Murderous development 2010 — th

Security and safety are always moving mass science forward. The most original and incredible military innovations of the year make up the final score "Ytra."

Flying "Mace"

The long-awaited breakthrough of Russian military technologies — a strategic missile "Bulava" — in 2010, he successfully took off, twice in a row. Development of an intercontinental ballistic missile sea-P30 3M30 "Bulava-30" began in 1998. The missile can carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads individual guidance that can change the trajectory altitude and course. Has a low-altitude flight profile. Maximum range — 8 thousand km, inertial control system, throw-weight (payload) —

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Sky astronauts / 100 th anniversary of the Air Force is dedicated to

August 12, 1912-the year the War Department of the Russian Empire issued a decree on the establishment of the first aeronautic parts. More than 50 years of 100 military aircraft closely related to outer space. Of the best military fighter pilots was formed the first group of space explorers, code-named "Air Force number 1". Today, those who conquer the stellar spaces, are called — cosmonauts.

Not by bread alone

In my next column for publication in the Tribune of the Public Chamber, I used the publication comrades brat_po_razumu and reindjer

After two years in Russia, for the first time in its history, will host the Winter Olympics, and another four for the first time, will be the FIFA World Cup. Such an honor is not honored even the Soviet Union. Such competitions were held in the Soviet Union only once — in 1980, Moscow hosted the Summer Olympics.

But that's not the only big events planned for the near future. In 2013, Kazan will host the Universiade,

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For the first time on record in the Arctic ozone hole opened mega

In the first three months of 2011, the Arctic lost a record amount of ozone. This is reported in a paper published in the journal Nature, a summary of which leads New Scientist. It seems that every year over the Antarctic ozone hole is formed — an area where the ozone layer is much thinner than usual. This phenomenon is observed each spring since the mid 80's of the last century. However, the amount of ozone in the Arctic, though varying from year to year (the minimum thickness of the layer reached in 1996 and 2005), but never reached as

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New caves waiting to be explored




In late September 2004 in Sochi hosted the first group orgsobranie "Sochi-Kosmopoisk", which was attended by researchers from various areas of Greater Sochi, Tver and Moscow. The new group is created on the basis of pre-existing social organization, is the head (is) S.Chutskov. After the exchange of

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Experimenting with mice, Dr. younger for a dozen years




I waited Jiang Kanchzhena in the lobby, where he stayed span from Khabarovsk to Simferopol. Recognized him at once. Not only because of the specific appearance. But also because in the 15 years that we have not seen Kanchzhen almost unchanged. Well, older, of course. Five years

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Melting Arctic lemmings and invasion

Companions saw the least "hot spots" for the entire fire season in 2011, spoke of Roshydromet coming winter, environmentalists have presented a new version of the Russian regions and the draft program of salvation leopards, scientists re-evaluate the damage from the accident in the Gulf of Mexico and Norway lemmings flooded roads — these are the main news of the outgoing "green" week.

Flammable minimum

The number of satellites found in Russia "hot spots" — potential wildfires — on Tuesday dropped to 64, the minimum value for the entire fire-dangerous period of the year. In July and August in Russia

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Survey work started on the construction of the Smolensk NPP-2

August 14, 2013 was a milestone in the history of the Smolensk region: seven kilometers from Smolensk NPP, on a small area near the village Bahdanava Roslavlskoye district made the first step leading to the construction of the Smolensk NPP-2 — drilling of the first prospecting well.

In December 2012, the General Director of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko signed the order to start of construction of the second phase of the Smolensk nuclear power plant. A little more than six months is given a new count grand building — experts Desnogorsk design and survey branch

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Started the construction of a modern dialysis center in Tver

In Tver, launched the construction of the regional dialysis center. This will be the first in Russia specialized institution for the care of patients with renal insufficiency.

The first stage of creating a dialysis center has already been passed — defined place in the regional hospital, assembled construction documents.

The total investment in the construction and organization of the center with the regular update of its infrastructure will be about 200 million rubles. The center will create 60 jobs. It will hold up to 37,000 dialysis procedures god.Eto is a high-tech medical facility that is able to serve free

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The construction of the Yakutsk GRES-2

Holding "RAO Energy System of East" begins construction of the 1st stage of a new station in Yakutia — Yakutsk GRES-2. Its electric power — up to 180 MW and heat capacity — up to 460 Gcal / h It is assumed that the first phase of the station will be introduced in 2015. The station is located outside the city, which has a positive impact on the ecology of Yakutsk.

The cost of construction of the first stage of YAGRES-2 will amount to 11.7 billion rubles. Half of this sum will finance energy holding their own expense. Other means

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