Russian school in Kiev

At the housing estate Troeshchina in Kiev has completed the construction of the Russian school: go final preparations for the opening ceremony of the institution, which is scheduled for September 1, 2013. 

Implementation of the project was made possible thanks to the Russian-Ukrainian memorandum between the Ministries of Education of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The Russian-Ukrainian gymnasium is created in the framework of the inter-governmental memorandum between the Ministries of Education and Science of Ukraine and Russia. Feature of the school is that the training will be conducted in Russian with the compulsory

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The first Soviet atomic bomb

August 29, 1949 near the city of Semipalatinsk conducted its first test of Soviet nuclear weapons, which put an end to the U.S. nuclear monopoly. The nuclear shield provided the peaceful development of our country for many years.

After receiving intelligence about the intensive deployment of Americans work on the Manhattan Project, September 28, 1942 there was an order of T-bills number 2352 "On the organization of the uranium." February 11, 1943 T-Bills decided to organize a number 2 Laboratory of the USSR Academy of Sciences for the study of atomic energy. Head of Nuclear Research Center

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The first SSJ100 LR handed Gazprom Avia Airlines

August 29, 2013 at the International Aviation and Space Salon "MAKS-2013" ceremony of transfer of the first aircraft SukhoiSuperjet 100 extended-range airline "Gazprom Avia".

Firm contract with "Gazprom equipment" for delivery by the end of 2015, ten aircraft SukhoiSuperjet extended-range version of the 100 — SSJ100 LR — in LLC Airline "Gazprom avia" was signed in August 2011.

"It is symbolic that the transfer of the first plane SukhoiSuperjet 100 airline "Gazprom avia" is at MAKS, because supply contract was signed two years ago at an air show MAKS-2011"- Said Andrew Kalinowski, President of JSC"

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The first Ukrainian low-floor tram was put into operation

The first Ukrainianlow-floorTram "Electron" completed a test phase of work on the routes of Lviv, and August 30, begins its regular operation.

This is the director LCP "Lvovelektrotrans" Orest Kozak, the correspondentUkrinform.

"On August 24 Independence Day" Electron "first began to carry passengers. And from August 30 low-floor trams will work in regular mode on the route" 9A "(Railway Station — Cathedral Square)", — stated A. Kozak. 

By Yogi said, tram "Electron-T5L64", created by a joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Elektrontrans", was released for testing on July 18. During this time he naezdil

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Moscow — the leader in terms of housing

In the first half of 2013, Moscow took the first place among the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of housing. During this time, in the field of built 2.26 million square meters of residential real estate. As follows from the Federal State Statistics Service, it is 25.5% more than the same period in 2012.

The report recalls that only in Russia in the first half of 2013 was built 22.6 million square meters of housing — a 7.6% increase over the first half of 2012.

In second place in housing construction in

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Interview with Vice-President of the Irkut MS-21

The new Russian aircraft MS-21 should appear on the world market in a very good time for us — in 2017. That is at least a year earlier than most of their foreign counterparts — the American Boeing 737 MAX, A320 NEO, the Canadian Bombardier CS-300 and the Chinese C919. The last two projects are now experiencing some technical and organizational difficulties, which have led to the postponement of the first flight, while the establishment of the MS-21 while that strictly follows the schedule. About how is the development of MS-21, for whom this ship is designed and how

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We were best

The contribution of Soviet civilization in human development

Russian media "democratic" orientation day and night go on about the fact that Russian people are retarded, second-class, inferior, incapable of anything serious in science and technology, and the challenge now is Russia only to wander in the wake of world civilization, and try not to too far behind the developed capitalist countries. And our young people believe them because they do not have the slightest idea about the life of the common man in the Soviet Union, on the technical, scientific and

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Gazprom cooked in a string of more than 745 kilometers of Bovanenkovo — Ukhta

OAO "Gazprom" cook in a string of more than 745 kilometers of the linear part of the Bovanenkovo — Ukhta, according to information management company. According to RBC, the meeting noted that in 2011 it is planned to complete construction of the first pipeline stretching more than 1,200 kilometers with the backup thread underwater passages.

In addition, the compressor station (CS) "Baidarata" completed the installation of the main process equipment, is under construction and obscheobektovyh internal communication and training facility for testing. Started the construction of eight compressor stations (CS) — "Yarynskoy", "Gagaratskoy," "Vorkuta," "Usinskaya", "Inta", "Syninskoy", "Chikshinskoy" and "Maloperanskoy."

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Red Forge back in operation

The shipbuilding and ship-repair factory "Red Forge" by the end of this year will launch a new production.

According to the press office of mayor of Arkhangelsk, the first unit of production includes a new plant for the production and repair of propeller-rudder equipment for ice-class vessels of any tonnage. The main mechanism of plant will be 600-ton machine for precision machining of screws. The equipment has already been delivered to the shop, is preparing for its installation. Currently, a trench to install the machine, scored 49 piles, made concrete formwork. The machine, ordered in Japan, can

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Artist of the Bolshoi Theatre won the prestigious contest in Oslo

International Competition for Opera Singers Queen Sonja, held every two years in the capital of Norway, is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. At its source was a famous conductor Mariss Jansons during his tenure as the head of Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. In the final out of five people, and premiums will never be divided among the contestants. Representatives of the Russian still never won. Christina Mkhitaryan was the first.


Christina was born in Novorossiysk. From his childhood dream of becoming a singer and walked purposefully toward its goal. At

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