Sigma-TC is working on the production of new aircraft Sigma-5

OOO "Sigma-TS" plans to complete the production of two aircraft "Sigma-5" in August and September 2011, said "AviaPort" Chief Designer Sergei Ignatiev enterprise.

According to him, "Sigma-TS" launched four aircraft in production "Sigma-5." The third and fourth aircraft to be manufactured at the end of the year in an extensively modified configuration for other purposes.

The second and third aircraft will have a non-retractable main landing gear, and the front desk will be cleaned, as it provides a towing aircraft. In the first instance on the main set of retractable landing gear fairings are large enough,

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Siberians are turning to the production of the first Russian to extreme thermal conditions

Uncooled FPA

Specialists of the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) name Rzhanova SB RAS for the first time in Russia will produce thermal infrared photodetectors, allowing to see the different objects in complex environments, the end of the first batch of devices will go to the customer — the state corporation "Rosatom", told RIA Novosti the head of the department Victor Institute Ovsyuk.

Uncooled matrix photodetectors that are created in the Institute, allow up to five kilometers in the infrared in the spectrum of thermal radiation to consider objects in the dark, fog and smoke. They can be used

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Serial freighter Il-76MF made its first flight

The first production of military transport aircraft Il-76MF 30 September 2010 first took to the air, RIA Novosti reported. Flight of the transporter was held at the airport of Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov. The plane stayed in the air 38 minutes running test pilot Nikolai Kuimova. Development of IL-76MF was conducted from the beginning of the 1990s. The first flight of the prototype aircraft made in August 1995. Transportnik created on the basis of IL-76, developed in the early 1970s and is the most popular heavy military transport aircraft in the world. With the start of

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Production aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 makes first flight

The first production Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft intended for the Armenian "Armavia" made its first flight.

During the flight, which lasted 3:00, the crew performed functional test equipment and aircraft engine. Now there are 17 series production aircraft of this brand.

2022: On Mars forever


In January 2016 the Earth will come off the spacecraft with the details of the first on board the Mars base. And in 2022 aboard the same ship set foot first immigrants, ready to leave their home planet forever.

Hitherto little-known company from the Netherlands Mars One calls on citizens to vote for the conquest of Mars. If successful Dutch entrepreneurs promise in 2016 to lay the first stone of the future colony on Mars, and in 2023 to settle in her first emigrants.

It is a question of emigration, for the return

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Villagers saw the sky Newbie secret signs


Victor Gaidukov lives in the village of shiny new (Pavlovsky District, Voronezh Oblast). At the beginning of the sixth morning he was awakened by his wife Galina, who read the book and pointed to the window. On another dark sky above the forest, a large glowing object clavate had joined with him a bright arc, like a rainbow.

From the outside it looked like a giant lantern. He still hung to the south-west of the house Gaidukova. Grabbing digital home "bar of soap" couple time to make a single frame of the window. But too weak for

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Sevmash will build a Mistral

The second two helicopter carriers "Mistral" will be built at Sevmash. The construction of the first two ships of this type for the Russian Navy will soon begin in France. The third and fourth helicopter of the "Mistral", most likely, will be built at Sevmash in Severodvinsk, told Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, according to RIA Novosti.

"The French will determine where it is easier and faster to prepare the production. Most likely, it will be on the "Sevmash" — said the head of the Russian Defense Ministry in the interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", to be

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Northern Watch. IL-114. There’s nowhere to put it.

Initially, the requirements for IL-114 had a number of features that distinguish them from those that were presented to his foreign counterparts. First of all, the Il-114 is to be operated with a relatively small airfields with either concrete or dirt runway, which greatly expands the geography of its use in different regions of the country.

For operation in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the IL-114 must ensure that transportation is 1500 kg payload on a practical range of 4800 km. These parameters were allowed to establish on the basis of aircraft modifications such as patrol, reconnaissance ocean

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Made in Ukraine: an excursion to the factory for the production of Aura HD media player

Frankly, having received an invitation to visit a factory for the production of the media players, located in Odessa, I was surprised and a little skeptical at first set — somehow I could not believe that in our country there can be such a production, it was difficult to overcome the belief that all such devices sold under the domestic brands are actually made in China, and all that they have a Ukrainian — the name and packaging. In general, he had to go and see with your own eyes.

  Invited to visit the company "Digital Skrinz"

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Made in Russia-3: Construction

Modernization is good, but unfortunately, many of the production was so destroyed the Democrats in the 90's, which is quite impossible to recover them. But not only because of their physical destruction, but also because the production chain were destroyed, and the state itself was divided into independent territory, changed market, market capacity, Russia suddenly found itself in a silent isolation, former friends in the socialist camp, while we enthusiastically demolishing their country shifted to the west.

Many people think that Build a factory and all, here's the jobs, here's production. But this is not so, without any plant

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