The newest submarine Severodvinsk first appeared in the sea


This is the first factory sea trials the lead ship of the project 885 "Ash". Their acceptance spends a team led by Valery Dobrowolski. The ship sailed under the command of Captain 1st Rank Sergey Mitiaeva, "- said in a statement on the website of Sevmash.

Submarine "Severodvinsk" is designed in a marine engineering bureau "Malachite" (St. Petersburg). The output of the ship's slipway workshop was held June 15, 2010 in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to the newspaper VIEW, July 29, Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that the Navy will receive up

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The new school opened in Barnaul

On the Day of Knowledge, wake up call in 1266 schools in the Altai Territory, sat down at their desks 244,000 children, among them — 25.3 thousands of first-graders. However, in this academic year, the first edge of the record belongs to a new school Barnaul school number 132. The fact that it parallels eight graders (198 children) — the first such figure in the Altai region.

This is not just a school, and a cultural and educational cluster: a 12 thousand square meters. meters apart from it — a kindergarten, a school of arts, swimming pool, playground

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The new school opened in the village of Siwa Perm region

A new school was built in Siwa due to regional and local budgets. The discovery of such a modern school in Siwa confirms that the regional authorities are banking on the development of this area. The new school will provide an opportunity to develop more active area, here attract good teachers on the job.

And it is a signal for the region to build more new schools to solve one of the most important issues — teaching children in one session — said in his opening Viktor Basargin.By the way, with the commissioning of the school

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Created a revolutionary plastic magnet




British researchers from the University of Durham (University of Durham) have created the world's first plastic magnet that "works" at room temperature.

To date the establishment of said plastic magnet at least ten groups of scientists, however, they have received or materials needed low temperatures, or

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The most crazy experiments ever carried out!

Science has given us countless modern wonders of laser beams, space travel to the super absorbent, soft as a feather toilet paper. But over the last few years is not a single scientist has gone the way of useful scientific inventions and took crazy, delusional research.

But no one in his madness did not go further than these people:

Wilhelm Reich studied the effects of sex on the weather

Psychoanalyst, who in the 1940s was really fixated on sexuality, Wilhelm Reich believed that the human libido has its own type of crazy energy shi kung fu. He called it

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A selection of videos UFO in 2013, August

The first week of August brought the fans of the unknown, and in particular UFO lot of interesting shots. So, meet: the first UFO video compilation in 2013, August.


New Industrialization

While the government throws many hundreds of billions of rubles to loud, but often unpromising projects, business quietly spends a third … the industrialization of the country. In his article "Forward, Russia" President Dm. Medvedev did not mention about the prospects of the industry. Therefore, it will be a big surprise that without the participation of state officials in enterprises is in full swing replacement of machines, technologies and equipment. If you do not change course, by 2020 Russia could become the first largest industrial center in Europe. Machine 100 billion Among the many "myths economy" is this one:

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From the history of the cucumber in Russia

Chief Lukhovitskii cucumber. Photo:

Cucumber — annual herb. Family — pumpkin, race — Cucumber. View — ordinary cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Immediate family: pumpkin, melon, squash, watermelon. In terms of botany, cucumber should treat … berries (fruit type is defined as a melon or false berry), but, nevertheless, with a culinary point of view cucumber usually perceived by us as a vegetable.

Cucumber is known as a vegetable for thousands of years. His birthplace — tropical and subtropical areas of India and China, where it still grows wild in the woods, throwing trees like vine.

It is

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The first first lady watch online

In the Russian Union of Raisa Gorbachev was the first wife of the President, which zabugornyh visits, trips around the country, constantly accompanied wife. On it there were a lot of rumors and gossip, it is not adored almost all country. She was not loved for what it is always was next to her husband, but Gorbachev simply could not live without the other — they always were combined. She criticized the fact that she dresses with the best designers in the world, and she was one dressmaker — a neighbor in the first apartment of Stavropol. It is

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Nikolayev sea trade port handled a record amount of goods

At the end of March 2012 the Nikolaev sea trading port processed 1 million 127 thousand tons of cargo. This is the highest monthly figure which the NCSP been able to achieve in the history of its existence. During the first month of spring this year Nikolaev sea port handled 98 ships and 12,648 wagons. Compared with March 2011 NCSP cargo turnover increased by 27%. — The success of the first months of the port in 2012 did not come by chance, as the entire staff of the company he worked as a team, attracting loads, as well as

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