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The first phase of construction of the Deep Space


JSC "Makeev State Rocket" together with JSC "Russian Space Systems" has completed the first stage of the creation of the Chelyabinsk area of information and measurement system, created as part of work on the development of the ground infrastructure for launch vehicles and spacecraft of the Federal Space Agency.

In the first step on the territory of JSC "Makeev State Rocket" contains tools command-measuring points: antenna "NS-3, 7" with a mirror diameter of 3.7 meters, telemetry station "Channel M", the hardware-software complex reception and transmission of telemetry data , operational and technical control panel, system time

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In Novosibirsk build plant heat-insulating materials.

The tripartite agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the investment project was concluded between the Investment Development Agency of Novosibirsk Region, LLC "thermal" and the management company "Industrial and Logistics Park of the Novosibirsk region" (PLP). Investor — "thermal" — plans to invest in the project Bole 2.3 billion rubles.

It is planned that the first phase of the investment project on the basis of staple fiber will be built in the PLP to March 2015, the second stage — in 2018. Production volume at start of the first stage — 1.5 million cubic meters.

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Supervinchester of magnetic filaments

Russian scientists have developed a model of a magnetic hard disk on one square inch of which can store up to 50 terabytes of information. It is based on magnetic nanowires. On this development, readers ‘of PRAVDA.Ru’ says Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science, Moscow State Academy of Sciences, professor Yuri D. Tretyakov. Photo

I guess I do not need to prove to you that the value of the computer without a hard drive is highly questionable. What’s the use to produce complex calculations, then if there is no place to store the data! Therefore, from the

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[Report 1TV] As Russia celebrated the Day?



Day of Russia. Date appeared in the official calendar of celebrations in 1994 to commemorate the events that took place during the Soviet era. June 12, 1990 adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia, a year later in the same day, the first nationwide election of the President. Today is a holiday observed in all regions, and each come up with something special.

To throw a dozen-plus centuries? Why not? And then — the time ahead one hour from the ancient Rus to the first space flights. Each era has its own decoration and extras. October

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In Ulyanovsk, the construction of two new plants

In the Ulyanovsk region began construction of the first plant in Russia car components "Schaeffler". Plant for the production of automotive and industrial components including bearings for trucks and cars, clutches, engine components and parts belt drive will be located in the industrial area "Volga" in Ulyanovsk. The total investment in the project will be about 2 billion rubles. The first phase of construction of the plant within an area of 22 hectares is scheduled for completion in mid-2014. Within five years of the project will create at least 450 new jobs.

The ceremony of laying the first

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In Ulyanovsk, the first launch test digital

Live TV

Governor Sergei Morozov took part in the launch ceremony of TV transmitters DVB-T2 standard in Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, settlement Surskoe, settlement Old Kulatka, settlement Kuzovatovo, city Sengilei and industrial community Pavlivka.

Already in these towns and surrounding areas can be customized television receivers that support the DVB-T2 standard and receive 10 channels of the first multiplex RTRS-1. According to experts, the benefits of digital broadcasting is high quality broadcast channels. Thanks to its launch will increase the number of transmission channels through the use of advanced MPEO-4 format. In this standard, improved image compression

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The company North Crystals is preparing to produce LED lamps.

The company "North Crystals" has completed the first phase of the project for the production of LED luminaires and lamps. All the necessary patents are obtained. In the present work for debugging the production line.

The production company is located in the Murmansk region, Apatity. It is planned to launch this project. Production equipment is already installed. Currently running an automatic assembly line for LED and made her debugging. After staging technology will be released first, experienced a series of LED lights.

In the next stage of development of production will be created plot

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First export certificate for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Europe

June 11, 2013 IAC first export certificate issued in Europe on aircraft type SukhoiSuperjet 100 with serial number 95023.

Export certificate was issued by an official letter of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the resulting CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC).

Earlier, in February 2012, EASA issued the type certificate for aircraft SukhoiSuperjet 100. This certificate confirms that the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC) has demonstrated compliance with the applicable requirements of the SSJ100 EASA airworthiness and environmental impact. EASA certificate allows European airlines and airlines of States in which EASA regulations adopted as

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Polymetal has provided sales of concentrate to the May 2013

Polymetal International announces the signing of two export contracts for the sale to China of hard deposits of gold concentrate from the May, totaling up to 50 tons, the delivery of which will be realized in 2013.

In accordance with the terms of the first contract company sells 15 tonnes of concentrate, with the possibility to increase up to 35 tons at the discretion of Polymetal. The first delivery under the contract is expected in late July — early August 2013, just after the beginning of navigation in the port Pevek.

Under the second

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60 years Miguev in Lukhovitsy

I have previously Contributed a post about my trip to the anniversary of the city of MiG Luhovitsy. But there were just pictures. Now a full-fledged prepared material. You can find more detail as to the past and present aircraft factory.


Located in Luhovitsy industrial complex of the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" is gradually becoming the main venue of the legendary aircraft company, which is currently experiencing a revival. It is here today serial production of modern fighter aircraft that enter into service not only of the Russian army, but

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