First Australian-Assembled Tiger ARH Delivered

EUROCOPTER TIGER Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) A38-005 (ARH05), the first locally-assembled example for the Australian Army, was formally handed over in a ceremony at the Australian Aerospace facility in Brisbane on July 18, some seven weeks ahead of schedule. Of the 22 Tiger ARHs destined for service with the Australian Army, the first four (A38-001 to A38-004) were built in France, two of which (A38-001 and A38-002) were handed over at the Army Aviation Centre in Oakey. Queensland, on December IS, 2004. The other two French-built ARHs, A38-003 and A38-004, were airfreighted into Australia on May 30 and are now

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Farnborough 96

RUNNING FROM Monday September 2 to Sunday September 8, with trade-only days Monday to Friday and public days on Saturday/Sunday, the 1996 Society of British Aerospace Contractors’ show at Farnborough has been considerably improved since the last event in 1994.

The old familiar blue and white striped halls and chalets, built by the same contractor to the same style since the show moved to Farnborough in 1948, have finally been replaced by light, bright and modern clear-span structures. The weekend public days have also been enhanced to attract more families to the show, resulting in the introduction of in-flight simulators,

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First Upgraded Italian tornado on show

HAVING ONLY just delivered the first two upgraded Italian Air Force (AMI) Tornado IDS aircraft in the week before Famborough, Alenia Aeronautica displayed its first Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) aircraft, MM7063, at the show. Under a 35 million Euro contract signed in July 2002, a total of 18 AMI Tornado IDS aircraft will be upgraded, under a two-phase programme.

Work in the first phase will include a modernised avionics suite with new integrated navigation systems (laser inertial navigation system and embedded GPS). The upgrade will also include installation of two Marconi Selenia Communications digital V/UHF


Family FIRST

This modest home to a single mom and her brood of five was finally stripped of clutter to reveal a clean, promising space

AT FIRST GLANCE, it was a makeover entry letter like many others. Lariza Tangalin is a single mother of five brilliant kids—all of them scholars, four girls who are into the performing arts and the youngest, a boy, who is into fencing. ”It was my dream to have my own house.”

“Ramble” indeed is the best way to describe it, because the 30-sqm townhouse was bursting at the seams with the family’s many possessions accumulated over the

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Some people persist in doing extremely unsuitable for their business. Actor

Clint Eastwood, raising his left eyebrow, expresses a fierce threat and outright craving for violence, while also an actor Tom Hanks with a gun behalf of Hunter S. Thompson, a knife, a gun and unshaven bully nicknamed «Bubba» behind the family generates a light smile.

Meanwhile, Clint vengeance plays a good cop with a transplanted heart, and Tom at the same time lived on the roles cold-blooded killers from Chicago 30’s …

When a major Canadian visits originators and publisher of strategy games of the fantasy genre in 2002 by Brian Christmas undertakes historicized nonstoichiometric project with a bias

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Photography Monthly newcomer, and pro photographer, Tom Wilkinson takes a first look at Canon’s new semi-pro EOS 70D

In the lifecycle of DSLR releases, three years is a fair stretch. Due in late August 2013, with the 60D having been released in summer 2010, should we therefore expect this new model to come with a complete overhaul of features, or just a few upgrades here and there in the spirit of natural camera evolution?

First impressions from the spec list show a number of advances since the 60D, firstly a 20.2MP APS-C sensor and new image processor (the DIGIC 5+)


Evolution of the breed

When the P-51 first took to the air, no one could know that it would have such far-reaching effects in nearly every theater of combat. Simultaneously, nobody foresaw that the initial disappointment in its performance, when measured against its peers, would turn into near-elation as the concept became a world beater. The Mustang’s evolution began with a cutting-edge airframe mated to a marginal engine, which was then replaced with one of the finest powerplants ever. The original design’s limited range was expanded with more internal fuel and drop tanks that made all the difference as a bomber escort. Armament also

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Eurofighter shapes up.

DURING A press briefing on March 3 Eurofighter GmbH confirmed that manufacture of the next batch of Eurofighter Typhoons was now underway. Sub assembly of the front-fuselage commenced at BAe during December 1998, as did the centre-fuselage at DASA, while CASA had commenced sub assembly on its first right wing in January.

Final assembly of the first of five instrumented production aircraft (IPA) is scheduled to occur during late 2000, first flight in 2001 and deliveries to commence in 2002. The first three aircraft will be two-seaters — IPA1 operated by BAe will be responsible for defensive aids sub-system integration;

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Eurofighter Begins Assembly of First Tranche 2 Typhoon

EUROFIGHTER GMBH announced on October 26 that the first Typhoon aircraft to Tranche 2 standard are about to begin final assembly at Manching, Germany, and Warton, Lancashire, UK. The first Tranche 2 aircraft will be IPA7, the 29th single-seater from the German production line, which is scheduled to move into the final assembly rigs at Manching at the end of this year. First flight of IPA7 is due in 2008. Once it has flown, IPA7 will be used for testing Block 8 Typhoon capabilities, together with IPA6, a UK-built, single-seat Typhoon F.2 ZJ940(BS031). Although IPA6/BS031 was built as a Tranche

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Eileen Collins: Rocket Woman

Interviewed by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Having served as both the first female pilot and first female commander of NASA’s Space Shuttle, Eileen Collins boosted the involvement of women in space exploration to a whole new level.

Interview Bio

Eileen Collins

Age: 56

First mission: STS-63

No. of missions: 4

Time in space: over 872 hours

Born on 19 November 1956, Eileen Marie Collins served as a pilot in the United States Air Force before becoming one of the most decorated astronauts in NASA’s history after her selection in 1990. She served on four separate Space Shuttle missions, including the first American

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