By historical events center is preparing SELKUPS

In the north-east of the West Siberian Plain Big River Basin is located one of the most remarkable parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug — Krasnoselkupsky. The uniqueness of Krasnoselkupsky district that is one of the few places in the Tyumen North, which is not affected by the process of oil and gas development and preserve the pristine nature and traditional way of life of the indigenous population. Area due to its remoteness has always been set aside, but times are changing. Area on the verge of great change, building a new airport in the area will

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The Day of the Builder in St. Petersburg opened and built several large projects

At the beginning of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak discovered a unique set of flood protection barrier on the Gulf of Finland.

And it's 116 km ring road, 25 kilometers dams, 7 bridges, a tunnel under the navigable channel (also open on Friday) — the latest in a full ring road around St. Petersburg.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko were present at launch the first phase of the South-West Power Station.

Well acquainted with the Construction of the neighborhood for the

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Latvia will soon be joining the euro

Latvian authorities reported that in 2014 adopt the euro. Document of this content today signed President Andris Berzins.

I must say that, after the country's official start walking the single European currency, now operating in the country currency — lats, will be valid for only two weeks. And thus, the surrender will always be given in euros only. An official of the euro in the country will begin the first of January 2014. A Latvian ATMs will issue the first of January only euros.

However, the authorities in order to get people used to the euro in six months

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Results of six months from the MAL

JSC "Tuimazy hauler" subsidiary "KAMAZ" in Bashkiria, summed up the first half.

For the 6 months of 2012, the company has shipped products to customers and partners to 534.6 million, up 11.2% compared with the first half of 2011. Concrete truck produced and sold for 22% more than same period last year. The highest sales growth showed concrete pump ABN-37 series TZA-WAITZINGER.

Customarily a good performance in terms of sales showed trucks. The issue and sale of this equipment increased by 46% compared with the same period in 2011.

A significant contribution to the overall

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Results of the second day of the Universiade in Kazan to Russia

During the second day of competition of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan has been played 27 sets of medals. In our football team Russia has 17 medals.


The first medal for Russia took the four rowers without coxswain, who won the bronze medal (VIDEO), Well, the first gold for the country mined silver medalist of the Olympic Games in London Evgeny Kuznetsov, who became the best in the pole three-meter springboard (VIDEO).

We should also mention belt wrestling, where our athletes won five medals in different weight categories, three of which —

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UFOs: The visitors of eternity

Who were our ancestors? On this question, it seemed, had long been an exhaustive answer. Response, involving gradual — of cut stone to the rocket, from generation to generation — people from developing ideas about the world, the gradual accumulation of knowledge.

Rooted in our view of the past ancestor Neolithic always presented in the form hairy detinushki that with the club at the ready, and scratching uhaya pursues the terrified and fleeing mammoth. It seemed that all his zhizneustremlenie reduced only to the prosaic food on their families.

But with the development of archeology, paleontology and other

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Test pilot Marina Popovich saw UFO

It has become known as the most famous woman in the world-pilot test new types of aircraft, the world record holder. She knows the circumstances of the preparation of the first cosmonauts. She participated in the search for Bigfoot and examines the many years of contacts with aliens. She was awarded the title "Outstanding Woman of the twentieth century …"

"God is, I'm telling you"

Originally Marina Popovich of Smolensk. There, in the Smolensk land, at the time of the war only in the battles for Rzhev killed millions of our soldiers and officers. Nine hundred thousand people were

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History UAZovskoy gull

It is hard to imagine a modern car without the presence (availability) at its most visible place (hood, grille, front panels, etc.), trademarks, acronyms, logos. Each of these elements contains a wealth of information, it is quite understandable to the consumer. This facilitates the identification of the goods, their origin, ie producer, stimulates the acquisition, symbolizes quality and provides information about the appointment.

A trademark can be a graphic, and sculptural volume, letter, full of the word — the name of the manufacturer, or combinations of these elements. Until the mid 50-ies of XX century, many of the cars

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Tests built in Zelenodol’sk frigate Dagestan

The network has the first photo of passing tests on the Black Sea patrol ship (frigate) "Dagestan".


The ship was designed by JSC «Zelenodolsk Design Bureau" and founded on "Zelenodolsk Plant. Gorky "in 1988. The frigate was launched on April 1, 2011, and September 13 began to shift inland sea routes to the venue of the test — in Novorossiysk, where he arrived on September 25. Earlier media reported that the guard-testing should begin on October 1.


"Dagestan" (serial number — 952) — the second ship of Project 11661K. The first "Tatarstan"

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Tests of the new rocket Soyuz began in Samara

Testing a new light rocket "Soyuz 2-1B" began in Samara, first start the machine and began flight tests are planned for 2012.

Establish a rocket engine, which developed the legendary designer Nikolai Kuznetsov to fly to the moon 40 years ago. The upgraded engine will launch the latest Russian missile easy class. "Modern spacecraft are becoming smarter and smaller satellites and launch heavy missiles are unprofitable. Here in handy easy "Union". The first start and the start of flight testing — as early as next year. "He has to withstand everything, all the load. The sensors must show

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