USA: the smallest planet found outside the solar system




Astronomers from Pennsylvania (Penn State) and California (Caltech) universities have found the smallest planet outside our solar system, according to SpaceRef. Celestial body that is five times lighter than Pluto, orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257 +12, remote from the sun by 1.5 thousand light-years.

Planet "calculated", the

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Greetings from France: World War I, the memories of Americans watch online

From 1917 to 1919 year 2 million young Yankees came to fight on the fronts of Europe — the army, which is rapidly forgotten. We wish to honor this 20-year-old soldiers who crossed the ocean. (Coming from the movie) Suggested for you movie will explore the case between the United States and France during and after the First World War (1914-1920). It offers tours to places of France, where the South American troops were stationed, and which have been restored with the help of the U.S. for the period from 1919 and 1932 (Boulogne, Bordeaux, Paris, Nancy …) Despite

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Nine Signs Hopi

May 8, 2012 7:17

In the summer of 1958, driving through the desert of Arizona (Southwest USA), Pastor David Jung took his car to the aging of the Hopi Indians. On the road, at first silent old man talk. Jung wrote his story, the literary process, and soon among American pastors began to walk on the mimeographed text propagated Indian gloomy prophecies. According to the pastor, the Indian told him about the upcoming trial of our civilization.

I — White Feather, Hopi Indian of a long line of Bear. In my long life I have traveled to this country in

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Mystery three prophecies of Fatima




February 13 nun died, predicted the Second World War and the assassination attempt on Pope

May 13, 1917 near the town of Fatima in Portugal girl Lucia was the Virgin Mary. Total number of such meetings was six — from May to October, and every time they

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Crosses 2


The largest prison in Europe.

In addition to the historical name of the institution will leave its famous form. Insulator only will change its size — will grow as much as eight times! The final move is scheduled for 2011.


1 Camera detention center Two buildings to 1792 people in each. Architectural repeat previous Crosses, not only in 4, and in as many as 8 floors. According to the architects, Crosses-2 will be the first experience of building a detention center height. Each of the radial camera units will accommodate

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Beauty Belozerja

I envy those who have yet to experience the thrill of the first meeting with BELOZEROV. It is impossible not to love this kind of north side, this holy land, this lake — the endless and majestic. 

Belozerye will forever remain in my heart, one of the brightest memories that will help in the difficult moments of life, giving strength and faith, reminded of our roots, our history, our ancestors, for us, decorating and arrange our land.

Real sea. How does it pick you? I've seen it different — the mirror-smooth, reflecting the blue

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Krasnoyarsk shipbuilders launched the barge-platform

At Krasnoyarsk shipyard launched the new self-propelled vessel — it was twenty-sixth in the overall fleet renewal program of the Yenisei Shipping Company. This year is the first ship that disappeared from the shipyard slipway.


"PD-3004" — the fourth barge project in 1960, which has the largest capacity of 3,000 tons. The vessel was built by order of "Yenisei River Shipping" and is intended for the carriage of cargoes of open storage (wood, coal, mineral construction materials), as well as vehicles, equipment, containers. Recall, the first ship of this project was built in 2011.

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Krasnodar Russian volleyball team brought the first European Cup in 15 years

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Michael Mokrushin

Krasnodar women's volleyball club team "Dinamo" beat Italian "Piacenza" and won the European Challenge Cup, bringing the Russian club's first European title in 15 years. 

Having won on March 20 in the first match in Piacenza (3-2) lost to the Russian club house with a score of 1-3 (22:25,25:22,23:25,24:26). The winner was defined in the "gold" set, which "Dynamo" won with a score of 15:8.

Initially, the team turns to score points, not giving each other off more than one goal. The turning point came closer to the

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Krasnodar in anticipation of a foreign coach

[Img =] In Krasnodar, which occurred on the eve of the second course of the season resignation of the coaching staff, waiting for a successor Sergei Pavlov. But even without a nominal head coach led to lose points in the match against CSKA Rostov Krasnodar does not have any moral right. Otherwise the gap between the second and third place may become too large. [Cut] "Kuban" — SKA Krasnodar club to play in the Rostov prepares acting head coach Poghos Galustjan. Sent a resignation of Sergei Pavlov waiting in Yaroslavl. According to the "Boxing", it is likely that in

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TWO NEW Chinese aircraft carrier created on the basis «Ulyanovsk»

February 25 Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post said that China wants to build two new aircraft carriers — one with ordinary power plant, the other with nuclear. Article located on our portal First ship to be built at a shipyard in Dalian (company CSIC), the second-Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai Changxing (company SPGO). Western media believe that the first index is Project 001A (tail number of the ship 18) is greater than the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» (b / n 16, on the basis of completed housing Ukrainian ship «Varyag») in size and displacement 5%, and

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