KGOK shipped the first batch of pellets in Hungary

Of Evraz KGOK sent the first trial batch of vanadium-containing pellets in the order of 15,000 tonnes to the metallurgical plant JSC "ISD DUNAFERR» («ISD Dunaferr Zrt») in Hungary. In April, the Hungarian steel workshops will be made tentative melting. In the case of the successful application of pellets in the metallurgical process, perhaps long-term contracts of two companies.

Pellets are shipped fully comply with the requirements of the customer. The iron content in the product exceeds 60%, the high strength and uniformity is the key to high quality cast iron melt. Kachkanar pellets were tested in the

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A monument to the first Russian judoist

September 9, 2012 in sports "Olympian" (Vladivostok) was inaugurated bust Oshchepkovo Basil — the founder of the first school of judo in Russia and the founder of the Soviet school of martial art of sambo.

A bust was timed for the 120th anniversary of the birth of the athlete. Oshchepkov Vladimirov is the founder of the Soviet school of judo. He was also one of the founders of the Soviet system of control "self-defense without weapons" (Sambo). Oshchepkov born in 1892 on about. Sakhalin. From 1911 he studied at the Academy of Judo "Kodokan", which at that time was headed

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Kata-Ivanovo Plant (Chelyabinsk region). Released the first ATV


Assembly of new vehicles launched in the instrument-making factory. Steel ATV all day stood at the factory gates, attracting everyone's attention, reports the newspaper "Vanguard".

The idea of opening a new production came from the General Director of "K-IPZ" Sagdetdinova Dinara, who is an avid hunter. New items to the buyer will be offered four types of ATVs and ATVs. They have gasoline engines, from 500 cubic meters to 1 liter. The maximum permitted speed — 65 km / h, although physically technique can be accelerated to 110-120 km / h

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CAPTAINS TO PUT CSKA, Zenith and Vagner Love

At the start of the XVIII Championship Russian journalists "SE" on the already long tradition of ten questions were asked by the captains of the Premier League.


[B] 1. What you pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised in the 1st round? [/ B]

Sergei Semak, the captain of the "Rubin":

— Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the natural fields, which were opening match. It turns out that you can prepare the lawn of the necessary quality, even in our weather conditions. Unpleasant discovery — the weather in Kazan on the day of our game. We played in the day when

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Channel RT won his first billion on YouTube

RT confirmed the status of the largest provider of news content on the video sharing internationally, becoming the world's first news television channel, which crossed the mark of 1 billion views on YouTube.


"This is a terrific achievement, — the vice-president of Google's content Robert Kinsley — we are very proud and very happy that RT came to such a figure. Billion page views — this is an important milestone to which many aspire. Establish rapport with the audience and motivate viewers so that they come back to you again and again, and

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Stone-cutting art — cultural richness of the country

The fact that the lost and forgotten!

The art of stone-cutting is one of the oldest material manifestations of culture. Rock Paintings of the first tools, the first tomb, the first wonders of the world — all came through stone processing. Decorative display of stone and called the stone-cutting business, and the creation of unique beauty and complexity of decorative products made of stone — stone-cutting art.


The history of stone carving art of Russia has a long history. In the burials (10-13 cc.) Slavic nobility are necklaces and earrings of carnelian and rock crystal, also

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The Kaliningrad region ranked first in Russia in terms of growth in egg production

Operational meeting in the regional government on Friday, December 7, head Kaliningradstat Galina Churikova reported on the results of socio-economic development for the period from January to September 2012. According to her, the growth rate of agriculture production Kaliningrad region ranked first in the North-West and seventh in Russia. "We are entering the 11 regions of the Russian Federation, which showed the index of industrial production", — underlined Churikova.

She noted that in the rate of egg production region came in first place in the Northwestern Federal District, as well as in Russia. As the pace of livestock production

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"In the coming months it will become clear whether we will sustain that pace that score. We will play against teams from the bottom half of the table — "Anji", "Alan", "Siberia." They have to take my glasses. At the beginning of the season our task was to take tenth place. However, if we find ourselves in the end it will, of course, a pity. I think we need to fight for the third place, "- the words mentor" Rostov "Oleg Protasov said a few days before the match against Makhachkala. From which we can conclude that the team


Famous social projects

A short time since then, when the whole world is literally drawn into the many social projects. Major social websites — communication between users, information dissemination, exchange of images, pictures and video. The data projects are put on yourself as much information. The development of these social networking sites took place very rapidly. At first there was one, then another. Many companies have decided to keep up and also created their projects, which can now be seen on the Internet. Because of the severe competition afloat only a few, the following are the most popular.

The first

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As Russia surprised the world

(Photo by Sergei Ptichkin / WG)

In Abu Dhabi ended11th International Salon of weapons and military equipment IDEX-2013. He confirmed: our weapons are still in the price. But the true cost of his first demonstrated here in Abu Dhabi in February 1993.

That year, entered the national history as a rather vague. Public attention was focused on the domestic political crisis, so much of what was happening outside the country unnoticed. Meanwhile, twenty years ago had been two interesting developments directly related to military technology and military forces.

The United States suffered

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