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Modernization kolesobandazhnogo shop at NTMK

At JSC "Evraz Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant" (NTMK, Nizhny Tagil) completed the first phase of the investment project "Modernization of the output control lines kolesobandazhnogo shop".

Evraz investment in the project amounted to more than 300 million rubles.

Within its first three stages were set high for complex quality control surface rail wheels. In addition, all lines introduced electronic process control system — the so-called computer vision system that allows staff to monitor processes remotely from behind a computer monitor. Daily through new installations magnetic particle passes over 1.5 million pieces of railroad wheels. Every

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SAN ready to print clean energy

"Innovative company SAN" is preparing to introduce the world community its new development — printing technology solar cells

The new technology, which will be presented at the end of 2011 at a major international exhibitions, is able to make a real revolution in the energy sector. New Technology "SUN" will allow, on the one hand, to improve the quality of solar panels, making the application of the working layer accurately metered and controlled — "print." On the other hand, by the use of printing technology will be considerably reduced cost of the solar battery. In addition, chemists "SUN"

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Stunning SUV from Miassa.

Quad Discovery collects Company Ural Motors, and according to its representatives, in Russia has already sold dozens of cars. 

The firstimpressiondeceptive because it looks like Discovery electric cars for children who scurry about in children’s parks. But look at the design: everything is serious. All independent suspension, all brakes — disc, the gearbox and the engine at the rear of the car and taken Cheri QQ. Power 53 hpprovidespower-level 2-liter crossover. But the main thing — it overhangs shorter mini-skirts, smooth bottom and clearance of nearly 30 inches.

The drive here is full, and

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In pictures: 2ES5 on flow-ring NEVZ

There are the first pictures of the new Russian main cargo ac electric generation 2ES5 5, TMH and developed jointly by the French company Alstom for JSC "Russian Railways".

The tests are 2 cars 2ES5-001 and 2ES5-002.

2ES5 — Russia’s first commercial electric AC induction motor drive. It is designed in the Russian engineering center "TRTrans", which was created on a parity basis TMH and French engineering concern Alstom Transport. The design uses the most modern technical solutions, including traction drive with asynchronous traction motors with individual voltage inverters.

Recall that in the

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Overview of new museums. June 2013

In June, Russia has opened 20 new museums. 1. June 1. In Vladivostok, the museum was opened telephone.

 At present, the exhibition features about 400 exhibits — telephone and telegraph apparatus,  radios, television sets, switches, and other devices, as well as more than 1.5 thousand of documents and photographs depicting the development of the telecommunications sector in the Primorye Territory.The most interesting and valuable is on permanent display in the museum and exhibition centerfor example, the song "The workplace telephone operator in 1907" to the telephone switch brands.

Ericsson end of the

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Yaya Refinery (Kemerovo region). Has completed commissioning and entered the operating mode

The company "NEFTEKHIMSERVIS" RTN has received a license to operate the business.

Yaya refineries. Kemerovo region.

The first batch of products already shipped to industrial enterprises in Western Siberia. With the commissioning of Yaya refinery opened more than 500 new jobs.

Until the end of 2013, the plant will process about 2 million tons of crude oil, followed by running at full capacity, which is the first phase will be 3 million tons per year.

At the same time the company is working on the second phase of construction of the plant, which

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Russian 10: The second stage of the competition

July 1, the second phasecompetition "Russia 10"— Internet users choose the attractions that will be included in the list of 10 visual symbols of Russia. In the three months to the project site have voted more than 17.5 million people. Selected 80 objects: a dozen of each federal district. 

Large-scale multimedia contest "Russia 10" flipped first major title. The project‘s website launched next. The inhabitants of our country continue to choose 10 main attractions.

A few words about the rules. Launched the second phase of the competition,

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In Tatarstan, launched the first section of the new poultry complex agro Anyak

June 24, held a ceremonial launch of the first section of the new poultry complex Agrofirms "Anyak" in Aktanysh area and the first landing of day-old chicks in the new shop broiler.

opening of a new poultry complex LLC agricultural company "Anyak"

Sberbank of Russia funded the project. The total amount of the credit line was 1.6 billion rubles for a period of 8 years.

Construction of a new poultry complex "Anyak" began in June 2012. In just one year in more than 40 hectares of white rose 12 structures and preparations were made for

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Opened in Karelia in Russia’s largest plant for the production of oriented strand board

In Petrozavodsk, Russia’s largest open plant OSB-plates. It will sell products at prices that are 20% -30% lower than in the west.

Finished products of the new plant

In the first phase MLC "Kalevala" will produce 250-350 thousand cubic meters of slabs per year, and after the start of the second stage of the enterprise — 550-600 thousand cubic meters.

The plant OSB-boards became the first implemented on the territory of Karelia Development projects from among those who have received priority status in forest development. Its cost is estimated at 8 billion rubles.

"For our

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Resistance is futile


Energy systems in the modern state can be compared with the circulatory system of a living creature. On how to make it more "ongoing", we decided to talk to the deputy scientific director of JSC "FGC UES SEC" Doctor of Technical Sciences, an expert in the field of superconducting materials iustroystv Victor E. Sytnikova


Small cable, but the roads


— Superconductivity was discovered in 1911 by Dutch scientist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. Prior to the 1960s. it was purely academic phenomenon that just studied and

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