LAES-2 has a new cooling tower

At Pine Forest under construction in Leningrad Oblast Leningrad NPP-2 completed the construction of the second tower of the first power.  150-meter-long hollow reinforced concrete structures is part of the cooling unit, providing reliable and safe operation of the nuclear power plant.

In the cooling tower process water is cooled by the air emitted vapor is not harmful to the environment.

The first and second power units of NPP-2 are constructed in accordance with the schedule. In 2012, work was carried out at 101%. During the construction of the first unit was utilized 13.5

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The great mystic is not dead!




All that can be said about Carlos Castaneda Vladimir VESENSKY

Figure.: Photo library "BM"

Carlos Castaneda can be easily counted among the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. Reliably known about him only that he — the author of ten best-selling books and founder of Cleargreen, which

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Laboratory doctor Klyachin

Laboratory "doctor" Klyachin — Russian developer of High-End acoustics.

Alexander "doctor" Klyachin — radio and broadcasting engineering. Holds patents in the field of electro-acoustics, successful projects tube amplifiers and speakers. Developer of consumer and professional audio equipment, one of the organizers of the first exhibition "Russian High End". The first in Russia created applicable to conventional audio systems, transformerless tube amplifier. From 1995 to 1998 — Expert magazine "Salon AV".

Zaporozhtsev Constantine, owner of ZKI. Audio components, designed by Alexander's Happiness, produced by the company ZKI.

ZKI firm takes orders for the production of

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CHL: Moscow Dynamo — winner of the Gagarin Cup! Ice Hockey

As it happened:

"Dynamo" won "Tractor" in the sixth match of the final series of the Gagarin Cup and the second time in a row was the holder of the trophy.

After winning the "Dynamo" fifth match finals, "tractor" seized the initiative in the series. Chelyabinsk was still nowhere to retreat, but now the opposition has moved on home ice for the team. In addition, FHR Valery Nichushkinu still allowed to continue to fight for the Gagarin Cup, which was also a plus, both for composition and for the atmosphere in the team.

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Kitchen for astronauts

During the flight, "The Union" — "Apollo" commander Alexei Leonov Soviet ship joke — for tubes with juice vodka label stuck.

Biruliovsky pilot plant RAAS "lives" in the village of Izmailovo Leninsky district, Moscow region. Here, in the "Zeche space food", food designed more for Yuri Gagarin

Daria TOKAREVA — 12.04.2011

Once the paste in a tube When people talk about food astronauts, I immediately an association with a tube of toothpaste. It seems to be of such a package feed on orbit? — In tubes produce only toothpaste! — Somewhat resentfully explained director

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Students in Boris Gleb were trained for the first time on the Yak-130

Young pilots Borisoglebskaya aviation training base for the first time passed the training and successfully passed the examination for flight training on advanced combat training aircraft Yak-130, told reporters on Thursday, head of the press service of the Western Military District (WEST), Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.

"The first in the Russian squadron cadets pilots Borisoglebskaya aviation training base, are trained on the latest combat training aircraft Yak-130 has successfully passed the final exam for flight training. Examinations in navigation and piloting technique passed the 15 young pilots," — said Kochetkov.

Mastery of future aces assessed by

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Resort Golden Ring

Construction of the first phase began in May 2010 and will end in the first quarter of 2012. The resort will be fully commissioned in 2017.

Resort "Golden Ring" — Infrastructure is a tourist complex international tourists by 3000, the territory of which will create all conditions for comfortable rest, recreation, sports, business events. The resort is located near the town of Pereslavl, in the heart of the tourist route "Golden Ring": 130 km from Moscow, 120 km from Yaroslavl and 100 km from Vladimir.

Photo report for the construction of "Resort" Golden Ring "

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U.S. discovered the smallest exoplanet




Employees of the University of Pennsylvania and the California Institute of Technology, Volzhan Alex (Alex Wolszczan) and Maciej Konatski (Maciej Konacki) announced the discovery of the most minuscule of all the known planets outside our solar system. It is located near the same star, near which Volzhan

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Who and how is shooting a film in Odessa

In Odessa five young filmmakers a chance to shoot short films for state funds. They made a bet on love, the problems of the elderly and veterans

Back in November launched the selection of scenarios for the short feature films in the competition "Debutantes", which holds Odessa Film Studio. The project is designed to find new kinoidey. A desire to prove himself in the film industry have expressed five hundred directors and screenwriters. There were so many requests that planned for the end of the fall summing even had to be postponed. "We were pleasantly surprised

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From the stamping of hooves …

It is believed that every little girl dreams of a pony for her birthday. This is far from the truth, and if to be honest, such a gift would not mind and boy. Horses — friends of people since ancient times, in this sense, with only dogs can compete. How we managed to tame these amazing animals? The role they played in the development of civilization? First things first.


Not so easy to imagine that the ancestors of horses — Hyracotherium — do not exceed the size of today's Bulldogs. Stumbling in herds, they slowly walked through the

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