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In Tyumen, built a new clinic



In July the clinic number 13 in the district of "Tour" will receive its first visitors. A day care can receive up to 700 residents.

In cheterehetazhnom building has everything needed to provide high-quality and modern health care — children and adult department, a modern laboratory, surgical unit, first aid cabinets, women’s counseling, day care for 9 hospital beds. There are ramps and lifts for people with disabilities. Next to the building there is parking clinics.

District Tour — One of the fastest growing areas of the regional capital. For six

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In St. Petersburg, installed the first innovative lantern

The site was published in the spring announcement of new lanterns in St. Petersburg.

The first lamp is mounted in St. Petersburg on the eve of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Designers will soon promise to illuminate their entire city.

Post new world arises. While this is a flashlight with a prefix VIP. During an economic forum he will illuminate the yard governor’s residence. However, as experts say, all the elite sooner or later becomes massive. "It is costly, if you just compare the stationary pole with cable and this one. Simply install, then our more expensive, but if

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Dolmatov: now important points scored

[Img] [/ img] The second round of FC "Rostov" Oleg Dolmatova begins as a leader and main contender for first place in the entire championship. At the Don of the club behind unbeaten run of 21 matches in the first round, and the head coach of the club desire to prove that his coaching capacity, he implemented yet far from complete. By tradition, a break in the championship team Dolmatova held in Novogorske where the coach himself, as a player of the Moscow "Dynamo" spent a lot of years. [Cut] [b] — "growth" — the leader of the championship

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Permians Podkosov SUCCESS understudy

[Img =] The situation was "Amkar" curious tradition that if the youth of the wins in the main the next day will surely have problems. This custom has been operating for almost flawlessly sixth season — as much as Permian appear in the Premier League. The teams have changed the players, coaches and objectives, and usually worked at an alarming rate. And when on Friday renewed amkarovskaya junior easily dealt with peers from the shores of the Don, it was feared: whether wards Dimitar Dimitrov in his debut match for the Bulgarians to please the fans a victory? And,

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AvtoVAZ produced the first car with a built-GLONASS equipment

"We started production of cars," Lada Kalina "with a cleanly installed system GLONASS / GPS. In May, began production car "Lada Priora" with the same equipment, "- said vice-president of" AvtoVAZ "Eugene Shmeliov opened in Moscow at the International Forum on Satellite Navigation," Interfax ".

He said that the first batch of cars with built-in GLONASS / GPS were sent to the dealers "AvtoVAZ" for testing. "The next series went into commercial network," — said a top manager of the company.

According Shmelev, the management of "AvtoVAZ" hopes that the production of vehicles with standard

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Crosses 2


The largest prison in Europe.

In addition to the historical name of the institution will leave its famous form. Insulator only will change its size — will grow as much as eight times! The final move is scheduled for 2011.


1 Camera detention center Two buildings to 1792 people in each. Architectural repeat previous Crosses, not only in 4, and in as many as 8 floors. According to the architects, Crosses-2 will be the first experience of building a detention center height. Each of the radial camera units will accommodate

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India put another batch MiG-29K/KUB

In the photo MiG-29KUB Indian Air Force

Of "MiG" in May of this year, the Indian Navy has put another batch of naval MiG-29K/KUB at 5 machines, the press service of the company.

According to the press release, "the customer is also given a comprehensive simulator with motion system and technical equipment."

According TSAMTO, MO India has signed a contract worth about 740 million dollars to supply 16 MiG-29K/KUB in January 2004 as part of an agreement to transfer and modernization of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov". The contract provided for the purchase of exercise

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Locomotive: Introducing opponent: FC Rostov

His second match Lokomotiv hold on the road — in Rostov-on-Don. The match promises to be very interesting — and then the relationship interesting statistics, and coach in Rostov is no stranger to us, and the first matches of the teams did not respond fully to the question what will be the team this season. [Cut] [b] Coach [/ b] Oleg Dolmatov works with Rostov and a half years — from July 2007. As we remember, and Oleg was our head coach, taking the place after the dismissal of muslin. Particularly successful is difficult to name the time — but

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The Tu-214ON made its first flight

The Tu-214ON (Open Sky) on Wednesday made its first flight, said the Kazan Aircraft Production Association. Gorbunov (CAPO).

Tu-214ON designed for inspection flights within the Open Skies Treaty. The aircraft is equipped for aerial devices and allows air to get acquainted with the military infrastructure of other countries and to track changes in order to maintain peace.

The first test flight pilots made Zhukovsky flight test and development base station JSC "Tupolev". The liner was in the air 1:00 22 minutes.

Production of the Tu-214ON conducted by CAPO on order of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega. "This modification of

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King Furs in the world is only one

Irina Krutikova

All of you must have seen a pattern of a product

some things you can count 10 or even 20 items cut.

FUR COAT — warm dream of most women. Demonstration of status and envy friends

And yet, as it is expensive and prestigious nebilo, for the most part it looks like fur, expensive bag, which was lost in the figure. And I want to ask — why zhivotinku killed?

The work of the eminent designer of fur differs from these products as Faberge eggs

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