Changes in the weather in Antarctica can harm the health of baby seals

Severe storms and high humidity in the Antarctic due to global climate change, may lead to death of baby seals in the first months of life, according to a paper published in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Changing weather conditions, which is forecast meteorologists expect in the coming decades coast of Antarctica and the islands will affect its thermoregulation seal pups and may increase mortality, the article says.

"If true climate models that predict changes in the weather in Antarctica for the next 10 years, baby seals, according to our estimates, will have less weight … perhaps unfavorable force

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Russia last in the ranking of countries developing clean technologies

Denmark topped, and Russia closed the first ranking of the "green" business innovation, which created the most favorable conditions for business development with the use of clean technologies, according to a survey report published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

"The ratings were 38 countries that were assessed on 15 criteria relating to the creation of start-ups, using clean technologies. Ranking first five countries — is Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Finland and the USA. Completing the list of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia," — the report said fund.

The study, which published the fund was first conducted an international consulting firm

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First plants triggered the ice ages

A new study shows how the appearance of the first plants 470 million years ago caused a series of ice ages

The study led by researchers from the Universities of Exeter and Oxford, and the results were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The purpose of the team was to understand and identify the impact that the first land plants had on the climate during the early history of the Ordovician 444 million years ago. During this period, the climate gradually cooled, eventually began a series of ice ages. It is global cooling was caused by a fast and

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Alternative energy for transport

Gasoline — certainly not the only possible materials suitable to set the vehicle in motion. Another question is that in the early twentieth century, the choice of gasoline as fuel for cars and others like them, was due to a number of unsolvable problems then. This is the large size and weight of the steam engine and the small power reserve, with, again, the large size and weight of the battery electric vehicle. But since then more than a hundred years, and, really, at the height of today's technological advances, we can not solve these problems?


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What is behind the word ancient

You can fill a number of books, based on the known texts and grimoires and put humanity into even more confusing than the original grimoires that carry a faint grain of truth, which is most likely and is not found and nurtured. Else is distracting and takes away from the grain to the side to zamorochit lazy mind — only wishes to receive. It makes no sense to comment on the scriptures, and it will be useful to remove the grain itself, and show it — to enable the emergence in the minds of people who are

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True Stories

Spring 42nd … …Sevastopol. Neighborhood. Early morning. Sunrise.

20 meters from the line of our trenches in neutral — two. She and her. Snipers. The first senior — brunette with the Kiev region. The second is 8 years old and younger blonde burning of Moscow.

They called each other and LyudOk LizOk.

In less than a month ago, the first husband died. Also sniper, by the way. Sitting, you know, hugged his wife, and then a shell … Her his wife — nothing but a peasant seven penetrating shrapnel and hand blown off.

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Invincible, Sergei Pavlovich.

Sergei Pavlovich Invincible was born September 13, 1921 in a working class family. In 1922, the family moved to Kursk province and settled in the village of Saint Nicholas Schigrovskogo County. In order to allow his two sons to receive secondary education in a few years, parents with children are moving into the city Shchigry.

In school, he showed exceptional ability in mathematics, understood the mechanics involved in modeling and in 14 years has designed glider with a steam turbine, which was sent to the exhibition in Moscow. In 1938, Sergei Pavlovich Schigrovskogo graduated from high

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The first channel. Gas crater Darwaz — Chelyabinsk meteorite crater

Successfully survived the arrival Nibiru, Earth still could not avoid falling space body. Chelyabinsk meteorite — The main news of the day. There just is not a fantasy navydumyvali craftsmen, on this occasion, but it's okay. Home STUPIDITY uchudil First National Channel of Russia, showing live footage of the Gas Crater in Turkmenistan, titled Darwaz, with the announcement that it is a meteorite crater Chelyabinsk .

The first channel Chelyabinsk meteorite — Gas crater Darwaz in Turkmenistan

For comparison

Gas crater Darvoz

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Akulova cooking — the strongest girl planet




12-year-old Varia Akulova in three exercises (bench press, snatch and jerk) lifts 350 pounds, and she weighs 40. In three years, she tore off the ground his first "hundred", received the first of four adult category. Cooking consists of granite will, transparent body and filament lived.


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The first ever music video, shot in space

The first ever music video shot in space was published on Youtube May 12, 2013. Currently he has more than 6 million views. It sounded song David Bowie «Space Oddity"Which performed the commander of the crew of the International Space Station Canadian Chris Hadfield. A landmark event in the world of the recording industry, and space travel. Who knows, maybe soon we will watch live streams of concerts extreme groups from enormous space rooms, or even stadiums


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