TUYMAZINSKY concrete pumps — a new solution

2010 — "Tuimazy hauler" concluded the business relationship with the German company «Waitzinger Baumaschinen GmbH» in the production of concrete pumps. In November 2010, produced the first concrete pump with technological equipment of «Waitzinger» with high supply of concrete 42 meters, capacity of 140 m³ / h The first concrete pump «TZA-WAITZINGER» acquired the construction company Tyumen.

 Photo source:kamaz.ru

Process Equipment Concrete «WAITZINGER» as adapted for use in the Russian conditions and is mounted on the Russian car KAMAZ chassis.

Lineup updated series includes concrete pumps with boom length 37, 42, 47 meters. Expansion of the

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Three of the Kirov region reached the 8000th milk production

In three plempredprijatija region: SEC "Lekminsky" Sloboda District, SEC "Red Flag" and the PP "October" Kumenskogo district — received the highest milk yield. It is more than 8,000 pounds of milk per cow. This significant result achieved in the history of the Kirov region for the first time, according to the regional Department of Agriculture and Food.

 Photo source:professionali.ru

How VYATKA.RU said General Director of "October" Alexander Roslyakov, one of the keys to success — good work with the food supply. For example, the diet of cows feed not only their own production, but also bagasse and molasses.

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Three news from JSC Saturn — Gas Turbines

The results of the first half: Plan on volume of sales made on the 110.8%, thus the same period last year was exceeded by 76.6%.

The production volume compared to the first half of 2012 increased by 41.8%, the production plan first half of 2013 executed by 120.4%.

The gas turbine unit GTA 6RM

Shipment of gas pumping units GTN-16 for Bovanenkovskoye GCM

JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" started pumping units shipped GTN-16 unit capacity of 16 MW. The equipment is intended for the organization of production of natural gas in one of

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Tercentenary watch factory accepts Bitcoin!

July 11, 2013. Russian historic Watch Factory "Rocket", founded by Peter I in 1721, was the first watch factory in the world that takes the virtual currency Bitcoin! 

Now in their online storewww.raketa-shop.com You can purchase these Russian mechanical watches for virtual money, they will be delivered in a few days.

"Accept Bitcoin is very easy — the director of the plant, Jacques von Polje — We just need to declare that the site accepts Bitcoin. It is as simple as taking the cash. It is amazing that we are the first in the

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Third PAK FA first took to the air

On Tuesday, the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the first flight of the third prototype of the fifth generation aviation complex (PAK FA), told the newspaper VIEW, the press service of the company "Sukhoi".

 Photo source:vz.ru

The plane was piloted by distinguished test pilot of the Russian Federation Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan. Fighter held in the air just over an hour and landed on the runway of the factory airfield. The flight was successful, in full accordance with the flight plan. During the flight test was conducted stability of the aircraft, the evaluation of the propulsion systems. The aircraft performed well

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The coach and captain of growth — the best in the first division

Head coach of "growth" Oleg Dolmatov and captain Michael Osinov Southerners named the best coach and the best player of the season in the first division clubs in the poll of the Professional Football League (PFL), the official site of the Russian Football Union (RFU). Michael Osinov [img = http://img.beta.rian.ru/images/15607/43/156074341.jpg] Michael aspen is also recognized as the best midfielder of the season. The best game in the rest of the lines are named goalkeeper of "growth" Roman Gerus, a defender of the Krasnodar "Kuban" Roman Lengyel and forward "growth" Dmitri Akimov (the first part of the season striker spent in

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TransMashHolding increased sales by 30%

Total sales of ZAO "Transmashholding" and its member companies made in January — September 2011, 74 billion — a 30% increase over the same period in 2010 (57.2 billion).

 Photo source:tmholding.ru

Especially noticeable increase in sales of hopper cars by 19% (from 1592 until 1884 units), diesel locomotives by 72% (from 64 to 110 sections), diesel generators by 29% (from 275 to 354 pieces).

The largest consumer products holding company in 2011 remained rail operator — JSC "Russian Railways". Supplies were also carried out on the internal commercial market (hopper cars, locomotives, diesel engines, traction machines, accessories)

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One day political prisoner Vladimir Lysko

Vladimir Lysko — Surveyor with over 30 years of experience. The specificity of the geodesic that 9 months of the year — continuous trip, so called field season. During the first years of work as a surveyor Lysko actually walk walked almost all of Lithuania and Latvia. And then I saw how piitetam with their "small homelands" are Balts, as for some reason disparage their own pages thoroughly soaked Russian ideology Belarusians. And as if that was ever to be independent Belarus. At first meetings were strolling whole "expedition"

Vladimir flattened "Freedom"

The fact that not all is hopeless, Vladimir

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Take-off point: the legendary space launch



The word "Baikonur" can be translated from Kazakh as "rich valley". This man-made oasis, who grew up in the middle of the desert, was the cradle of world space. Hence, we have launched the first ever satellite, launched Gagarin here, what to say — most of the significant events of the space age (sorry, the moon did not have time!) Associated with this place. Stillthirdall the world starts from the Baikonur. Now launch site, located on the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia rents for $ 115 million a year. Sometimes

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Celebrated 90 years of the First World War

In Baranovichi district on the 228-kilometer route Brest — Moscow was now a memorial stone in honor of those killed in the First World War. Has also been shown to fight reconstruction yes bratannem reconciliation at the end. November 12 Academy begin International Conference dedicated to the events of the First World War, reports "Interfax"In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy th English hereditary prince Charles laid wreaths at the memorial in the town of Verdun, where in 1916 for 11 months killed 300 thousand people. At a ceremony in London assumed the role of the last three veterans of the First

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