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Katyusha against Vanya: 70 years of the Soviet miracle weapons

On Thursday, July 14, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the legendary fighting vehicle rocket launchers BM-13, better known under the name of "Katyusha" first shots which rocked in fierce fighting July 14, 1941 near the town of Orsha (Vitebsk region., Belarus). Two sudden firing stroke of the new plants fired by the enemy incredible, overwhelming any desire to resist the effect. According to some historians, it is "Katyusha" played a crucial role in several battles of the Great Patriotic War and the Soviet Union in the final victory over Nazi Germany.

The first battery

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Opened in Kaluga plant tanks for cars

July 6. This is the first Russian company to a Chinese company YAPP — OOO "YAPP Rus automotive systems" — the manufacturer of fuel tanks for vehicles. The plant opened in the suburbs of Kaluga, the industrial park "Grabtsevo." In the first step here would be to produce up to 250 thousand tanks and benzoprovodov 400 thousand a year, but when starting the second phase capacity will increase by one third.

Kaluga production of "YAPP" — the first in Russia, but the work started before the official opening. In total, the plant will employ 130 people.

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The first summer Russian Arctic

After several years of preparation, a unique National Park "Russian Arctic" finally starts working. The first task — cleansing the territory of the former dirt.

Today in Russia some 40 national parks, but the most amazing of them — the National Park "Russian Arctic", which was established by order of the Russian government and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin specifically for the protection of Victoria Island, the northern part of Novaya Zemlya and the State Natural Reserve " Franz Josef Land. "

Park "Russian Arctic" was created to preserve the unique nature of the Arctic in that region are

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Children’s Railway was longer

July 12, 2011. Small October Railway yesterday was longer than 10 kilometers. For the first time in Russian children’s railway has received the second branch — at the other end of town.

For the first time specifically for the children’s railway has been designed and built a new locomotive TU-10. Alice Magluy was the first of a new locomotive engineer, who was named "Hummingbird" The project to build the children’s railway appeared in Leningrad Pioneer Palace before the war, but to build a track from Ozerkov to the Old Village was only by 1948. Small October

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Rapid-firing gun and other new items for the navy

In the northern capital opened the International Maritime Defense Show. What was exposed? Russia retains the title of one of the leading maritime nations. Proof of this thesis was opened in St. Petersburg International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2011 — a unique composition of exhibitors exhibition showcasing the latest advances in the development of freeboard, submarines and maritime weapon systems.

— Our naval equipment ranks second in terms of exports after the aircraft, — the "Izvestia", the first deputy head of the Federal Service for Control of military-technical cooperation, Alexander Fomin. — In some areas, we considered some of

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Sigma-TC is working on the production of new aircraft Sigma-5

OOO "Sigma-TS" plans to complete the production of two aircraft "Sigma-5" in August and September 2011, said "AviaPort" Chief Designer Sergei Ignatiev enterprise.

According to him, "Sigma-TS" launched four aircraft in production "Sigma-5." The third and fourth aircraft to be manufactured at the end of the year in an extensively modified configuration for other purposes.

The second and third aircraft will have a non-retractable main landing gear, and the front desk will be cleaned, as it provides a towing aircraft. In the first instance on the main set of retractable landing gear fairings are large enough,

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Omsk Metro: a new stage of construction

The first train of the Omsk Metro will be launched November 7, 2015 — this statement was made governor of the Omsk region Leonid lie on the launching ceremony of the complex tunnel boring Lovat, held last Friday at the construction site of the station "Crystal".

By the end of 2012 TPK Lovat «pass" a mile to the station "Nina." You will then be deployed, and pave the 673 meters of the left side of the tunnels in the "Crystal" to the ventilation chamber where will dock with the previously constructed 888-meter tunnel.

Besides the construction of

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In Vladivostok, was an international rock festival «Zabriskie Point Fest»

International music festival Zabriskie Point Fest was first held in Vladivostok. It officially opened a new concert venue, a five-thousand people and having a sound set of power more than 200 kW and lighting equipment capacity of about 250 kW, — "shop number 9." Vladivostok is the first concert hall, which can be invited world stars, with its discovery of the city and its concert industry is waiting for a brand new chapter in cultural life.

The festival were musicians from Australia and the U.S., as well as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, and the headliners —

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At PPM Kama launched a new plant for the production of BCTMP

June 27 was the first mass produced in a new plant bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP). This mass will be the basis for the production of Russia’s first light-weight coated paper.

new shop BCTMP

automated control panel BCTMP

Getting the weight of the new production Krasnokamsk (Perm region) means that the technology company and the company InvestLesProm managed to develop a high-quality semi-finished product on the basis of birch (BCTMP traditionally used for this spruce and pine).

Start workshop took place without complications. Today reached larger part of the mass of the targets: white, freeness, strength properties.

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[Img =] CEO Don top team in an exclusive interview with "Soviet Sport" talked about his first impressions of working in the new position. The conversation was about the past, present and future. [B] «GOAL FOR ME AWARDED watermelons» [/ b] — Oleg, you’re certain a child playing soccer, and a student addicted to the number one sport? — Of course. In my opinion, football attracts 99.9 percent of boys. I spent my childhood in the Ukraine, so the competition has seen a lot of the union of all sizes. As a student of the Institute played for the

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