TVZ has completed production of the first batch of 15 double-deck coaches

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has completed production of the first batch of 15 double-deck passenger cars designed for JSC "Federal Passenger Company"


The contract for the supply of double-decker cars was signed in December 2010. Under the contract, until the end of 2013 TIZ put 50 double-deck passenger cars of various models.

The first double-decker train with cars will be launched in August this year from Moscow to Adler. Will be replaced by the current two-story train cars number 103/104.

Seating capacity of a two-story

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Tver Carriage Works sent a composition of 22 cars for the Kazakhstan Railways

Customer under this contract acted as joint-stock company "Passenger Railcar Leasing Company" by the purchasing cars for the national railway company "Kazakhstan Temir Joly".

In a sent a 12-compartment (model 61-4440.02), 8 second-class (model 61-4447.01) and 2 staff car (model 61-4445.01). All cars are sent to the new lineup and manufactured using the latest achievements of car building. Specificity new lineup is that cars stand made of stainless steel, thereby increasing their service life to 40 years. In addition, the design allows new cars based on the underlying platform to create any variations and modifications of passenger cars,

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TANECO mastered the production of new products

A total of 12 July 2013 processed 3,794,521 tons of oil. From 1 July this year, refining depth was more than 74 percent, the selection of light oil — more than 49 percent.

on the water-block hydrocracking unit began testing


On the complex of refineries and petrochemical plants "TANECO" a meeting of the personnel on the results of the first half of 2013.

It is noted that the performance tests conducted on the production capacity of 115 percent of the project. The production capacity, which today runs of "TANECO", is 114.7 percent of the

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USA choose Russian engines

Samara enterprise "Kuznetsov" signed a preliminary contract for the supply of U.S. 50 NK-33 engines developed for the Soviet lunar program.

As Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the company, an option agreement for the supply of up to 50 engines in 2020 concluded with the American corporation "Orbital Sciences» (Orbital Sciences), produces satellites and launch vehicles, and the company "Aerojet" (Aerojet) , which is one of the largest U.S. manufacturer of rocket engines.

"This is a preliminary agreement as an option agreement includes the right but not the obligation to the buyer to

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Belarusian filgarmonii — 70 years

Evening at the Belarusian State filgarmonii a gala concert, which began Municipal Academic Symphony Orchestra. Andrew produced product Mdivani "Polotsk letters" People’s Artist of Belarus dyrygavav Misha Koziniec.In filgarmonii many recognizable companies. Suffice it to recall the name of Academic Choir Screens, Academic Folk Orchestra named Zhinovich ensemble of soloists "Classic Vanguard" and folk music "saints." But Belarusian filgarmoniya, said experts at a lack of funds still have the ability to invite zabugornyh stars.Bureaucrats now handed diplomas artist. And there was music in the lobby. There I met a recognizable people. Composer Dmitry Smolski said:"My destiny, my creativity — all

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Superelite without viruses

Innovative technology to grow virus-free seed potato is embedded in the Company "hothouse"

There have been several studies of test potatoes grown in the gardens of the Omsk region, and came to a sad conclusion: almost one hundred percent of the infected three especially dangerous for this crop viruses — X, Y and S. Also potatoes sick for such a formidable cultural disease such as spindle tuber viroid (SWCC). Unfortunately, called viruses circulate as active in the industrial potato. Perhaps only a few percent of infected tubers less. Meanwhile replaced varieties are not guarantees high yields, are

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Supervinchester of magnetic filaments

Russian scientists have developed a model of a magnetic hard disk on one square inch of which can store up to 50 terabytes of information. It is based on magnetic nanowires. On this development, readers 'of PRAVDA.Ru' says Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science, Moscow State Academy of Sciences, professor Yuri D. Tretyakov.


I guess I do not need to prove to you that the value of the computer without a hard drive is highly questionable. What's the use to produce complex calculations, then if there is no place to store the data! Therefore, from

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Su-35s flew from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Ahtubinsk

The prototype model of a new multi-purpose fighter Su-35s, built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association of the company "Sukhoi" under a contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia arrived in the State Flight Test Center at the Ministry of Defense Akhtubinsk.

The flight from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Ahtubinsk completed test pilot Colonel Alexei Pestrikov glycerol. In Akhtubinsk first copy of the Su-35s will soon begin to fly on the program state joint tests.

The contract for the development and delivery of 48 Russian Air Force Su-35s in 2015 was signed between the company "Sukhoi" and

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Students IFMO won programmers from Google, Facebook and the VKontakte

Students of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) Gennady Karatkevich and Eugene Kapun beat the developers of Google, Facebook and the "VKontakte" in the final of the Open Championship for sports programming, "Google Code", taking first and second place respectively, reports

Intrigue of the competition was a clash between the programmer and the experienced sports staff of the Moscow office of Google Mitrichev Peter, who took fourth place in the end, and freshman Korotkevich, who earlier this year won the prestigious World Cup Programming ACM ICPC in the

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Construction of the first start of the Omsk metro area

Fully deployed to work at the facilities of the first start of the first line of the Omsk area underground. Among them — the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing, combined with 4 outputs from the station "Biblioteca. AS Pushkin ", preparing for the start of tunnel boring complex Lovat, removal and utility systems on the stretch of" Crystal "-" Nina ".

Crosswalk at the intersection of Red Road — Frunze, combined with the outputs of the Metro to be operational in 2011.

In June, with the plant site "Crystal" in the direction of "Zarechnoj"

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