Brazilian Air Force Receives First C-295

A FORMAL hand-over ceremony took place on October 16 at the EADS CASA factory in Seville-San Pablo, Spain, for the first Forca Aerea Brasileira (FAB — Brazilian Air Force) C-295 transport.

FAB 2800 (c/n 029), allocated the FAB designation C-105A Amazonas, was accepted on behalf of the FAB by representatives from the Comando Geral de Operacoes Aereas (COMGAR — General Command for Air Operations), Comando Peral de Apoio (COMGAP — General Support Command) and Comando-Geral de Tecnologia Aeroespacial (CTA — Aerospace Technology Command).

The aircraft left the Seville factory on the first leg of its delivery flight on October 17

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Bosnias First Modernised Hip Delivered

THE FIRST overhauled and modernised Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force and Air Defence (BiH ZSiPZO) Mil Mi-8MTV-1 Hip-H medium transport helicopter arrived at Rajlovac Heliport near Sarajevo on February 8. The upgrade was carried out at the Aviakon aviation repair plant at Konotop, Ukraine (see feature on p38-39). Under a contract with Ukrspetsexport, five Mi-8s are being modernized, comprising two Mil Mi-8MTV-ls, a Mi-17 based at Rajlovac, and two older Mi-8T Hip-Cs from Zaluzani Heliport near Banja Luka.

The two Mi-8MTV-ls will also be adapted to NATO/ICAO standards under the Package 1 programme, making them compatible for night vision goggles

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Boeing Delivers First KC-767 to Japan

AFTER A 12-hour, non-stop delivery flight from McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas, to Gifu, Japan, on February 19-20, the first Boeing KC-767J for the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF), 7-3601/N763TT (c/n 33844), was officially handed over to Itochu Corporation. Itochu, one of the largest general trading companies in Japan, is used as an intermediary for the majority of major Japanese defence purchases from overseas. After a final review by the Air Staff of the Japanese Ministry of Defence (MoD), Itochu will deliver the aircraft to the MoD once the in-country acceptance processes are completed.

Delivery followed completion of Federal Aviation Administration

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MW’s globetrotting GS has topped my dream-bike list since forever, so when Cook offered me our 2013 long-termer—the first water-cooled Boxer in the 90-year history of that engine configuration—I jumped at the chance. There was just one condition— my first assignment would be to ride the bike from the U.S. press launch in Valencia, CA, to my home in Milwaukee, WI, 2200 miles away.

Because that launch happened at the tail end of our “Class of” test that already had me away from home 5 days, I was forced to make my return trip in just 2 days. I had

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BEA. The Power and the Glory

It was Europe’s biggest and most powerful airline, an operator with no competitors to speak of which prided itself on its professionalism even it if was, perhaps, a touch arrogant. And we owned it.

British European Airways was created by Act of Parliament on August 1, 1946, It had operated briefly as the BEA division of the nationalised British Overseas Airways Corporation but once formally constituted it was given the job of «providing civil air services in various parts of the world and in particular Europe (including the British islands).’’

Northolt and Liverpool

Initially it was organised into two divisions,

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The early activities of the 8th Alt force in Britain in mid- 1942 are less widely known than its later exploits. However, they provided the crucible in which the fighting skills of Army Air Force airmen were honed for the long battles ahead. Photos of the contrails of B-17 streams may define that campaign for many, but the men of the 31st Fighter Group, the first such unit deployed to Britain, and its successors were as important in the successful strategic pounding of the Nazi war machine.

Once the USA finally entered World War Two after Pearl Harbor, the AAF

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Back in Britain

Those were the days — the Air Fete at RAF Mildenhall still in its pomp, and a more-than-usually spirited display expected from the host unit. For years this had fallen to the 10th Airborne Command and Control Squadron with its EC-l35Hs, but in 1992 it was all change. On 1 February that year, the 100th Air Refueling Wing was reestablished at the Suffolk base, initially to assume responsibility for the KC-135 Stratotankers deployed to support the European Tanker Task Force. However, there was also to be a new departure. The 100th ARW was to have its own permanently-based fleet of

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Another milestone.

On Wednesday, July 7, 1999, the first production Dassault Aviation Rafale M for the French Naval Aviation (Aeronavale) made its maiden flight from the Dassault assembly plant in Bordeaux-Merignac, in the south-west of France. This flight, part of a comprehensive acceptance programme, was carried out by Dassault’s Chief Test Pilot in Merignac, Philippe Deleume, a graduate of the prestigious Empire Test Pilot School at Boscombe Down. The sortie lasted 1 hr 20 min and included a supersonic phase at a maximum speed of Mach 1.2, a climb to a maximum altitude of 50,000ft (15,240m) and manoeuvres at -3/+7.5 G. Low-speed

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NO 44 Squadron of the South African Air Force (SAAF) came into being on February 8, 1944, having been originally formed as 43 Sqn. On April 27 of that year the unit took delivery of its first C-47 Dakotas — a type still operated today — 52 years later! The variant currently operated, the C-47TP (Turbo Prop) is, however, a far cry from the original Dakota. Due to South Africa’s apartheid policy, the United Nations placed an embargo on the supply of military equipment to the country, therefore South Africa’s armed forces and defence industry had to look at other

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25 years of RAF Nimrods

ON OCTOBER 2, 1969, HS Nimrod MR.1 XV230 was delivered to trie Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF St Mawgan to become the first Nimrod to enter operational service with the RAF. The Nimrod grew from Air Staff Target (AST) 357 issued in July 1963 which defined the RAF’s requirements for a maritime reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Shackleton by the year 1972. This date was later brought forward to 1968.

Hawker Siddeley submitted the HS800, based on the Trident airliner, in April 1964, but the AST was again revised calling for an interim aircraft to enter service in 1966!

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