SAN ready to print clean energy

"Innovative company SAN" is preparing to introduce the world community its new development — printing technology solar cells

The new technology, which will be presented at the end of 2011 at a major international exhibitions, is able to make a real revolution in the energy sector. New Technology "SUN" will allow, on the one hand, to improve the quality of solar panels, making the application of the working layer accurately metered and controlled — "print." On the other hand, by the use of printing technology will be considerably reduced cost of the solar battery. In addition, chemists "SUN"

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Their mission — Earth

…I sat in the car, looking in the direction of the radiator sunrise, and suddenly saw the crest of the hill because of the rising red-orange clot. At first I even thought it was a fire. And only when the dome came, I realized what it was. The heart was ready to jump out of my chest. Later I could see this huge disc hovering over the hill. I was trembling with excitement and to shoot better, put his hands on the steering wheel and took a picture of the

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The Tu-214ON made its first flight

The Tu-214ON (Open Sky) on Wednesday made its first flight, said the Kazan Aircraft Production Association. Gorbunov (CAPO).

Tu-214ON designed for inspection flights within the Open Skies Treaty. The aircraft is equipped for aerial devices and allows air to get acquainted with the military infrastructure of other countries and to track changes in order to maintain peace.

The first test flight pilots made Zhukovsky flight test and development base station JSC "Tupolev". The liner was in the air 1:00 22 minutes.

Production of the Tu-214ON conducted by CAPO on order of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega. "This modification

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Russian cargo plane airline made its first cross-polar flight

Russian cargo plane made AirBridgeCargo Airlines on Tuesday the first cross-polar flight with a stopover in Krasnoyarsk — His flight took place on the route Chicago-Krasnoyarsk-Shanghai, said the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the region.


Special flight to the Siberian city delivered 175 head of breeding animals. After the border, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection conducted by the airport management Rosselkhoznadzor, the animals were sent to the farm, located in the territory of Uzhurskogo district.

"AirBridgCargo regularly carries freight through the airport Emelyanovo, but flying in a cross-polar routes with delivery of this type of goods into

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Il-76MD-90A began to factory test

The perspective of the military transport aircraft Il-476 (Il-76MD-90A) 18 March 2013 embarked on a program of flight tests of the factory first flight of the program was held in Zhukovsky near Moscow. During the test on March 18 freighter was in the air for an hour and 55 minutes and performed a flight at an altitude of two to ten thousand feet.


During the first flight under the production test was performed testing the strength characteristics of the Il-476, automatic control systems, navigation systems and complex "glass" cockpit. According to the commander transporter

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AN-124: History, Present and Prospects

Start of operation of turboprop military transport aircraft An-22 in 1965 marked a new phase in the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States in the Cold War. This heavy military transport aircraft capable of lifting loads of up to 88.45 tons, forced the United States to redouble their efforts, which led to the emergence of the jet Lockheed C-5A Galaxy. The new military transport plane has significantly increased the possibility of the U.S. in strategic transport than in comparison with his adversary, the Soviet Union and the situation could not be ignored. July 21, 1966

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Bubble high tech toys

While rukopozhatnye journalists condemn domestic commodity economies, the global leaders of the industry of high-tech consumer goods reported on the progress made in the 2011 results.

Result Nokia, as expected, proved unprofitable in the first quarter of the year. Losses amounted to 1.34 billion euros. Sales dropped sharply, to 7.35 billion euros. Nokia last week warned of lower results.

Nokia predicts that the second quarter of the year will be unprofitable. In the last quarter of 2011, Nokia has been in the red at 954 million euros.

Damages caused in the first place, poor sales of mobile phones.

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Northwestern Tihoookeansky storm left the first victim

Northwestern Tihoookeansky storm left the first victims of natural disasters

Captured the north-west coast of the U.S. The storm continues to harm residents of Washington and Oregon, where after heavy rains flooded many roads and highways, streets in towns. More than 20,000 coastal residents are forced to remain without electricity for several hours after the storm winds.

This time, Seattle got a hefty portion of 25 mm of rain in just 6 hours, local meteorologists have called "unusual" for this time of year, and in the evening Sensors International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma showed that rainfall reached 541 mm. This

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MSU’s was the best in Europe

The most famous university of the country continues to lead in the Internet space: the site of Moscow State University. University took first place in the category of online missions of universities in Central and Eastern Europe in the international ranking of Webometrics.


According to data for the first half of 2013, MSU's a combination of factors such as the activity and abundance of external links, citation, etc. was the leader in all the Eastern European territories and among the nearly 3 million study of educational institutions. Second place went to the Charles University

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Since the autumn of 2013 the dates of the championship of Russia will increase

RFS Executive Committee today approved a new format of the structure of football competitions in Russia, reports Alexey Fomin. The shift to "Autumn Spring" will take place in three phases, starting in 2011.

First step: Spring 2011 — Fall 2011 — Spring 2012 (in the same time frame)

Second stage: Fall 2012 — Spring 2013 (in the same time frame)

Stage Three: Fall 2013 — Spring 2014 (with an increase in terms of)

Chempionat-2011/2012 in the Premier League will be held in three rounds. In the third round will have two groups of 8 teams: the first one

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