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The founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation tells us how he put a pocket-money computer in the hands of the next generation of programmers, and gives us a tip on the future of gaming….

Learning computer programming was the best thing I ever did.

It was also an easy decision to make because I had a BBC Micro in my bedroom. Raspberry Pi was born of a desire to give another generation of kids the same opportunity. Because although today’s phones, tablets and games consoles are all very clever, they’re not programmable.

My first piece of code was probably >10

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Easy On The Ear


A useful pack drill to assist you in honing that oft-neglected skill – ear training.

Ear training means you can learn songs and respond to bandmates quicker. These three drills – all scales in the key of C – are singing exercises that will help you recognise scales and intervals between two notes. Bars 1 and 2 of each one show the notes first ascending then descending one octave. The pattern in bars 3 and 4 is the same each time, and the first note of each exercise’s third bar is the first note of the scale.

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Deserts and seas

Combat over the North Sea was challenging enough, but as its remit expanded Coastal Command faced wide-ranging commitments in the Mediterranean. The first Bristol Beaufort torpedo-bombers became operational in April 1940, dramatically increasing the Command’s potential. But it was the prospect of the Beaufighter that really got the ‘top brass’ salivating; here was a truly versatile strike weapon.

With a range of around 1,170 miles (1,882km) the Mk.I offered phenomenal ‘reach’ for a fighter; but Coastal Command needed more. Awesome though the Beaufighter’s battery of guns was, endurance was more important. It was decided to sacrifice the six machine-guns in

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Demolition Man

Marcus Bonfanti’s seismic new album Shake The Walls is stirring up the UK blues-rock scene. Rik Flynn meets him to discuss biker brawls, the lure of cheap whisky and finally letting go of his first guitar.

It takes a certain kind of character with the right kind of steel-capped bravado to give the blues scene a royal kick up the posterior when it needs one. Overblown frettery and a vinyl collection full of delta field recordings just doesn’t cut the Colman’s anymore, and apathetic artists who peddle hackneyed licks over yawn-inducing 12-bars are not helping. Fear not, blues lovers, this

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Decade of the Dragon

On 8 October 2012, SpaceX’s

Dragon capsule lifted off on its first scheduled cargo mission to the

International Space Station. In fact, it was the first such mission to ever be performed by a private space company, and it means that SpaceX is currently the only commercial enterprise capable of resupplying the ISS. If some people doubted the company’s ambitions before, they definitely don’t now.

This wasn’t the first flight of

Dragon, though. This spacecraft has been a huge success story not only for SpaceX but also for NASA, who has invested a considerable sum of money in Dragon. In

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Day in the Life — Sailor of Columbus


As a sailor heading towards the unknown Americas, there wouldn’t have been any shortage of tasks, and the work would have been hard and, in many cases, perilous. They were exploring uncharted waters, and doing so in cramped conditions, with makeshift sleeping areas and bland provisions. The flagship of the expedition, the Santa Maria, ultimately didn’t survive Columbus’s first transatlantic voyage, as it ran aground off Haiti in Decembe:

1492 and was abandoned, but it nevertheless remains an emblem of the explorer’s achievements and provides a

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Once again in the first class

Remember how you were happy, after graduating from school? Of course, the parting with classmates has added notes of bitter, but the opportunity did not go to the math and never (ever !!!) does not solve the problems in chemistry dispensed unprecedented happiness. Time passed, and now the school is once again looming on the horizon. At this time we have to go with you, and all classes in the role of parents. How to choose a school, how to help your child adjust to it and how not to go again scrip from the «first-class» formulations, says Helen

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Tested and proven from Korea to Sinai, this British-made battle tank still does good service around the world

The British Royal Armoured Corps emerged from World War II shaken by the relative lack of success of the various British pre-war and wartime tank designs Not one tank had combined all the virtues or had even approached a reasonable compromise The early designs had been under-gunned and unreliable, while of the later models the Cromwell was limited to the 75mm gun by the size of its turret ring and the Churchill, although well-armed, thickly armored and agile, was desperately slow Consequently,

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Built on the Tyne

For over 160 years the Hawthorn Leslie shipyard on the Tyne built ships and the engines that powered them. Steven Tindale looks back at the history of the Hebburn yard, which had a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence.

Alook through the Port of Tyne handbook for 1967 reveals that there were a total of 27 shipbuilding berths, four slipways and 30 dry docks on both sides of the river. Today there is only one operational dock, at the A&P facility at Hebburn. Those statistics in themselves are a stark reminder of the decline of British shipbuilding, but adjacent to

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— the Last British Bomber

DD Video/Impact Image. Approximate running time 50 minutes. £12.99.

THIS IS A WELL constructed and produced video dedicated to the Blackburn Buccaneer and published to commemorate its retirement from service. Apparently, the aircraft is still considered to be the ‘finest low-level bomber ever produced’.

In response to the build-up of the Soviet fleet, and particularly the Sverdlov class of cruiser, the MoD, in the early 1950s, issued a requirement for a carrier-borne bomber. Out of several submissions, Blackburn’s design was adopted, evolving into the Buccaneer that we all know and love. Blackburn had a long

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