results of which 25% will receive one share of Administration of Rostov region, 50% +1 share — holding "Estar" 25% -2 shares — LLC "RostovDonDevelopment." The next year, FC can spend another additional issue. [Cut] On Tuesday evening, FC "Rostov" has officially returned to the Premier League after a year's absence —

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Industry continues to grow

Industrial output in March remained on the path of slow growth rate of about 2.5% a year — is the conclusion that analysts HSE on the basis of the analysis of the release of several hundred range of industrial products in bulk.

At the same aggregate score of Rosstat, showing a decline in industrial production in March compared to February by 1.2%, not quite correct because of undercounting calendar factors (leap year February). Experts CMASF also record the continuing trend of slow growth industry in the first quarter — by 0.2% on average per month.

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In the Amur Bay mass death of fish


Beijing, June 15 (New Region, Daria Neklyudova) — In Peninsula De Vries in Vladivostok found the mass death of fish. Examination of samples of dead fish did not reveal the content of harmful substances, the representative of the Pacific Research Fisheries Centre.

"According to experts, Zamora was due to lack of oxygen in the water. This is not the first fish kills in the Amur Bay, which occurred because of this. This should be matched by several factors, first of all — the absence of currents and the presence of a great number of organic matter, because of what

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Lyme Vajkule: I envy yogis




— The only place where I really feel comfortable — my Riga apartment. I call my home, "dog", because that's where my three dogs, all is possible. They are everywhere shoved his nose, lying on couches and chairs, and no one ever they are not curbed. Although

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Cement production for the first 9 months increased by 9.8%


In the first nine months of this year, cement production totaled 8,015,000 tons, a 9.8% increase over the same period of 2010.

Cement is a basic material of modern construction.

Cement production in Ukraine in September 2011 increased by 4.8% compared to September 2010 — up to 1.154 million tons, while in August 2011, production growth was 11.6% compared to August 2010. This is stated in the official report of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.

Production Superjet in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Marina Lystseva, she fotografersha, in his blog, is divided chic photographs of assembly plants Superjet and impressions of what he saw.

50 pictures under the cut.

Sixth visit in Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant and KNAAZ happened, in less than five years after my last visit here, when the plant was still called KnAAPO. When just beginning production Superjet, I raided here every six months as tassovskogo photojournalist.

On inspection and survey of DSP (final assembly shop) we had only one day, which I was not enough. So I supplemented her story photo from

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Comet Elenin. Video


22.07.11.Za short time astronomer discovered two comets. And this despite the fact that, apparently, in the foreseeable part of the solar system, all openly. Now researchers are looking at the objects in the pictures and waiting. Soon one of the comet passes near the Earth.

Point of lines in the middle of the screen — a scientific discovery. Incredible. Because after 20 years of silence in the sky this is the second new comet in six months and because the second comet discovered this same scientist that first.

"The pictures of opening it to look like a very faint

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