Dejan Radic: The first half was very poor

Goalkeeper "Rostov" in an interview to the press service of the club spoke about the match against "Terek".

— Comment on the game, Dejan?

— You have all seen. Grozny wanted to get a real holiday, and they were able to score quickly, it's great that in the second half we looked much stronger and could have won. But the first half was very poor.

— Fans constantly chanted "Radic, Radic." Heard their support?

— Yes, despite the fact that the stadium was very loud and could be heard in the main fans

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Kindergarten was opened in the village of Pioneer (Kemerovo region).

Today, on the eve of the 95th anniversary of Kemerovo, in the village of Pioneer deputy governor E.A.Pahomova opened the second extra kindergarten building number 10 "Fairy Tale" with 100 seats. "Fairy Tale" was built in 1931, immediately after the opening of the mine "Pioneers." First kindergarten was housed in two wooden buildings, and in 1953, was built two-storey building in which the first building of a kindergarten for 150 places located so far.

In 2005 the first building was virtually rebuilt again, and today opened its second meeting the highest modern standards. In general, the construction

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The Arctic has entered a new era

What will the future? (Image steveguyer.)

The Arctic has entered a new era. Water and air warmer, less sea ice, land, more greens.

That is the main idea of the next annual "Arctic Consolidated Report" by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The first thing that catches the eye — it is still reduced the area of summer sea ice. This season, she was second last in 32 years of satellite observations. Antirecord continues to hold in 2007. Experts stress that the new Arctic longer periods of open water should be considered the norm. In addition, the

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Children’s Railway was longer

July 12, 2011. Small October Railway yesterday was longer than 10 kilometers. For the first time in Russian children's railway has received the second branch — at the other end of town.

For the first time specifically for the children's railway has been designed and built a new locomotive TU-10. Alice Magluy was the first of a new locomotive engineer, who was named "Hummingbird" The project to build the children's railway appeared in Leningrad Pioneer Palace before the war, but to build a track from Ozerkov to the Old Village was only by 1948. Small October

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Experiments to create a time machine

"What a way to change the time chosen for the building? No chemical reactions or the handwheel or gravitational vortices do not offer great prospects for all these processes impact on time is very limited. Moreover, it is impossible for the data management process calls into question their use in advanced vehicles.

Working on the theory proposed by the author of these lines, while, due to a physical phenomenon in certain conditions when all the familiar electromagnetic forces. It follows that with such a force can be influenced by time: made on the basis of

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Ten reasons to buy foreign cars instead of Lada Granta

Ten reasons to buy foreign cars instead of Lada Granta

The team, like most of his readers, could not be suspected of sympathizing with the domestic auto industry. However, our task — to be as objective as possible. And in the pursuit of the ideal we are under threat of torture forced one of the employees to explain why you need to buy a potential bestseller Russian car — Lada Granta. And that's what came out of it.

The first reason: low price

Of course, the main reason for buying Lada Granta — affordable price.

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Troopers have experienced the high-precision missiles Kitolov-2

MOSCOW, March 22 — RIA Novosti. Artillery units of the Airborne Troops (VDV) on the Luga proving ground in Leningrad Region conducted the first firing with a new high-precision projectile "Kitolov-2," according to reporters on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry.

"Firing conducted a battery of self-propelled artillery guns upgraded 2S9" Nona "from the artillery regiments of Ivanovo and Tula Airborne Airborne connections," — said the agency. Exercises with the use of new weapons were still on March 20, on Wednesday, but the message they received on Friday.

The exercise proved to be highly effective

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Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

Eighty years ago, June 1, 1933, was formed Northern Flotilla. This day is now celebrated as the Day of the Russian Northern Fleet.

June 1 marks the Day of the Northern Fleet — the youngest of the Russian fleet. It was established by order of the Navy commander of the Russian Federation from July 15, 1996 "On the introduction of annual holidays and professional days in the specialty."

 On this day, June 1, 1933, was formed with the Northern Flotilla homebase in Murmansk — Kola Bay.   The first attempt to create a naval fleet

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Birthday SP The Queen noted in his homeland in Zhitomir

14.01.2013. January 12 in Zhitomir, the home of the chief designer of rocket and space technology Sergei Korolev, hosted the celebrations dedicated to the 106th anniversary of his birth. Activities began in the morning in the square named after Queen by laying flowers at the monument to the chief designer. At the same time attended by heads of regions and cities, the representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Zhytomyr Military Institute. SP The Queen, of this museum to them. SP Queen, honored guests from Kiev, Chernovtsy, Moscow.

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Birthday letter E

The princess, clever and beautiful Catherine Dashkova November 29 (November 18, Old Style) 1783 at a meeting of the newly created Russian Academy of Sciences asked its members how to write the word "tree." Gabriel Derzhavin Dmitry Fonvisin, Jacob Knyazhnin and even the Metropolitan Gabriel decided that the princess was joking, but the one writing it uttered the word "іolka", asked: "Is it right to represent one sound with two letters?". Noting that "these reprimands have already been introduced by custom, which, when it is not contrary to common sense, must follow every way," Dashkova suggested using a new letter

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