Mechanized armor

British Mark I tank

In the UK,First draft

The answer to the question of how, by what means to break through the front, found in all the warring armies. One of the first to try to answer it the British Colonel Swinton, who was from the beginning of the war in France.

October 20, 1914 Swinton addressed to the War Office with a proposal to build an armored car on the tracks, using his South American tractor Holt. The private memo Swinton outlined the contours of the modern machines and have puzzles that it will be able

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The new building of the kindergarten number 33 on the 90 seats opened in Nakhodka

The queue at the preschool Finds reduced by 90 seats. So many kids took the new building of the municipal kindergarten number 33 on the street Senyavina, which was officially opened on the first day of October.

The new building has contained four groups of 90 kids between the ages of two and four years. Including the opening speech therapy group. Given this 33th day care center has become one of the largest in Nakhodka — it is now visited by 250 children.

Until the end of the year will be put first four groups

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A new set of wintering in Antarctica

On the Progress of the Russian polar station in Antarctica, completed construction of a new wintering complex. This is a residential unit with a sauna and gym, rooms for meteorologists and radio operators, a medical unit, equipped with no less modern regional hospital, and its own galley. Polar explorers say that a comfortable working environment for them has never been.

New complex for polar explorers — two buildings: metal frames, paneled sandwich panels. "Panels — made in Russia, — says Andrey Mirakin builder. — Inside — mineral wool, additional waterproofing of snow."

The first house

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The new plant of the company Interskol in the SEZ Alabuga the first production

The new plant of the company "Interskol" special economic zone "Alabuga" (Tatarstan) hosted the first batch of products — angle grinders USHM-230/2100M.

The assembly was held in the framework of testing a new assembly line and became one of the stages of preparation of a full-scale entry into operation of the new enterprise. Test run of the line was successful. As a result, released the first hundred large angle grinders.

new plant "Interskol" in the SEZ "Alabuga"

Following the withdrawal of the calculated power plant in the SEZ "Alabuga" will be the largest production site of JSC

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New Volzhanin SITIRITM

In 2006, a group of companies "Volgabas" introduced the first fully low-floor bus series "SITIRITM." The appearance of this machine has completely changed the market of passenger vehicles. "SITIRITM" has set new standards in design, ergonomics, comfort, safety and technical equipment.

For 6 years, was released more than 500 buses a length of 12 m and 15 machines operating in 14 regions of Russia earned the highest scores of passengers and operators. 4 times "SITIRITM" won the award "Best Domestic Bus of the Year".

In 2010, the year the designers Scientific Center «Volgabus» started the development of the next

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Delay menstruation and first pregnancy ultrasound — articles that are worth exploring every woman

Today, users can find hundreds of publications on a variety of topics. Is there articles designed for avid anglers, there are publications that are designed for real fashionistas have whole pieces of music for gamers who help to pass this or that game ….

And there are articles that are intended for a wider range of "network users" — for women. On two of these publications, we now discuss in more detail. However, before this, we note that both of these articles has read their consumers school development.

The first such article, in which we would like to

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Prince Svyatoslav — I go to you!

Svyatoslav (d. 972 g) — Prince of Novgorod, with 945 of Kiev. Son of Grand Prince Igor Rurikovich and Princess Olga (first of the Towns of rulers converted to Christianity), and tried to convert him, but before the end of Sviatoslav remained loyal to the faith of the Ancestors, explaining that a Christian would not enjoy credibility with the squads.

He was famous as a great general Svyatoslav, who NM Karamzin called "Alexander (the Great) of our ancient history."

"Going Svyatoslav 965-968 years are like a single saber stroke, draw a map of Europe on a wide semi-circle of

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New trams for Moscow

May 21 officially presented the new city tram — low-floor, modern, comfortable.

While in the city, arrived only the first batch of 33 cars of model 71-623-02 produced at the Ust-Katavsky wagon factory. In total there will be 67.


Even at first glance, these cars are different from the composition of rail rolling stock. And not even so much modern look and glazed windows throughout, but above all — the number of doors. If the "old" cars were three of them — next to the driver in the middle of the cabin

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New aircraft for the presidential squadron

October 27, 2011 from the airfield of the Kazan Aircraft Production Association. SP Gorbunov the first flight of a new aircraft up special purpose Tu-214SUS (RA-64522), built under the order of the Office of the President of Russia on the documentation of "Tupolev".


The new aircraft with a "special communication hub", the presence of which is reflected in the title of Tu-214SUS — the fifth ship in the order of UDP on six special boards on the basis of passenger Tu-214. And two days later, another new aircraft for the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" made its first

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New enterprises Russia: results of the first quarter

In the first quarter of this year, Russia opened 103 new production.

Opening of new production facilities in the country, as we know, does not occur evenly over the months and quarters, and the first quarter of the year in this plan is generally not the most successful than the last. However, the results of the monitoring show that the year has started well — in Russia over the last three months, one of which was essentially a "shortened", opened 103 new production.

Announced investments amounted to 199.2 billion rubles, there were over 6 million new jobs.


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