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Established the first Russian equipment for videoconferencing

The developer of software solutions for video conferencing TrueConf created for her as the first Russian equipment. Competitors say about the shortcomings of solutions, but the motion to supplement on equipment called correct.

Russian manufacturer of video conferencing systems (VCS) TrueConf (until recently "VideoPort"), engaged in software solutions, has expanded its line of equipment. Now, in addition to video conferencing software server can be the vendor for 95 thousand rubles. Buy a set of equipment TrueConf Terminal, consisting of a hardware codec, a 9-inch touch-panel, 22-inch LCD monitor, HD-camera and speakerphone with noise reduction. The quality of the

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Modern insulins are produced in Kaluga

In Kaluga at the site of the industrial park "Grabtsevo" the Danish company "Novo Nordisk" started construction of a pharmaceutical company for production of modern insulins.

Capacity of the plant is designed to ensure high-quality health care needs of Russians, patients with diabetes mellitus. In the first phase will be launched line of packing cartridges and injection pens. The total investment in the project is 100 million U.S. dollars. The enterprise will employ more than 240 people.

The new plant will be the seventh production of "Novo Nordisk" in the world and the first in Russia. Its commissioning is planned

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Modern Russian pharmaceutical production of insulin in the Novoural’sk (Sverdlovsk region).

Insulin-dependent diabetes — a disease that requires lifelong treatment. The presence or absence of insulin in the truest sense of the word depends on the patient's life. Diabetes is officially recognized non-infectious epidemic and according to the WHO's position on the spread of the third after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In the world there are 200 million people with diabetes, accounting for 6% of the adult population of the world. More than 2.7 million of them live in our country. During much of their lives depend on what is produced within these walls.

The plant "Medsintez" works in

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Joint exercises Combat Commonwealth-2013 started

The exercise involved Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The training will last until September 12. 

The first stage of joint exercises of the CIS United Air Defense System "Combat Commonwealth-2013" has begun, said Wednesday a representative of the press service and information to the troops Aerospace Defense Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

"The first day teaching in high alert was given about 20 military units of the armed forces of the countries — members of the Commonwealth of Independent States," — said in a statement.


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Nibiru — arrival? The first real observations are expected in June 2013 Images taken from a height of 6250 feet.


Mini System Black Sun in amazing dance star.

This video shows the first Black Star and several of her companions, some images have been obtained by our team of partners in South America. QuotEcliptic line shown in the block is not accurate in terms of scale and shows the current objects in their orientation relative to the plane of the ecliptic. Its purpose — to show you why this is difficult for many to watch. Most celestial objects below this line are out of our sight, but some variations of the Earth led to the rare observations

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Renunciation of the Pope, the fire from the sky and the mystery of life


People throughout the long history vegda believed in omens, signs and wonders. And is it really so ignorant and superstitious were our ancestors? Is it in our modern intellect and the denial of all senior and inexplicable, not utter a secret, "God, help me …" do not observe certain rituals in life? So where does this inner fear, why look with hope to the sky? What's in a cold and distant universe that we expect?

By itself, the word — the "sign" — a very succinct and covers the whole of human experience

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Made the first successful run trains KVSZ

July 20 high-speed two-system inter-regional train Krukovka Carriages at the station Novomoskovsk Dnieper railway made its first successful run at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. All systems are functioning normally. The train was tested on the course, braking, operation of auxiliary systems.

Within a month, the specialists of PJSC "KVSZ" Companies «Knorr-Bremse», «STEMMANN» (Germany), «MEDCOM» (Poland), "Hartron Express" (Kharkov), "MDS" (Dnepropetrovsk), and others carried out adjusting and testing of sophisticated equipment under the contact wire with a voltage of 3000 volts DC, and experts of the Ukrainian Research Institute of railcar (Kremenchug) stationary phases was carried out

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Assembled in Russia Italian AW139 helicopter made its first flight

JSC "HeliVert", a joint venture of "Helicopters of Russia" and the Italian company AgustaWestland, reported that the helicopter AW139, assembled in Russia, made its first flight. 18 December 2012 in accordance with the program of ground test aircraft underwent a so-called roll-out of the first AW139 assembled in Russia, tail number 60001 for ground testing.

(C) Photo of Russian Helicopters

The next day, December 19, at 16:30 Moscow time on test program board 60001 continued rise of the first helicopter in the air. Within 37 minutes of flight, the new AW139

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Americans went from cannibals

American scientists have presented evidence that the first English settlers in America in winter 1609-1610gg. practiced cannibalism. Mention of this previously met in the written sources, but the scientific evidence was obtained for the first time, reports BBC BBC.

Researchers at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, analyzed the remains of 14-year-old girl, discovered last year during excavations on the site of Fort James (later Jamestown) in the state of Virginia, founded in 1607g. settlers from England. Age remains found is about 400 years old. On the skull and tibia showed signs of shock and nicks. "There

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Mysteries of Easter Island



Today Road to Easter Island takes five o'clock flight from Chile to a distance of more than three and a half thousand kilometers. Hard to believe that in the first millennium AD this island was inhabited by a group of people targeted by swimming in the sea a little less distance — presumably more than three thousand kilometers from Islands Mangareva (Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia today). Estimates arrival date Easter Island scientists vary from 300 to 1000 AD. The

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