Press conference

[B] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "Rostov»: [/ b] — It is a pity that the tradition nevyigryshey in "Loco" continues shame to lose points in the final seconds. In fairness we were playing with a very good team and missed a lot of attacks. Our team liked the episodes, especially in the first half. The second is too focused on keeping accounts at the expense of attacking moves. Instead of precision gears are kind of lost his head and went in removal of the ball. In principle, we moved right back in the second half — I said at

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The premiere of the domestic fan film on the game «Half-life 2

The first of the four series of fan proektavyshlana the Internet.

It is worth noting that the whole idea is for non-commercial nature and is done only because of the great love of the material.

What is this? This — the amateur fan film, which is set entirely in the universe of Half-Life 2, and more or less follows the same script thereof. All the action will be divided into days (read the series). Accordingly, the first day — arrival Freeman in City 17, a meeting with Barney, escape

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President of JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Andrew Kalinowski, We moved to the beat 10 days

The current 50th Air Show at Le Bourget was an important chapter in the history of the program of the new Russian regional jet Sukhoi Superjet 100. On the second day of the exhibition was held a handover ceremony of the first aircraft SSJ100 launch customer of the Western Hemisphere — Mexican airline Interjet. A day before, on June 17 signed an agreement on the principal terms of the transaction for the supply of 20 Russian aircraft leasing company "Ilyushin Finance.", Which is going to pass them on lease to airlines of Southeast Asia and

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Presentation of the newcomers, Rostov

Today in the press center of the FC "Rostov" was presented newcomers club. The journalists' questions answered Roman Adamov, Timofey Kalachev, Sorin Ghionea, Dejan Radic, as well as sporting director Alexander Shikunov and CEO Oleg Lopatin.

Of course, the first few questions of the journalists were addressed to the new "old" players "Rostov" Timothy Kalacheva and Roman Adamov. Interested in the most important question: what spirit and with what feelings guys come back to the club, which played a few years ago?

"To be honest, I am very pleased to return to the club. And

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Presented the latest Ka-62 (updated and expanded)

The highlight of the first day of the exhibition HeliRussia 2012 was the presentation of a new multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62. Deputy Prime Minister personally presented to the public this model, saying: "You can see how beautiful this car is -" swallow ". This helicopter is a completely different generation. It shows that we have big plans, not only in the field of military helicopters, but also civilians. "

Presentation of the Ka-62

According to the general director of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov new machine combines traditional features of Russian helicopters, it is reliable and easy to

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Representatives of the clubs of the First and Second Divisions implicated in betting on matches of their teams

Professional Football League to the President RFU Sergey Fursenko at its disposal materials showing the implementation of the rates in the bookmakers official participant of the competition in violation of the governing documents of the RFU and the PFL, the official website of the organization.

Betting on the results of matches, including the results of games involving their clubs do: Sports Director — Head of FC "Volgar-Gazprom" (Astrakhan) Boris Bashkin, the coaches of FC "Dynamo" (Barnaul) Sergei Supporters and Vadim Britkin and as footballer of FC "Pskov-747" (Pskov) Valery Alexeev.

PFL also appealed to the President requesting an RAF order

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Locust attacks Kalmykia. Video


1.07.11.Nastoyaschee disaster these days tolerate Kalmykia. Roam the steppe country giant swarms of locusts. And the drama is that no one is ready for it. So far, there is not voracious insects appear. In all 13 districts of Kalmykia since June 21, a regime of high readiness for an emergency. In 11 of them fix the excess population of grasshoppers, and six — a critical situation.

Locusts appeared where it did not expect. In the heart of Kalmykia never had it, says the head of the farm "Shatta" Ketchenerovsky district, one of the largest in the country for

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Tibet. Revelation of the dead spirits. Video


4.06.11.V late 90's in the Western media reported that a group of climbers from the U.S. rose for the first time on one of the mountains near Kailash, the sacred peaks of Tibet. After some time, the results of this expedition became a sensation …

In just two years after ascending thirties healthy athletes unexpectedly quickly began to grow old and soon died of various diseases …

Kailash presents a lot of mysteries: at the foot of the mountain on a physical and spiritual level of the people there are strange things, which at first hard to believe.

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In Primorye, stranding five-meter whale


Photo: May five-meter dead whale found on the shore of a small bay of the village recreation staff Anna in Primorye. About the incident told the director of the institution Omelyanchuk Hope. This was the first time in the history of Russia. Scientists wonder: where did the whale mutant, and why he jumped ashore.

As told Omelyanchuk, early morning recreation managers reached the sea, and saw that the water near the shore lies belly-up some great big fish. At first they thought it was a shark. Sometimes they swim here in the summer. However, the locals

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There are the first photos of promising Russian armored personnel

APC Boomerang

The first photos of prospective ROC "Boomerang" in anticipation of the exhibition RAE 2013. The project is a modular armored personnel carriers (APCs). Development of a modular armored "Boomerang" on the basis of the average wheel unified platform commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russian BTR-90 instead of mid-2011   The development is the Military-Industrial Company together with the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant.

On the basis of the new APC by replacing the module will create a SAM launcher, reconnaissance vehicle, ambulance, car anti-tank systems, infantry fighting vehicles in the wheel

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